Big Billion Day Or Big Scam Day?! Flipkart Festive Season Sales 2021 Brings Another Scam

Big Billion Day Or Big Scam Day?! Flipkart Festive Season Sales 2021 Brings Another Scam


According to a recent announcement, Flipkart is holding its Big Billion Day sale from October 3rd October to 10th October, 2021. Remember Flipkart’s big billion day on the 3rd of October 2021? From the moment Flipkart was launched as a full-fledged e-commerce portal, Flipkart has claimed it was the biggest sale in Indian eCommerce history. However, people found it rather strange and thought it smelled of rats.


Flipkart might have underestimated the intelligence of its customers and their shopping techniques because a lot of people who deal in online shopping use tools and plugins to monitor prices over a period of time and to compare the prices of similar commodities sold on different e-commerce sites. With online tools such as Pricify and Chrome extensions such as flipshope, users can monitor/track the price of any product for a given number of days and then compare the price of that product on different e-commerce sites.


Flipkart customer Cherry Parekh bought a dress worth Rs 899 on Big Billion Day (see shipment details in image below), but on Sale Day she was shocked to find the price was increased to Rs 1899, which may be the same on sale day.



On The Big Billion Day , another price scam was uncovered:





Add flipshope chrome extension and the flipshope chrome extension helps you with a daily price graph showing the price variation of each item each day and also compares the price on more than 50 sites


Each day it will present you with the daily variation of price on each site.
The flipshope chrome extension gives a comparison of price items for a period of time. Must check before you purchase


In order to make wise purchasing decisions, we consumers need to be aware of such marketing gimmicks and think carefully about all the factors involved.

We can ascertain whether or not prices have suddenly increased or not with another chrome extension called Comparing Hatke from BuyHatke, according to a website. This price comparison is comparing completely unrelated items.


Big Billion Day Or A Big Bang Scam Days?

There are rumor mills claiming that Flipkart is going to begin its Big Billion Day sale within few hours, which means that starting on 3rd October, 2021 and continuing until October 10th, 2021, and that they will provide discounts ranging from 30-90%. There are discounted clothes, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, and more available for purchase at these outlets. This is something that we, Indians wait for eagerly anticipating. Flipkart launched an advertising campaign in which it laid out its vision of bringing together a billion people from around the globe in a global sale that was set to be the greatest sale in history.

We are going to discuss whether this anniversary sale is actually an anniversary sale or a scam? You will be utterly convinced that this too is a scam if you take the time to investigate what actually happened. We have seen it from the earlier cases that the rates and costs of all products on sale increased within minutes of the sale and were later slashed in response to the discount. As people began nosing around and got a whiff of what really happened, they were able to tell right away that this was 100 percent a scam.

This news went viral on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Flipkart is one of India’s leading e-commerce websites with an inventory worth 60.8 dollars and if this scenario occurred, they would have added at least 10 billion dollars more profit to their basket. ‘Big billion day’ started at 12 am and most of the products have gone out of stock or are out of reach even after you have added them to your cart. A half-priced product is the only way to make it worthwhile?

Several products, including the Samsung Tab2, were available for no more than Rs.1, while others cost more than 50% less. A sale advertisement stated something like 1300, but the actual value of the product is around 13,000, so it is not reasonable to expect the advertised price. However, as soon as you click on it to add to your cart, the product goes out of stock or the page reloads with an Error: 404 error message.

It wouldn’t be fair to discuss such epic cases,


This is an advertisement that Flipkart has been running for ages now, and there have been many sales and deals running on this e-commerce website since this morning. Nevertheless, when you examine the details closely, you will realize that the deal was closed within 7 hours. For your information, Flip kart expects to do approximately one billion of business turnover on October 3rd, 2021 until 10th, 2021.

Our clause does not guarantee that they will achieve the same outcome; however, the surety of them making a huge profit and gaining enough face value has been achieved. It has been reported that Flipkart has already received around 3,000 orders since morning, so they decided to terminate their so-called fake orders.

Let’s Have A Look On Scam Deals:

  • The price of Swayam Doublesheet, which has been stable at around Rs.1124 for over a month now, has suddenly shot up to Rs.1500. It might be reduced to 30% and they might sell it to the original price tomorrow.
  • The Slim Fit Men’s trousers of Van Heusen  had been hovering between Rs.1200 and Rs.1700 for the last month. But suddenly, they are priced at Rs.2200 in just one day! That’s a cool way to show people they will enjoy a huge Rs.500 discount on their favorite trousers from 3rd october, 2021 till 10th October, 2021!
  • Calvin Klein Be Eau de Toilette, one of the most popular perfumes, was selling for around Rs. 1650 for the last 3 months. But suddenly, it has gone up by around Rs. 300 and is now available at Rs. 1920. This pseudo sale even affects the Compare Hatke chrome extension which doesn’t know about this sale so it suggests buying this product at the current price only around 40% of the time as it knows prices might be coming down soon.

Since I am merely looking at the price fluctuations within the Flipkart site, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of this issue. There have been several times in the past (in fact, it’s seen in these screenshots above) where it has been said by Compare Hatke that cheaper products are available on Ebay, Amazon, as well as Flipkart itself before they discontinued older products!

In fact, the first thing that shocked me was the image above of a Soch sari that is priced exorbitantly on Flipkart, when the same item can be purchased on Soch’s website for less than half the price. How much discount are you referring to then, Flipkart?


Please Note: The Soch team reached out to us saying


-Soch does not participate in Flipkart’s Big Billion sale and they do not include any products for this particular offer

-The Soch e-comm website (which was still in beta testing mode and therefore not LIVE) was correcting a few errors and thus the prices on the website were not updated when they were correcting the errors. Listed prices are actual prices. Flipkart’s prices are correct.

Reactions Of Social Media On Flipkart’s Big Billion Day!

Some of the reactions to Flip Kart’s sale on the social media portal Twitter,





This product is an excellent example of the product – Van heusen slim fit men’s trousers. Despite being priced between 1200 and 1600* rupees for ages, the price was raised to 2200 rupees all of a sudden before the so-called “sale.” An increase of almost 600 rupees, it was sold today for 1200 rupees. Some customers have received emails stating that the product was already out of stock after ordering, while others have received a bill stating that they had to pay for shipping and other charges.


Here are some comments from Facebook as well,

Saurav Kumar Sinha

I just bought an item that was out of stock on FlipKart. I’m feeling lucky!  #billionday

Ashish Mehta

I am extremely thankful to Flipkart for their brilliant BigBillionDay initiative. I just bought myself a Macbook Air from for almost 10,000 less than your ‘sale’ price

Chinmoy Deka

The #BigBillionDay sale by @Flipkart is to raise awareness about HTTP error codes.

Pradeep Kumar

It’s Bakrid time for Flipkart and its Indian users!

It seems like we are the sheep here!

Pradeep Kumar

Flipkart, Please rename ‘#FlipKartBigBillionDay’ to ‘#FlipKartOutOfStockDay’.

In addition to these, there are millions of stories that are never told among the masses


Thus, whether it’s Grand Diwali Sale or Big Billion Day, ensure you make the right decision by thinking twice.

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