Covid-19: Recent Updates, Maharashtra Government to give out new rules as the cases increase

Maharashtra records the maximum peak in the Covid-19 virus. The state first recorded the lowest cases of covid-19 cases at a count of 536 after April 27 the previous year. Later, this year Maharashtra has seen around 678 new infections and 35 total fatalities.

Recently, Dutch scientists have revealed that the new strain of coronavirus variant was present in the Netherlands a previous week from now and strict measures are being taken to check the spread of the disease. The RIVM National Health and Environment Institute has already reported that they have found the new strain of virus Omicron in the two test samples that had been taken and diagnosed in the Netherlands. 

The new strain of the virus was first diagnosed in South Africa and it has been reported that around six passengers have arrived from South Africa or high-risk countries. They have also been tested positive for the covid-19 virus. One case was recorded in different regions of Mumbai– Kalyan Dombivali Corporation, Meera-Bhyandar Corporation, and Pune. Two cases pf covid-19 have also been located in Pimpri-Chinchwad corporation, Maharashtra’s Public Health Department said. 

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The samples of the infected people were collected and sent for genome sequencing and their contact tracing process is under process. The department has also further informed that the infected passengers though are tested Covid-19 positive are either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.

Death Rates in Maharashtra Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak:

Maharashtra has recorded a lowest of 536 cases in the month of April this year. Later, on recent Tuesday it was recorded at 678 fresh infections and 35 fatalities. The number of cases is increasing drastically every single day. The state has recorded an increase of 14 cases with every passing day. Recently, the number of new cases has splurged up to 6635658 and the covid-19 death rates have also increased simultaneously. However, the state has also recorded a significant recovery rate of 97.71 percent.

The new strain of the covid virus has created terror among people across all parts of the world. People are also predicting the outbreak of the fourth wave resulting in the pandemic.

It has also been announced by the chief executive of the famous drugmaker company Moderna that the existing Covid-19 vaccines would not be effective against the new strain which is named as Omicron variant. 

The major European stocks fell down as Stephane Bancel’s comments have caused tremors among the people about the vaccine resistance that may prolong the pandemic. 

Keeping the situation in mind, India has decided to take control of the situation and prevent the cases from increasing. As a result, the country has decided to set up new rules for fliers who are traveling internationally. 

The center has implemented new rules and regulations for international arrivals in India. They will be followed strictly from 1 December 2021. The rule states that the passengers traveling from at-risk countries have to undergo covid tests after their arrival and they can not leave the ports before undergoing the RT-PCR tests. If the patients are found negative against the virus, they will have to serve a seven days home quarantine and again get re-tested on the eighth day. If they are reported negative after the second RT-PCR test, they will be under monitor for subsequent seven days and later be released. 

The above rule has been passed by the state because it has been discovered that the Omicron Variant does not escape the RT-PCR test. As a result, the center has ordered various states to carry out preliminary tests for the early identification of the virus. Strict monitoring must be passed for the passengers who have traveled internationally from areas that possess a high risk of the virus.

Later, the center has also declared the samples tested positive would be transferred to Jaipur for genome sequencing.

The Center has advised the state to follow the rules under the leadership of Union Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan organized a review meeting with the various states of the country and the UT. The various regulations are-

  • Samples from international travelers from “at-risk” countries should be tested strictly. All the positive samples found should be sent to the INSACOG labs for further genome sequencing. Moreover, the states were also ordered to contact track the positive patients for a span of fourteen days. 
  • States were ordered to implement the testing guidelines and ensure sufficient RT-PCR testing kits to test while maintaining the RT-PCR ratio. The states are also supposed to carry out testing in the regions where the most number of Covid cases have been recorded.
  • The people who are in home isolation should undergo effective and regular monitoring.
  • States are advised to take into account that there is proper health infrastructure( availability of ICU, Oxygen cylinders, ventilators)
  • The state should coordinate with the Air suvidha officials so that they provide the list of positive travelers to strengthen the support for effective surveillance.
  • Daily monitoring by the State Surveillance Officers to track and take account of all the infected persons and spread of the disease in the country.

Taking account of the severity of the disease, the center has extended a door-to-door Covid-19 vaccination campaign which is named ‘Har Ghar Dastak’. The campaign has been extended till December 31 with the main intention of achieving the hundred percent first dosage of the vaccines among individuals of 18 years or above. 

Wrap Up:

Since the new strain of the covid-19 virus has been determined to be more contagious and fatal than the delta strain of the virus, people should take serious prevention to stop the country from facing the fourth pandemic. Though the Covid-19 vaccine may not function effectively against the Omicron virus, still people are requested to take the proper dosage of vaccines to prevent infection from the already existing strain of the virus. 

The government has given out various guidelines to follow. But, all these guidelines will come into action if people follow the rules strictly and take account of the seriousness of the situation. Together we can fight against Covid.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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