Asia Tour: The Continent that gets rich in culture with every minute for 2022

Asia Tour: The Continent that gets rich in culture with every minute

Time to Get Asiatic!

Asia, the biggest continent of the world is amazingly exquisite, stunning, cultural and, perhaps, a sight for the sore eyes is a destination for you to enjoy the much-deserving and needed break from your hectic work schedule. Asia has a total of 48 countries making it the second continent with the highest numbers of countries. It covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometers is about 30% of the Earth’s land region, and when it comes to several inhabitants in Asia, it exceeds 4.4 billion people living in the continent concluding it as the most populated continent on the face of the Earth.


Asia is the homeland of some of the world’s major religions, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, it is also a native place for some of the popular worldly spoken languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and others. The continent is notable for its diverse culture, delicious mouth-watering food, some of the most known markets, beautiful and astounding places to visit.

Still, when it’s time to choose the destination for a vacation, most people prefer Europe and America. It’s time to give people the reasons as to why their next destination to spend holidays at should be Asian countries!

Countries To Visit In Asia

The historical, cultural, diverse, and modern life can be experienced by you in some of the best countries and islands in Asia. Japan is called the fast-paced country in the world, but it is also favored as the dream destination of many people. Cities such as Tokyo gives you the real feel of Japan, Kyoto is a beautiful, and sacred place to put your foot at, Hakuba is a region best fit for adventure loved citizens, Kamakura gives you the touch of Faith and God, and many more cities and island are great for the visit.

India is a wonderful county filled with shade and diversity and a way of life. It should be a must-go-to location for everyone. Rajasthan is a beautiful city filled with Forts and Palaces giving you the sense of the Country’s rich history, visiting Jammu and Kashmir once in your life will change the meaning of serenity for you. 

Delhi is a must-visit for the ones who love to shop from local markets and love eating street food, Lucknow is a perfect city for the ones who love arts, exotic jewelry, and accessories, and textiles, Mumbai is a city of dreams and is home to one of the most known and loved cinema industry, Bollywood in the world is an ideal place for the people who like crowded and loud locations, many people come here to just a get a glimpse of some of the world-famous actors and actresses.

South Indian states and cities such as Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu are well-acknowledged for some of their beautiful and amazing Temples and Mosques. North-eastern states and cities like Assam and Shillong are known for their distinctive culture from mainland India.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the most admired countries to visit these days in Asia. People love the weather and their surroundings in Korea and love to try the amazingly delicious Korean cuisine and beautiful ethnic costumes and dresses. The capital of South Korea, Seoul is most popular to visit, filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, and many historical buildings and temples, home to many world-famous K-Pop singers and locations to most of the Korean dramas and Korean actors and actresses, citizens love to visit this lovely city just to get the glimpse of their favorite stars flourished with youth and full of life.

Who wouldn’t want to visit places with such a lifestyle? Busan, the second-largest city in the country is thriving with incredible beaches and city life, it is home to the world’s largest department store and traditional markets. Jeju island is a semi-tropical island, it is South Korea’s largest island and an abode to the nation’s tallest mountain, Hallasan, which is exemplary for hiking and taking in the natural environment. Some of the other places and cities to visit in Korea are Incheon, Boseong, Gyeongju, Jinhae, and many others.



Indonesia is your preferred country if you are a beach and island lover and interested in visiting unique and exquisite islands and beaches and many other stunning places in this country built with some amazing tribes, food, markets, and places. It is the largest island consisting country. Like the rest of Asia, it is also known for its diverse culture which certainly makes it one of the special countries to visit.

It will be a captivating experience for travelers once they’ll visit Indonesia. Jakarta is the capital, the most populated city of Indonesia is the perfect place for the club and nightlife. It is administrative to all of the government and economic and trade affairs of the country. Bali is favored as the most visited place in all of Indonesia.

It is home to many of the mountains and beaches and forests and Hindu temples located in the country. Next, Lombok is a well-known beautiful island of the country. It is popular among locals and foreign tourists for the natural waterfalls and beautiful suburbs. The tall trees in the area increase the beauty of the island. If you visit Indonesia, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

There are more amazing and stunning countries to visit in Asia like Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and many more.

Food Hub of Asia

Who wouldn’t love to visit a place filled with delicious and finger-licking food! If you are a food lover and love to try new cuisines, Asia is a place for you. Indian cuisine is worldwide famous for its richness in spices and gravy. Some of the famous regional dishes of the country are Dal-Batti Churma, Misal Pav, Makke di Roti & Sarso da Saag, Dhokla, Litti Choka, and Rogan Josh. 

Kimchi is a must-try if you are interested in Korean food. A Korean food market is famous for meat-rice dishes such as Bulgogi, Samgyeopsal, Ganjang gejang, Bibimbap, Gopchang, Tteokbokki, and last but not the least Ramyeon(Instant noodles) are essential try. Vietnamese cuisine consists of Pho, Banh Mi, Banh Xo, Bun Cha, and Cao Lau noodles are a must-eat if you are in Vietnam. China is famous for its noodle food like Tian Shuimian, Lanzhou Lamian, Beijing Zha Jiang Mian, and many more tasty noodle dishes.


Afghanistan food includes Afghan Lamb Kebab, Bolani, Mantu, Kabuli(the national dish of Afghanistan), Sheer Khurma( festive sweet dish), and Afghan Jalebi. Many people love to eat street food. Asia has the world’s most mouth-watering street food, for instance, Nasiuduk, chana masala, momos, noodles, Hainanese chicken rice, Gado-Gado, Nikuman, Okoshi, Paratha, Bakso, Vada pav, Martabak, and so on.

Places to enjoy in Asian Continent 

Chiang Mai is one of the best places to visit in Thailand for nature lovers while Phuket is great for shopping lovers. Delhi’s local market is perfect for affordable outfits. Agra is the most admired by tourists for being the home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Nepal is a perfect country for hiking and mountain lovers, people mostly love to go to see Annapurna mountain. Shiling Night market is Taipei’s biggest market.


There are many beautiful architectural and amazing malls located in Asia that attract many tourists. People can also see wildlife by visiting some of the wildlife sanctuaries such as Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal; Gir National Park, India; Jim Corbett National Park, India; Jigme Dorje National Park, Bhutan; Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand; Tanjung Putting National Park, Indonesia and many more.

I think these are more than enough reasons to the travelers and wanderers why Asia should be their next vacation destination. People love to see the places with uniqueness, beauty, stunning, different traditional donning outfit people, distinct taste edibles and rich in history and heritage and diverse in culture. Still, the questions stand are that despite so many qualities Asian places exhibits than why it is not on the first place of many tourists list of places they want to visit? Why it is not as popular a desiring destination to visit for many of the people as Europe?

Maybe because of the less awareness about the breathtaking places in Asia. I think the biggest reason is that Asian civilization needs to be more open to the tourists and less intrusive to them and make them feel comfortable and be more wide-minded about the tourists visiting their countries. We as citizens of Asia need to make it the most famous and celebrated destination for tourists to visit.

Let Asia shine!

edited and proofread by nikita sharma







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