Ethics Policy

NCR News is committed to build trust and confidence in employees and customers. We are transparent and dignified in all the affairs. We encourage standards of ethics and integrity at all levels and prevent unlawful and unethical conduct.


The ethical policy describes the common standards to the company, management, and employees. It has been designed to identify any wrongdoing and to promote the values and principles. The main motive of our company is to provide a reliable platform of true and accurate information to the readers. In accordance with the vision and mission of NCR News, people get news and information on issues which matter the most and thereby we follow certain ethical principles.

Ethical Principles

We have adopted certain principles to provide error free news and information on the important issues. The principles are as follows:

  • Employees of NCR News work with complete integrity, trust, fairness, and professionalism and we respect the sentiments of clients, employees, suppliers, government authorities and society
  • We provide equal opportunities to the employees and interns and provide a work environment which is free from discrimination and harassment. We also offer interesting and challenging positions to the employees and interns and offer competitive remuneration and promote personal and professional development
  • We provide a neutral platform that facilitates dialogue and enables people from different backgrounds and political inclinations to come together, discuss and solve issues that matter most.
  • We present the most accurate important information available at the time on a particular issue. We also credit sources wherever needed or applicable. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and prohibited.
  • We strive for balanced, unbiased, and logical opinions on issues and maintain a clear distinction between business interests and editorial decision-making. In no way can the business interest take over editorial decision-making. We provide accurate information instead of breaking the news. We will wait before sharing if enough information is not available and not to speculate.
  • We always try to include diverse voices in the story to make it fair and balanced and issue public apology in case of error and rectify the error. We remain strong and resolute in the wake of pressure from people in power and stand with the editorial in case of any legal dispute and in case of harassment.
  • We follow and comply with the relevant laws, rules, regulations, codes, and standards of good practice of the countries in which we operate, and conduct business as a responsible corporate member of society at large and in the communities in which we operate
  • We carry out the commitments we make to adhere to international conventions or codes, and we also abide by all the laws, rules and regulations and follow all the values and principles set forth in the NCR News’s code of conduct.
  • We are committed to maintaining profitability, a strong financial foundation and appropriate risk levels in order to meet our responsibilities. Also, we do not sacrifice compliance with laws and commitment to our responsibilities or take undue risk for the sake of profits.
  • Any violation of the Integrity Policy must be reported to the relevant authority. Hiding the policy violation leads to a violation of ethical policy itself. Threats or retaliation against anyone who reported integrity Policy violation leads as violation of ethical policy itself.
  • We stand committed to evaluate and approve the truthfulness and appropriateness of collected data through layered screening before publishing it. Internal Audit will ensure that the Policy be monitored and audited annually for effectiveness.
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