Scout the New haunted places in India in 2022

Scout the haunted places in India

Haunted, is a word that says many things in itself. From Delhi to Rajasthan, many places are said to be haunted, not proved yet what exactly the situation is, but people believe in it. 

Things are not about haunted, but it is something about the negative and positive energies. Even science says, if there is some positive energy, there exists negative energy as well. 

Surrounded by mysteries and myths or facts, some places still exists and is a tourist attraction, but you can’t visit that place in the dark. Even the talks will make you scared enough, many things we don’t expect these things but if rumors have truth somewhere hidden in it. 

If you are looking for such places and still seek adrenaline, then you must visit these haunted places because no one knows what can happen, or what can you experience but these energies are not jokes. It is good as a thrill but not to challenge. 

This list will help you to select your haunted destination, and you can go & explore the places as we are humans, who are always curious to know about the undiscovered things, so you can go and experience the paranormal sites, locals and guides will make you aware about the facts, myths, and other things. 

Dumas Beach

Know Everything About Gujarat Dumas Beach Super - गुजरात की वो जगह जहां शाम  ढलने के बाद जो गया, लौट कर नहीं आया... - Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

Dumas Beach is located in Gujrat along the Arabian Sea. This place is considered as, one of the most haunted places in Gujrat apart from that, it is known for its black sand. People say earlier this beach was a burial ground of Hindus, and this is the reason why the place has many haunting spirits that never left that area. 

The locals say the reason behind the black sand is the ashes that were created by the burning of dead bodies, and it got mixed with the white sand and turned black. 

Yes, it is a beachside, but you can not escape the negativity of the area; it has some eerie feel to it. Earlier, few paranormal activities have been reported after the moon shows up, and even as per the reports many tourists and locals went missing from Dumas Beach, and still, there is no reason to explain it. 

People also claim that they have heard, weird sounds that come from the beach like someone is crying or someone is laughing. You can visit the place in the daytime and don’t take it as a joke. 

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Is Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal In Delhi Haunted? | So Delhi

Karol Bagh, Delhi, is famous for the busy market but has something hidden in the busy life of the area. It seems like the site has got a new landmark, here you will find a strange statue, and this structure is said to be the most haunted place in Delhi. 

There are no gates, but only a note saying don’t come neatly to this place after sunset. Even who once said they don’t believe in all these, now says something scary and suspicious. 

The Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal in the 14th century by Shah Tughlaq. There are many saying, but something exists there, which makes it a haunted place in Delhi. 

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort : The Most Haunted Place in India - Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort which is located in the Bhangarh region of Rajasthan is a famous haunted place in India. The fort was built by Bhawant Das in the 16th century for his younger son.

The fort is well preserved for tourists, and it attracts a lot of visitors from different parts of the world for being known as the most haunted place in India. It is a wholly ruined fort, and you can sight the temples, Havelis, and the palaces. People say that this place experiences paranormal activities. 

Bhangarh Fort has always remained a talk of the town. In 1951, the Archaeological Survey of India declared the sight as a protected monument, and you can not enter the place after the visiting hours allotted. 

Different people say different reasons for being the haunted place, but one of those is related to Princess Ratnavati, the daughter of Chatr Singh. Princess Ratnavati was considered the jewel of Rajasthan because of her mesmerizing beauty, and one tantric knew that there was no such chance for him. So he prepared a potion that he mixed with perfumed oil and sent it to the princess; in that potion; he believed that Princess would fall in love with him, and after she came across this incident, she threw the scented oil, and that tantric was crushed till death, but on his last breath he cursed princess, and the entire city. 

The locals say that curse is why the city didn’t reborn and became haunted. In the fort you can explore three floors, apart from that, any of the houses or fort does not have any roofs on it, and it is impossible to build a roof because it falls as soon as it is constructed, you will find the tops only in the temple buildings. 


Jaisalmer's 'haunted' village to be developed and opened for tourists -  Travel News

The place Kuldhara is a village that is abandoned and is located in the Jaisalmer region of Rajasthan. The town was established around the 13th century and was one of the prosperous villages where Paliwal Brahmins used to reside. 

Kuldhara was abandoned in the early 19th century, but the reason is still unknown; some believe it is because of an earthquake but some claim that it is because of Jaisalmer state minister Salim Singh. 

Overall, these years, Kuldhara has gained the image of being a haunted site, and apart from that Rajasthan Government decided to develop it as a tourist spot. Whereas, at the place, you will find different sculptures, and the residents of the Kuldhara village were Vaishnavites.

Sculptures of Mahishasura Mardini and Lord Vishnu were spotted. Many locals don’t believe that it is not a haunted place, but Gaurav Tiwari from India Paranormal Society believes that the ruined village is haunted. 

Briraj Bhawan Palace Hotel

Haunted Brijraj Bhawan Palace Hotel in Kota | राजस्थान के इस शाही महल में  आज भी भटकती है आत्मा, ड्यूटी पर गार्ड के साेने पर पड़ता है थप्पड़ | Patrika  News

The palace is over 180 years old and is situated on the banks of the Chambal River, where some believe that a harmless ghost resides. Would you like to stay at that palace? It is not exactly said but it is thought that it is haunted. 

It is one of the beautiful palaces you will see, like the regal decor, spacious rooms, lawns, terrace garden, royal rooms but staying with a ghost cuts down the positive things. 

The palace was built in the year 1830 and was used as the residence place by the British officers; later it was declared as a state guesthouse. It was said that the palace has the spirit of a British officer who was killed in the year 1857 while the Indian soldiers attacked the castle and killed the British officer and his kids. 

After some time, the locals started experiencing some strange things & some spooky sounds, so that’s why people started believing that it was the British Officer’s spirit which is staying at the palace. 

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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