Police open-fired and killed a woman in Kolkata

Police open-fired and killed a woman in Kolkata

On Friday, a policeman left his post at a police kiosk outside the Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner in Beckbagan for a tea break and began indiscriminately firing his official gun, killing one person. bystanders and injured two people before continuing to commit suicide.

 Eyewitnesses said Chodup Lepcha, 28, shot in all possible directions, hitting walls, parked cars and passersby.

 Lepcha then brought the gun to his temple and fired, causing the inside of his head to fall to the road.

 The deceased passerby was Rima Singh, a 28-year-old physiotherapist from Dasnagar, Howrah,  walking along the Lower Range Road towards Circus Avenue. Rima, who was shot in the neck, is the sole breadwinner in her family.

 The two injured victims were Mohammad Bashir Alam, 49,  of Collin Street, and Mohammad Sarfaraz, 19,  of Alimuddin Street.

 Alam, who was on his motorcycle, was shot in the back of his right shoulder when a bullet grazed Sarfaraz’s left arm. They were taken to SSKM hospital. 

 Lepcha and Rima were taken to the National Hospital and Medical College in Calcutta, where they are presumed dead. 

 Chodup Lepcha was appointed to the  Calcutta police force less than a year ago for humanitarian reasons(after his father’s death). Police Commissioner Vineet Goyal said why he committed suicide or why he displayed this depression, we will have to investigate.

 A witness named Arafat Molla informed him: The man came out from an alley, holding a gun and shouting in his voice. Taking aim at the road from the middle of the road, he started shooting. At first, we thought he was joking with a fake gun, but then two bullets hit a car next to us and almost grazed my brother as we all started running. find shelter.

 Another local said the whole incident lasted about 5 minutes. 

 According to a local trader, the death toll would be even higher if the shooting took place after the Jumma Namaz case ended. Being informed, a large number of police arrived at the scene and dealt with the situation. 


 While talking about the incident, Additional Commissioner (Kolkata Police) Praveen Tripathi said: He (Chodup Lepcha) is part of the fifth battalion of the Kolkata Armed Police. We are monitoring CCTV footage and speaking to witnesses for more information. The rep was probably depressed, but we need confirmation.

Amidst confusion approximately whether or not protests with the aid of using Islamists after Jumma Namaz have been encouraged with the aid of using the killing of a girl with the aid of using the police constable, journalist Tamil Saha brushed off all such rumours.

“The firing in Kolkata has no hyperlink with protests taking place at Park Circus vicinity put up Friday prayers. one constable published out of doors Bangladesh excessive comm had abruptly opened firing with none warning. There changed into no protest taking place close to him. One passerby was killed. He then shot himself,” he tweeted.

A big group of police reached the spot and eliminated the bodies. The police have begun a probe into the incident.

“He had lower back from depart most effective yesterday (Thursday). If anyone (withinside the police) is depressed, we will attempt to help.”

Eyewitnesses stated the taking pictures started around 2.15 pm, with gunshots ringing across the non-violent residential neighbourhood of Lower Range Road.

“I noticed a policeman taking pictures right here and there. Then he shot bullets that hit the street,” a younger eyewitness who lives on the primary ground of a three-storey construction on Lower Range Road, and changed into out at the street, stated.

“Initially, I concept he changed into training taking pictures. But his frame actions were regarded as abnormal and inconsistent. He then raised the gun and resumed taking pictures. This time I changed into scared and ran inside.”

Anita Pallie, a homemaker who lives in a condominium off Lower Range Road, stated she had stepped onto her balcony around 2.19 pm on listening to the gunshots. She noticed Lepcha hearthplace withinside the air after which shoot himself.

 “In some minutes, there had been a sound that sounded like gunshots; therefore, I stepped onto the balcony in order to investigate. At the nook of the street, I noticed a policeman with a rifle. He fired withinside the air. The subsequent second he shot himself and slumped on the street,” Pallie stated.


Another eyewitness who runs a store withinside the neighbourhood stated the street wasn`t too crowded while Lepcha started out taking pictures.

“After changing into a gun-wielding character, he started shooting humans and passing bikes randomly. A bullet hit a girl who changed into strolling with the aid of using. Another hit a person on a -wheeler,” the shopkeeper stated.

A police officer noted that there are not as many casualties as one would expect. The 7.62mm SLR, with which he changed into firing, can kill at three hundred metres. Fortunately, maximum of the bullets overlooked humans.”

A police constable in his overdue 20s, published on the workplace of the deputy excessive commissioner, opened hearthplace indiscriminately from his rifle on Friday afternoon killing a girl driving a pillion.

 Later, he died with the aid of using suicide with the aid of using taking pictures himself. What brought on the policeman diagnosed as Chodup Lepcha to open hearthplace is but to be ascertained.

Eyewitnesses said the officer fired at least 15 to 17 rounds. Another commissioner said: “It appears Lepcha shot himself in the neck suffering from depression. It has not been determined whether his actions were due to a mental state. We will speak to the authorities. his family members, colleagues and friends”. . of the Praveen Tripathi Police. 

 ” The physiotherapist was shot in the head while riding his motorbike through the area. Rima Singh was identified as the victim. The woman in her 30s is a resident of Howrah’s Dasnagar. None of the residents in the neighbourhood dared to rescue her when they saw the armed officer continuing to open fire even after the woman collapsed on the street,” a police officer said, citing witnesses. witness

 The panicked cyclist, who would also have been injured in the shooting, escaped.

 Police said this was Lepcha’s first day on duty at the office of the Deputy High Commissioner in Park Circus after returning from leave. He is the Captain of the 5th Battalion of the Kolkata Armed Police.

 “He was stationed at the outpost in front of the deputy high commissioner. It was around 2:30 pm, we saw him walking along the road with the gun. Suddenly he started shooting indiscriminately. Some children are playing on the street. At first, they thought it was firecrackers. But when they saw the policeman shooting indiscriminately, they ran away. I was also scared and ran away,” said local Danish resident Khan. empty cartridges were found on the street after the incident.

 Khan said the shooting could have resulted in more casualties. “There are many people who are going to pray in mosques today since it’s namaaz Friday. The road, where the incident happened, would otherwise be very congested,” he declared.


 The incident happened at around 2:30 p.m., a few hundred meters from  SevenPoint Crossing, where thousands of people had gathered to protest the inflammatory remarks made by suspended BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma.

 The woman, identified as Rima Singha from Dasnagar in Howrah, was passing a taxi bike when she was hit as the officer on duty continued to fire his (SLR) self-loading rifle, causing chaos in the congested area,  police said. She died instantly, while the officer shot himself several more times in the head, they added.

 A senior police officer said Constable Chodhup Lepcha of the 5th Battalion of the Kolkata Armed Police fired 1,520 rounds. He is on duty outside the  Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh. The officer said he suddenly started shooting indiscriminately. Lepcha probably had a mental breakdown, he said.

edited and proofread  by nikita sharma

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