Excessive Deforestation in Amazon has hit the highest level in these 15 years.

Deforestation is one of the significant problems in the face of the Earth. Deforestation has impacted human activities in many ways. Deforestation is the process of clearing forests for many artificial purposes such as cultivation, industrialization, grazing of land for cattle, etc.

This, in turn, has drastic consequences on the environment. Deforestation has significantly destroyed the natural habit of the fauna inhabiting the area. In addition, it has taken a toll on climatic changes. Droughts, floods, soil erosion, global warming, and landslides are some of the frequent consequences of deforestation.

Normal scene in the Amazon

Amazon rainforest, which is situated in Brazil, is the wealthiest reservoir of endemic flora and fauna. It holds the central portion of biodiversity around the world. However, the Amazon rainforest is also on the verge of extinction as deforestation in this particular region has hit the highest level over these 15 years. 

A report sourced from Brazil’s space research agency has recorded that the rate of deforestation increased by 22% in a year. Brazil was one among the nations that have promised to reverse and end deforestation by the end of the year 2030 in the COP26 climate summit.

The Amazon is one of the richest rainforests in the world. It is the habitat of more than three million species of flora and fauna and one million indigenous people whose livelihood is dependent on the rainforest. Apart from this, it is a crucial carbon storehouse that will significantly reduce the pace of global warming. 

Based on the latest reports, it has been recorded that an area of 13,235 sq km was lost during the 2020-21 season. The most amount of felling of trees was previously recorded in the year 2006. However, the report does not depict the exact estimation of the trees cut during that period. The questions like “how many trees have the world been cutting down?” “How is our daily lifestyle opening the new doors of deforestation?” “How the illegal miners are affecting the lives of indigenous people living in Amazon?” are left unanswered. 

It is believed that the rate of deforestation has increased under the power of President Jar Bolsonaro. It is because he has encouraged agriculture and mining activities within the rainforest. There has been massive conflict between the President and Inpe in the past over the topic of deforestation. It is believed that the former accused the agency in 2019 of ruining Brazil’s reputation. 

However, in November’s Climate Conference, Brazil has signed a significant deal and promised to end and reverse the process of global warming by the end of 2030. The pledge involved a considerable sum of 14 billion euros. The funds will be used explicitly for restoring wastelands, controlling wildfires, and supporting the indigenous communities inhabiting that area. 

The link between deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the global supply of goods has been deciphered. A close look at Brazil’s immense tannery industry has shown how hides from illegally deforested ranches can easily be available in the global markets. An investigation in Brazil’s slaughterhouse that sells beef in most parts of the world has stated that many illegal unidentified tanneries inhabit the Amazon rainforest. The leather trade rise shows that the habits of wealthy people have resulted in the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. 

The ranchers are now forcing out the indigenous communities living in that area because they want to land grazing their cattle. Over the years, the number of ranchers has significantly increased in that area. A total of 56% of Amazon is cleared out for the ranchers.

It is not limited to one state. Many companies own a huge amount of cattle, and proper investigations by prosecutors have shown that the companies violated the regulations that were meant to prevent illegal deforestation. 

The President of Brazil’s response to deforestation?

President Jair Bolsonaro did not attend the COP26 Climate Summit. Still, he asked his delegates to visit Glassgow and convince the people that he would fulfill his profits and significantly reduce deforestation rates by the year 2028. He even asked them to convey that there is nothing wrong with Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro

However, when the deforestation rates in Amazon have increased an all-time low, the promise made to the Confederation seems a far-fetched dream. 

The EU took the actions to reduce deforestation:

The action of the state-level governments has encouraged Barlow to minimize the level of deforestation in the Amazon region. He has stated that there is also international pressure from UK and Europe suggesting deforestation-free commodity imports. It is because Amazon plays a crucial role in controlling the world’s climate and ecosystem. 

The European Commission has presented a proposal to abolish the import of goods linked with deforestation. This includes the commodities like soybean, palm oil, wood, beef, wood, and products made from them. Brazil, the primary producer of most products, will be hit by the proposal. The initiative has emphasized the fact that how European Union is serious about tackling deforestation. Moreover, the ban on such goods will also promote sustainable consumption. 

The massive challenge in the implementation of the initiative is the agreement from all the countries. Brazil’s beef is exported to different parts of the world, including Egypt, Middle East. He has stated that all the countries have to agree to the initiative to achieve the goal. 

He has also stated that he would take the initiative to protect the livelihood of indigenous people living in that area. The law will also stop EU finances, and bankrolling and profiting from global deforestation is restricted. This includes the trading of critical commodities such as rubber and maize.

European commission
Inaugural meeting of the Czech Presidency with the EC

Wrap Up:Amazon

In a nutshell, Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. It performs the crucial task of regulating the oxygen and carbon cycles. Moreover, it stabilizes the climatic conditions while being the reservoir of endemic flora and fauna in that area. So, it is our responsibility to protect the Amazon- the storehouse of biodiversity. As the future generation of our planet, we should try our level best and shift to a sustainable way of living -in terms of housing, flooding, and clothing. This will reduce the deforestation level. Because as one always says:  

“When you take care of all the small things, the big things will eventually fall in place.”

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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