KHABY LAME: The Silent Man

If we talk about from zero to success, how can we forget Khaby Lame – from a worker in the industry to earn billions through social media and that too without speaking a single word and making people smile and gaining billions of likes and love and becoming Tik-Tok star?

Tik- Tok is banned in India, but Indians watch him on Instagram reels, and at the latest, he has over 108.3 followers and over 1.6 billion likes, which make him the second most followed on Tik-Tok. He makes short comedy videos with his sarcastic touch in them, and that makes him different from all other content creators.

Lame’s Journey

Khaby Lame goes from jobless to amassing 100 million followers on TikTok

Khaby Lame was born on March 9, 2000; he was also into athletics like football and basketball and played in the junior level basketball championships. Before coming into the Tik-Tok, he worked as a CNC operator as a normal middle-class boy, and faced some financial issues.

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 knocked on the doors, the lockdown started and at that time itself, Khaby started posting his content on Tik-Tok, where he sarcastically points out people who seem to complicate the simple tasks unreasonably. His early posts were mostly in Italian with Italian subtitles.

Apart from Tik-Tok, Khaby has over 34.8 million followers on Instagram. Khaby Lame says it’s about his face and his expressions which make people laugh, and he also said his muted reactions are a global language, and everyone can get that. We believe that Khaby’s rise to what he is today is completely organic, and he did not use any kind of collaborating with others and using very high production.

Lame’s Addition

Khaby Lame has 100 million followers on Tik Tok

A part of Khaby Lame’s success is somehow related to how his main content is getting sucked into the internet. Many other content creators of Tik-Tok and Instagram are creating the compilation video and those clips are gaining good attraction also millions of likes.

People also consider him a good meme material as his expressions are tremendous and give a sarcastic reply without saying anything like people use his facial expression for the reaction image make it a sarcastic reply to others. His videos are also being reposted on Twitter, where they get more attractions.

In the United States, many blacks spoke about their struggle to get the proper credit for their content in the online videos or the trends they created and also about the racism they experienced; but on this, Mr. Khaby Lame said he had a different experience “ My friends have always been protective of me” he added, “ I have never had such a problem. No one has ever dared insult me because we were a united group and had a lot of respect”.

He is happy as he says, he makes people smile like his idols Will SmithEddie Murphy, and Checco Zalone, who is known for his broad Italian comedies, and Khaby hopes to get to their level one day with his hard work and by making more people smile. He has a simple dream as any person will have, and that is to have his own house; he is making good money now, but that is not enough for him to buy his own house, and he says, “Maybe, one day in the future”.

By the way, we always mentioned Mr. Khaby Lame, but his actual name is Mr. Khabane Lame. Khaby has a net worth of approx $1-$2 million.  In these last two years, he managed to gain so much popularity, all thanks to his sense of humor. He always believed that, since childhood, he was passionate about entertaining people and making them laugh.

How Khaby Lame Took Over TikTok - The New York Times

Khaby Lame grabbed 41st place on the list of top 100 Tik-Tok creators based on the number of followers he has.

The secret of Khaby’s content is the exasperated everyman quality universally, his content is like a mock to the overproduced trends that we see across the social media, and we feel like what he just did, and he could have done this or that, but Khaby took that and made his content with that, which we see and think.

Khaby somehow made it a real thing that any person would have opted in that particular situation, but Khaby worked for it and his expression helped him get it exactly there what he wanted us to show. 

It’s not like that he did not see any controversy, he was accused of body-shaming women on Tik-Tok, many people are not aware of this incident as this did not result in a big controversy, and also it did not make any noticeable dent in Khaby’s following so far. 

He is doing good so far. 

One thing which came into the limelight as Khaby stated it, he is Italian for the whole world but not for the state what he considers his country and he is not all alone in this situation, there are thousands of boys and girls who are living without citizenship which they are living in the country but they are not the Italian citizens legally and this problem remains unsolved.

One thing we can say is, it is never too late to work for anything and your simplicity and simple things which we see in our daily life can make a big change if we do it out of the box and present it to the audience with their mindset and our uniqueness.

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