36 Most awaited New Trains To Start In Mumbai From Today

36 New Trains To Start In Mumbai From Today

In addition to the 36 new air-conditioned trains, 34 new air-conditioned trains will be running between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT)- Kalyan/ Kasara and Karjat railway stations.

There will be 44 AC local train services will be available on the Central Railway path, which is going to be the new train services are introduced.

The Mumbai Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off 36 new local train services on the Central Railway and dedicated the newly-constructed fifth and sixth railway paths starting from Thane to Diva railway stations on Friday. Also invited to attend the function are Maharashtra’s chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar.
During the ceremony on February 18, the prime minister will flag off new local trains on the Central Railway. The 36 new local train services are expected to do good to 2.7 million passengers.

As of now, we have spent 620 crores on the project, which has been announced in 2008,” said Raosaheb Danve, Railway State Ministers.

In addition to the 36 new trains, 34 new Air-Conditioned (AC) local trains will be introduced between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Kalyan/ Kasara and Karjat railway stations.

Moreover, according to Dave, the Modi government allocated almost $11,000 crore to be used for railway projects in Maharashtra between 2015 and 2021 in comparison with only $1,100 crore allocated by the existing UPA government between 2009 and 2014.
Maharashtra has been allocated ten times more than it used to be under the Modi government. The development of railways and infrastructure will take place in Maharashtra. Rehabilitation of people living along the pathways of the rails is the responsibility of the state government, and it should be done in the circumstances of law and order stipulated by the Supreme Court,” said Dave.

There will be 44 AC local train services that are given to the Central Railway pathway of the new train services are introduced.

Hence, one AC train will be withdrawn from the Harbour railways operating between CSMT and Panvel stations to increase train service on the Central Railway mainline.
Between Thane and Diva, there will be five and six railway pathways. The project falls under the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP 2B) that received approval in 2008.

Construction of the project was handled by Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) and commissioning of the railway line was completed on February 8 after a 72-hour block.
During an event on February 18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate railway lines connecting Thane and Diva to the nation. He will also flag off two suburban trains operated by the Mumbai Suburban Railway.

In a conference call on Monday, Rajiv Jain, ADG Public Relations for Indian Railways, said the two additional rail lines cost Rs 620 crore, which will enable smooth movement of long-distance trains and suburban trains in Mumbai.
Additionally, Jain explained that these new rail tracks can also be able to do the introduction of 36 new suburban trains. During the video conference, Jain announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the books to the nation.

In addition to flagging off two suburban trains of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, the PM will speak at the event,” Jain said.
Mr Jain elaborated on the project, saying that since Kalyan is a major crossing on Central Railway, the traffic from the north and south of the country merges there and moves towards CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus).

There are four tracks between Kalyan and CSMT; two are used for slow local trains, and the other two are used for fast local, mail, express, and goods trains. There are two additional tracks planned for segregation of suburban and long-distance trains,” he added.
Additional bridges have been constructed as part of the railway upgrades connecting Thane and Diva, including a 1.4 km rail flyover, 3 major bridges, and 21 minor bridges.

During the period of midnight Monday-Tuesday between Thane and Diva on February 5th (00:00 hrs) to midnight Sunday morning at 00:00 hrs February 7th (00:00 hrs Monday-Tuesday midnight noon) for 72 hours.
On the existing up fast line beginning at 00.00 hrs (midnight hours) on February 5 until 04.00 am on February 6.


From 23.10 hours (11.10 pm) of February 4 to 04.00 hrs (4.00 am) of February 6, all Up Mail/Express and Up fast suburban trains departing from Kalyan will be diverted on Up slow line between Kalyan and Mulund; no halting will be made at Thane.
Up fast trains will begin operating on the newly constructed Up fast line on Friday, February 6, via Kalva platform No.4 and New tunnel-1.
Dn Mail/Express trains leaving Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) and arriving at Thane from 23.10 hrs (11.10 pm) of February 4 to completion of the Block will be diverted on by utilizing the Thane Railway of Platform No. 5, the Down fast line connects Mulund and Kalyan stations.

There will be suburban services on the newly laid Up and Down lines, which means the proper route is Thane – Kalva – Mumbra – Diva.
During the block period, MEMU services between Vasai Road / Panvel / Roha will operate according to the special timetable shown below (Regular Central Railway MEMU services will still operate, except for Western Railway MEMU services).
There will be Dn fast suburban trains running via New Platform No.3 of Kalva station’s platform No.3, Mumbra platform No.3 and Diva proper platform No.3, on the freshly laid Dn fast line.

The Down and Up fast lines between Thane and Diva via Parsik tunnel will be commissioned as the 5th and 6th lines respectively.

There will be approximately 175 suburban trains cancelled on February 5, however, there will be fewer suburban trains operating as specials.
A newly laid line between Thane and Vitava Road underbridge will be cut and connected to the existing Down and Up slow lines in this block. Similarly, the insertion and commissioning of crossovers, turnouts and derailing switches required for yard remodelling and alterations to the interlocking arrangements in Thana and Kalwa will be carried out during the block period. Seven tower wagons, three Unimat/Duomatic machines, two Diesel multi-locomotives, one ballast rake and a DBKM are to be used for engineering, electrical and signal and telecommunication work, Central Railway said in a statement.


Starting at 1.00 pm on January 8, all Up slow/semi-fast services travelling between Kalyan and Matunga will be diverted on the Up fast line between Kalyan and Matunga until 2.00 pm and skip halting at Thakurli, Kopar, Mumbra, Kalwa, Nahur, Kanjurmarg and Vidyavihar stations.

During the period after 2.00 pm, Up slow/semi-fast train services will be diverted to the Up fast line between Kalyan and Mulund, skipping Thakurli, Kopar, Mumbra, and Kalwa stations. These trains will arrive destination 10 minutes after the schedule.

During the hour of 12.54 pm to 1.52 pm on Monday, January 8, Down slow/semi-fast train services leaving Dadar will be diverted to the Down fast line between Mulund and Kalyan stations, skipping Vidyavihar, Kanjurmarg, Nahur, Kalwa, Mumbra, Kopar and Thakurli.
After 2.00 pm, Up slow/semi-fast services between Mulund and Kalyan stations will be diverted to the Up fast line, skipping stops at Kalwa, Mumbra, Kopar and Thakurli. The trains will arrive at their final destination 10 minutes behind schedule.

While the block is in effect, suburban services will not be available at the following stations: Kalwa, Mumbra, Kopar and Thakurli. From Thane, Diva, Dombivali and Kalyan, passengers boarding trains from Kalwa, Mumbra, Kopar and Thakurli can board trains respectively. Similarly, Dombivali Originating / Terminating locals will not be available throughout the block period. As well, locals on the slow line will halt at Dombivali, Thane and Diva to wait for fast line locals.
The suburban services, however, will run as scheduled on Monday, January 10.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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