Agri-Business & Exports Reap a Golden Harvest in Rajasthan

The State Government has envisioned to accelerate investments in Agri-Processing & Agri-Business for employment generation and enhanced farmer incomes. Through the various measures, the State is endeavoring to promote agri investors for investment in modern agricultural technology, agri processing and agri export units, to ensure sustainable employment opportunities in the agro and food processing sector and to promote market outreach of State’s agriproducts in domestic and international market. Rajasthan with its diverse agroclimatic zones is richly endowed with a multitude of agriculture crops and a strong animal husbandry sector.


  • #1 producer of moth beans, nutricereal, mustard, pearl millet (bajra), guar gum, spices and Isabgol
  • #1 producer of medicinal and aromatic crops
  • #1 in coarse wool production with largest population of goat, camels
  • Second largest milk producing state (23+ Mn tonne Milk production i.e. 12.6% of national milk production)
  • #2 producer of oilseeds, cumin, pulses, fenugreek and garlic
  • Highest number of electronic adulteration testing units across India under National Programme for Dairy Development

Rajasthan, the largest state in India and borders six major states in the northern, western, and central parts of India. Rajasthan is a natural corridor between northern and western states making it an important trade and commerce centre. Importantly, the state covers nearly 39% of the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai. A band of 150 km on both sides of this 1493 Km long DFC is planned to be developed under Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

The State has the 2nd largest rail route in India, 7 airports with direct international and national connectivity, 3rd largest network of national highway & Availability of 24×7 uninterrupted power supply with highest solar potential. The state also has renowned higher education institutions in various disciplines, producing thousands of skilled and proficient young individuals every year.

Agri Business Infrastructure in the State

Marketing Infrastructure

  • 145 Market Yards and 331 Sub-Yards
  • Grading and Sorting facility in the Market Yards to ensure quality raw materials
  • Private Market Yards
  • Private e-Mandis
  • Kisan e-Mandis
  • Interconnectivity on eNAM for all Mandis
  • 270+ Farmer Producer Organisations
  • Oil testing facility available to provide quality raw materials for oilseed industries

Agro-Processing Infrastructure

Commensurate with its high potential, the State Government has also made huge investments to boost the agri processing and food processing sector. 21 Mini Food Parks and 1 Mega Food Park has been established across the State, where 11 more food parks are currently being planned to ensure each district has been covered. The State has also established Spice Parks in Jodhpur & Kota which will provide tremendous opportunities to the entire spice value chain operators. To ensure smooth operations and ease of business, the State has waived off the collection of Mandi Fee outside the market yard and have implemented Single Point Mandi Fee, wherever applicable.

Logistics & Warehousing Infrastructure

  • 2,337 Dry Warehouses
  • 161 Cold Storages
  • 9 Cold Chain Projects
  • 5 Packhouses
  • Logistics
  • 9 Incubation Centers available to provide jobwork facility for new agri-processors

 Connectivity / Power

  • 2nd largest rail route in India
  • 7 airports with direct international and national connectivity
  • 3rd largest network of national highway
  • Availability of 24×7 uninterrupted power supply with highest solar potential

Investor Friendly Policy Environment Rajasthan Agro-processing, Agri-business and Agri-export Promotion Policy – 2019

  • Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme: including subsidy for expenditure incurred on plant machinery and technical civil work for:
  1. Setting up, expansion and modernization of Agro Processing units
  2. Creating Primary Processing Centres / Collection Centres iii. Setting up Mega Food Parks, Agri Clusters and, Reefer Vehicles.
  • Setting up Mega Food Parks, Agri Clusters and, Reefer Vehicles
  • Interest Subsidy on Term Loan Scheme: including assistance of Interest Subsidy on the Term Loan for Agro-processing Units.
  • Freight Subsidy Schemes: for export of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers by Air and by Sea Route and freight subsidy on surface transportation of fruits, vegetables and flowers to distant markets in India, with special focus for Spices and Organic produce.
  • In addition to the above, the Agroprocessing and agri-businesses units set up under this Policy are entitled to additional incentives under twelve other categories.
  • Land Related provisions/ concessions: Government land would be leased to eligible FPOs/FPCs/Organic Producers Organisation or similar other body of farmers for creating infrastructure for aggregation and storage and also for establishing processing units.

 Subsidies for Agri & Food Processing Enterprises

  • Capital Subsidy – 25% up to INR 50 lakh and additional 10% up to INR 50 lakh.
  • Interest Subsidy – 5% up to INR 50 lakh for agro processing units and 5% up to INR 100 lakh for infrastructure project.
  • Electricity Subsidy tariff subsidy @ INR 1.0 per kWh with a maximum of INR 2 lakh / year up to 5 years.
  • Solar Power Plant Subsidy – 30% up to INR 10 lakh.
  • Freight Subsidy – Available on exports of Raw Agri, Fresh Produce, Spices and Processed foods covering Sea, Air and Surface – maximum up to INR 20 lakh per year

Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme (RIPS)   


  • Investment Subsidy – 75% of SGST due and deposited for 7 years
  • Employment Generation Subsidy – 50% of employer’s contribution towards employees’ EPF and ESI, for 7 years
  • Electricity Duty – 100% exemption for 7 years
  • Land Tax – 100% exemption for 7 years
  • Stamp Duty – 100% exemption
  • Land Conversion Charges – 100% exemption
  • Additional Benefits – For Women, SCs / STs, Persons with Disability, Enterprises, Enterprises in Backward and most Backward Areas
  • Provision for customised package of incentives for investments over INR 1 billion and providing direct employment to more than 200 persons.

AgriBusiness Conclave – Invest Rajasthan Summit 2022

Agri Business Conclave at Invest Rajasthan 2022 aims to bring together a variety of industry professionals from various disciplines like academia, startups, industry, and international representatives. This session shall help in the ideation of the industrial growth, restructuring of the ecosystem, identifying the policy gaps for developing policy intervention mechanism, innovation and research & development collaboration for the rising need of the self-sufficient economy.

Agribusiness leaders and industry veterans present at the event will share their perspectives on new opportunities in the food processing sector as well as their expertise in emerging technologies. By leveraging their competencies, the industry will be able to explore new economic avenues.

The purpose of the Invest Rajasthan Agribusiness Session is to encourage investment in Rajasthan by identifying needs of industry and respond on the same in a timely manner

Speaker Line-up

  • Lal Chand Kataria, Minister of Agriculture, GoR
  • Murari Lal Meena, Minister of State of Agriculture Marketing (IC), GoR
  • Dinesh Kumar, Principal Secretary, Department of Agriculture & Horticulture, GoR
  • Rahul Mirchandani CMD, Aries Agro LimitedModerator
  • Angshu Mallick CEO & MD, Adani Wilmar
  • Bala Reddy CEO and MD, OurFood
  • Chindi Vasudevappa Vice Chancellor, NIFTEM
  • B Thiagarajan MD, Blue Star Ltd
  • Ashok Dalwai CEO, National Rainfed Area Authority

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