Bell Bottom Hits The Bell

Bell Bottom becomes the first film to be released on the big screen after the whole pandemic scenario. The theatres are now open with limited capacity, but this particular film got a very good response despite that. Akshay Kumar released this movie on the big screen with a huge risk, but the risk was worth it. Bell Bottom is the movie inspired by the true event during the reign of Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India. The movie directed by Ranjit Tewari narrates the hijacking story of a plane in 1984.

Bell Bottom banned

Bell Bottom

Despite so much appreciation and on the way to a blockbuster movie, Bell Bottom was not able to make it through the UAE authorities and did not get the clear way for screening. The film has been banned in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait for screening. The UAE authorities believe that the movie has a factual error in it. They have banned it on the ground of tampering with historical facts. It was pointed out that in 1984 the Defence Minister of the United Arab Emirates and other authorities were in the nabbing of hijackers. In this movie, Akshay Kumar’s character Bell Bottom and his team are being portrayed as the real hero of the mission.


Bell Bottom Story Line 

bell bottom

The movie is inspired by true events, and the track revolves around the hijack of Indian Airlines on August 24, 1984. An undercover RAW agent Anshul Malhotra coded the name Bell Bottom, wants to rescue the passengers, and arrest the hijackers. The story revolves around the mission to save the passengers.


Bell Bottom Box Office

Bell Bottom opened with Rs 2.75 crore at the domestic box office, Rs 2.60 crore on the second day, and all taking it up to weekend domestic collection to Rs 12.75 crore. On 31 August 2021, the film grossed Rs 29.27 crore in India and Rs 11.15 crore overseas. As it was an extended weekend the movie hit the 25 crores mark. It is the Bollywood top grosser with a worldwide collection of Rs 40.42 crore and it is being followed by Roohi with a worldwide collection of Rs 30.33 crore. 

However, in UAE, the local sensor board approved the movie for the screening and it was released across 65 screens in the United Arab Emirates and was able to draw Rs 4.7 crore but it was stilled banned within the G.C.C markets which affected the movie’s overall box office collection. 

The movie started with Akshay Kumar as Anshul Malhotra, agent Bell Bottom, Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi, and Vaani Kapoor as Radhika Malhotra gained appreciation from the audience and critics. The makeover of Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi was into the hot talks in social media, and everyone praised her for her performance in the movie. The movie also brought back a new version of a very famous song, Sakhiya 2.0, and that song is being praised for the new tunes, and the youngsters got something new for their playlist.

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