McDonald CEO Kempczinski apologizes to the customers for disclosing the truth for the tragic incident in 2021

McDonald CEO Kempczinski apologizes to the customers for disclosing the truth for the tragic incident in 2021

One of the most severe problems of America is that if the citizens can’t discuss the problems honestly, the situation of crimes and education will never eradicate from the country. This statement has come to light from the news that has recently made the headlines of the Chicago Tribune.

McDonald’s has, most of the time, made itself a part of many controversies. Previously, the brand came into the spotlight because they got rid of Ronald -The Clown, which used to be the brand’s icon. But, this time, the fast-food company has been a part of the public action because of the CEO of McDonald’s- Chris Kempczinski. 

McDonald CEO Chris Kempczinski is facing negative criticisms from the public for his comments regarding the children killed in a tragic accident. He conveyed the message to the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, blaming the children’s parents for their death. 

In the particular text that Chris Kempczinski sent to the Chicago Mayor, he was talking about the death of Jasyln Adams, who was only seven years old when the tragic incident took place. The police shot the child while she was sitting in a car with her father in one of the parking lots of McDonald’s in Chicago.

Subsequently, he talked about a similar incident where a boy Adam Toledo, who was only 13 years old, was killed by the police. He mentioned the news had disheartened him, but he firmly believed that the parents of the children were solely responsible for the tragedy. He said that the parents failed their kids, which is something hard to fix.McDonald's CEO apologises for 'racist' texts about child shooting deaths |  The Independent

The messages were made public after an anonymous activist filed a general information request. They sent the letters one day later after the police killed Adam. Since then, Kempczinski has been the centre of negative publicity. He has publicly apologized for his statements. 

Chris Kempczinski has revealed his emotions in a letter that he had written to his employees. He has expressed that he is not in the position of Jaslyn’s or Adam’s family. So, he is unaware of their reality and the circumstances they have to deal with. He deeply regretted his actions for not thinking from their perspective. According to various sources, it has been revealed that Chris Kempczinski has also held a town hall meeting with the employees of McDonald’s. However, not much information has been disclosed regarding the discussion.

Activists are repelling against Mcdonalds CEO Chris Kempczinski for his remarks:

Chris’s statements against the tragic incident have infuriated many activists. His actions have been called upon and condemned by the activists. Many organization that fights for equal rights of the citizens of America, including Color of Change, One Fair Wage, and Little Village Community Council, came together and protested in front of the company’s headquarters in Chicago the previous week.

On Wednesday, they have also written a letter to Kempczinski condemning his texts as “ignorant, racist and unacceptable”. The groups have also blamed him for relying on lazy, racist, and olden ideas to preserve the status of the people accountable for the tragedy. They also expressed that being a leader of one of the largest food companies in the world, he has a responsibility to do better for the people of the world.

Chris Kempczinski’s Response to the Activists:The CEO of McDonald's is apologizing after his texts about 2 slain children  surface - newsbinding

The controversy of Kempczinski’s statements has raised questions for Mcdonald on the grounds of diversity and inclusion. The food chain has taken many drastic steps to uplift the weaker sections of society. It was the first chain in the nation to promote black restaurant owners. In the last part of the year, the company has also provided incentives to support women and people of colour to gain many leadership opportunities. Regardless of all the futile efforts, the company has faced numerous high-profile lawsuits for racial discrimination. The statement of the CEO has somehow overshadowed the efforts. 

Previously, Mcdonald has also been part of accusations on the grounds of racial discrimination. Former McDonalds Franchises run by people of colour accused the company of setting them in the neighbourhoods where the sales were minor, resulting in them earning less money than the white people. However, Mcdonalds’ has denied such accusations. Many media-owned companies have expressed that Mcdonalds discriminates against Black-owned businesses. This statement was also rejected by McDonald’s. 

McDonald has rebutted against cases of racial discrimination for a year. Later, the chain came up with efforts to eradicate racism and focus on equality and inclusion.

Moreover, the CEO of McDonald’s, Chris Kemczinski, has addressed the situation in a video where he affirmed that he would increase his worldview, and he stated that “I let you down, and I let myself down.”

Does McDonald CEO Chris Kemczinski owe an apology to the media?News: McDonald's CEO admits his texts 'lacked empathy' for shooting victims  — People Matters

The activists have called upon Chris Kemczinski. However, when the situation is viewed from the other side, people share contradicting viewpoints. Jaslyn’s father, a survivor of the tragedy, has a long list of criminal records. He also stated that he was aware that he was a target for a gang attack. Moreover, in the case of Adam Toledo, who also met the same fate, they observed that he and his accomplice were shooting on random moving cars. The incident was captured in a video, and Adam was also a repeated gun offender.

After examining his dead body, they found gun powder in his hands. Bringing out the topic of parental guidance when a thirteen-year-old boy passes away because of possessing ammunition and shooting at moving cars seems to be fair on his part. It is unfair to look away from the crimes of individuals belonging to the weaker sections of society on the grounds of racial discrimination. It hinders the well-being of the state and people, leaving no room for the citizens to rectify their mistakes.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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