Top 10 Amazing Tourist Destinations In Bangalore

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Bangalore

Tourism should be if anything that warrants every person a few wonderful days. Fritter away just a few days of enrapture and entertainment in accurately the way you desire, far from the mundanity of your everyday tasks and the cares of family and career.

Bangalore, known as the Silicon Metropolis, is a renowned place to visit that is not only a contemporary city along with all the newest comforts, but it also stipulates a wide variety of entertainment opportunities. This capital city of Karnataka, at an altitude of 949 meters above sea level, provides plenty to choose from.


Bangalore tourism does not appeal to a certain group of vacationers, but rather to anyone with a variety of hobbies and vacation ideas. Bangalore is acknowledged as the Garden City because of the countless parklands that are dispersed around the city, adding to the city’s attractiveness.

Not only that, but the city has also been given numerous enthralling yet fitting epithets. Bangalore has already been dubbed Pub City, Shopper’s Hot Spot, Silicon Valley, Shopper’s Paradise, Pub Hopper’s Paradise, Gourmet’s Delight, Air-conditioned City, and many more titles.

A journey to Bangalore will make known the implication of each of these names. Bangalore has a diverse selection of entertainment options, ranging from vibrant nightlife to entertaining theme parks.

From lovely lakes to gleaming skyscrapers to enthralling landmarks and shrines, there is something for everyone. Bangalore, sometimes known as the “air-conditioned city,” has excellent climate year-round.

So, you may plan a Bangalore vacation at any moment. Whether it’s summer or winter, you may visit this city whenever you choose without worrying more about the weather.


The Majestic Bangalore Palace is an exemplify of marvelous nobility and beauty that retains the flavor of ancient imperial splendor. The palace, which is now the city’s biggest draw, was constructed in 1878.

The castle is gigantic, with 45,000 sq ft of floor space. The great castle that we’ve been seeing is the product of a blend of Tudor & Scottish Goth design.

The palace’s woodwork structure, as well as the glorious etching on the interior of the palace and exterior, display the regal heritage in a variety of ways. 

Other than being a popular tourist attraction, the palace hosts a variety of cultural activities, rock concerts, and weddings. According to legend, King Chamarajendra Wadiyar was inspired to create the mahal after visiting London’s Windsor Castle. A tour of the palace allows you to see the magnificent magnificence of one of South India’s most powerful dynasties.

Timing: 10 A.M – 5:30 P.M (Monday Closed)

Entry Fee: INR 230 for Indians | INR 460 for Foreign Tourists

Address: Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052


Do not even overlook the National Gallery of Modern Art along Palace Road if you’re an artistic fan. This is India’s third exhibition of its sort, having opened in 2009.  It is located in a colonial estate with a landscaped garden and has two interconnecting sections, including the one that exhibits paintings from the early 1700s till Attainment of independence, and the other being that exhibits work by a wide range of sophisticated and contemporary artists.

It contains over 500 artworks in its inventory. Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Ravi Verma, Amrita Shergill, and Jamini Roy are among the prominent painters whose artwork has already been presented. All of the masterpieces have now been categorized and exhibited according to different periods of history, art schools, and artists for convenience of looking.

Timing: 11 A.M – 6:30 P.M (Monday Closed)

Entry Fee: INR 20 for Indians | INR 500 for Foreign Tourists

Address: 49, GF, Manikyavelu Mansion, Palace Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052


The imperial summertime castle of the legendary ruler “Tipu Sultan,” which has now been turned into a lovely exhibition and is undoubtedly one of the greatest travel destinations in Bangalore with children, is situated in perhaps the most bustling marketplace.

This palace has garnered a lot of fame in the past few decades due to its antique paintings, fantastic statues, and other unique masterpieces. Haider Ali employed granite stones in the procedure of modifying and extending them.

It was constructed in 1791 by Tipu Sultan and used as his summer home. There are columns, sculpted archways, and patios on the two-story building. It has an Islamic design and a temple dedicated to Ganesha, a Hindu god. This further demonstrates the leader’s secular values. If you enjoy learning about history, the fort’s arts center, which exhibits old paintings, pictures, and sculptures, is a must-see.

Timing: 8:30 A.M – 5:30 P.M

Entry Fee: INR 5 for Indians | INR 100 for Foreign Tourists

Address: AU, New Tharagupet, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560002, India


Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a nationwide and globally famous center for botanical creativity, academic research of plants, and plant preservation. It is located in Bangalore. Lal Bagh, a refuge for nature enthusiasts, is a 240-acre park in the city center with almost 1,854 plant varieties. Hyder Ali authorized it in 1760, but his son Tipu Sultan finished it. The area, which has been designated as a State Botanical Garden, has uncommon species from France, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Lal Bagh Rock, which itself is approximately 3000 million years old as well as a prominent tourist destination, maybe located here.

This botanical park, which is a cameraman’s dream, notably includes the famed glasshouse, which hosts an enormous flower exhibit annually, as well as an aquarium and a lake. Tipu Sultan purchased trees and plants from all around the globe and cultivated them at Lalbagh Botanical Garden, which now contains one of the nation’s biggest collections of rare species. This garden is not only lush with greenery, but it also has a lot of unusually popular birds.

Timing: 9 A.M – 6 P.M

Entry Fee: INR 20

Address: Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004


Cubbon Park, a 300-acre parkland near Bangalore’s corporate sector, is a popular tourist destination for strollers, runners, outdoor enthusiasts, and anybody looking to relax. Sir Mark Cubbon, the former Director of Mysore, was honored with the park’s title. Particularly unique notice should be made of the large green gardens and well-kept meadows. The Park has a lovely pathway. It’s the ideal location for you to visit on your bustling holiday journey.

There are a variety of attractive and blooming trees, mainly foreign & native, that can be spotted therein. On the inside of the park, children will adore the exclusive Bal Bhavan playground and aquarium. It truly merits the moniker “Walker’s Paradise.” Prominent individuals’ monuments can be found here. Once the illumination is switched on at Cubbon Park in the night, you will indeed be mesmerized.

Timing: 6 A.M – 6 P.M (Monday Closed)

Entry Fee: NA

Address: Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru defined this as “a shrine devoted to the country.” The Legislature and the Secretary of Karnataka are housed at Vidhana Soudha, which is also why it is one of Bengaluru’s greatest renowned tourist sites. Also, it holds the distinction of becoming the nation’s largest state legislature structure. It is renowned as the ‘Taj Mahal of South India’ and is among the city’s finest stunning structures, likely to surprise passers-by with its subtle elegance and exalted magnificence.

On July 13, 1951, the very first stone of this structure was put, beginning the building of a landmark that represents everyone’s parliamentary autonomy. It took five years to build and had been ultimately opened in 1956, making it India’s largest parliamentary edifice. The Vidhana Soudha is 150 feet tall, with a Neo-Dravidian architectural style that is both graceful and majestic.

Timing: 9 A.M – 5 P.M (Saturday & Sunday Closed)

Entry Fee: NA (Entry only with Permission)

Address: Ambedkar Bheedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Ulsoor Lake is situated just on the state’s north-eastern outskirts, adjacent to Bangalore’s bustling M.G. Road. The Kempe Gowda II is credited with the creation of this lake, which is also one of Bangalore’s most renowned sights. The then Commissioner of Bangalore, Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, oversaw the creation of this lovely waterbody. Ulsoor Lake has been one of the oldest remaining lakes. It used to be covered in deep forest, but today it covers about 1.5 km2 and has two springs that are now buried in thick silt.

This lake, which was formerly a favorite leisure destination for the Mysore Wadiyars, is still a favorite with travelers who want to enjoy a few quiet times in the middle of the environment. Wadiyars are said to have previously thrown a fish with a diamond nose ring into this lake. Originally known as Halsur or Alasur Lake, it is currently one of the most famous Ganesha Festival venues. You may go boating on the lake.

Timing: 6 A.M – 8 P.M (Wednesday Closed)

Entry Fee: NA

Address: Near MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560008, India


Nandi Hills is a great place to get in harmony with the environment. This is one of the hill stations around Bangalore, 60 kilometers from Bangalore, with such a strong monolithic granite block that provides the greatest view. The Palar and Arkavathi rivers begin here. The famed Nandi temple, which is located at the summit of the hill, was given its name. It is at a height of 1478 meters above sea level.

Because the weather is lovely, any season of the year is a good time to come. Amruth Sarovar, Tippu’s Summer Palace and Fort, Horse Way, the sources of the Palar and Arkavathi rivers, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple, and Tippu Drop are among the tourist attractions here. Here you will discover a children’s playground with wonderful equipment to help children’s spirits.

Timing: 24\7

Entry Fee: NA

Address: Chikkaballapur district


The Bannerghatta National Park, 22 kilometers from Bangalore, is a haven for a wide range of flora and animals. This national park, which covers an area of approximately 104.27 square kilometers, was established in 1971. The park on its own is home to a multitude of attractions, including the nation’s first butterflies park.

There are also eleven Reserve Trees of the Bangalore Forest Division’s Anekal Range, an aquarium, a zoo, a children’s park, a crocodile farm, a snake park, and a park dedicated to prehistoric animals. Furthermore, a jungle safari, which is a popular pastime here, allows you to get up up face to face with the incredible animals. The finest thing about Bannerghatta National Park is the limited, well-defined wildlife zones that nearly ensure you’ll see the animals.

Timing: 9:30 A.M – 5 P.M (Tuesday Closed)

Entry Fee: INR 40 – INR 400

Address: Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083


The earliest church in Bengaluru, St. Mary’s Basilica, is known for the St. Mary’s Feast, which takes place in September. The church’s first foundation was set up in the early 1600s, and it was renovated in 1875 to its former glory. The church is just the sixth in India to be raised to the status of a small basilica. The church has a rich history, and the two St. Mary statues in the church have entrancing mythology about how they came to be there.

This Church shows us how remarkable of a structure was built upon medieval architecture. This church’s imposing facade, colossal glass windows, and serene atmosphere are breathtaking. This church has the potential to transport people back in time to the colonial era. Every year in September, there are services and extravagant feasts that draw believers from all around the city.

Timing: 6 A.M – 9 P.M

Entry Fee: NA

Address: MF Norrona St, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051

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