From Stress to Sleep, Nabhi Sutra has a way out

The navel, or belly button, is the source of great vitality and development in the body. Through the navel, a mother can provide nourishment, blood, and oxygen to her unborn child. And the process doesn’t stop there. Your navel, which is also the centre of your body, is one of the most important locations for nourishment and expansion even as an adult.

An ancient method of detoxification, the Pechoti Method is a well-developed practice in ancient Indian medicine. It is also known as navel oiling or nabhi chikitsa, and it involves letting the Pechoti gland, which is located inside the navel, absorb things like essential oils.

The entire body, including our skin, can benefit from proper care of the navel. The ancient practise of people oiling their navels to nourish their bodies is detailed in ancient Indian texts and especially in the Ayurvedic literatures. Oiling your belly button can help you recover from a wide range of illnesses and bodily imbalances – something that has been studied and demonstrated by modern science as well but not to an extent that the public at large is aware of it. However, despite the apparent lack of scientific support, many users have reported amazing outcomes.

In general, oiling the navel has many advantages because, as most mothers have taught their children, it may aid with balancing, healing, and correcting the neural connections within the body.

At present, the most important thing that anyone needs right now is a good night’s sleep. We have all been through a lot these past few years. Sleep is the most effective way to reduce the problems in one’s life. But currently, sleep is hindered by continued stress about the state of the world around us and how it affects us. It is necessary to target and relieve stress before one can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Fortunately, we have Nabhi Sutra, a specialty brand that deals exclusively in ayurveda and its products to treat any and all ailments using only natural, genuine ingredients as dictated in the scriptures. Their range of belly button oils are specifically meant for targeting different areas of the body solely through the application of oil to the navel. Their navel oils contain infusions of various herbs for practically the whole body. For instance, mustard oil helps reduce stress to the eyes and improves vision while also reducing dark circles. Likewise, Nabhi Sutra has navel oils to relieve stress and promote a good night’s sleep.

Their special sleep-inducing belly button oil is a terrific hit amongst the busy, working-class people because it allows for a deep, stress-free sleep without too much effort. A couple of drops of this oil on the belly button, a simple massage, and leave it overnight and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your quality of sleep.

This particular oil has infusions of French lavender, coconut, cow ghee and added natural fragrance to give you a pleasant sleep. Lavender in particular helps reduce stress. This belly button oil also contains a special ingredient called Valeriana wallichii, also known as Indian Valerian, which recent studies show has a marked improvement on one’s sleep cycle.

Nabhi Sutra enriches the body and the soul, providing you with comfort and good night’s sleep with just three drops.

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