Cops Join The Dots From Delhi To Mumbai; Pick Up 10 Suspected Terrorists

A team of Special cells from Delhi Police arrested six people from the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi on September 14, who were alleged to have connections with a terrorist organization like Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan’s ISI. Those six were planning for the terrorist attack on the festive days at different places. 

The police picked ten people and the range covered a 22-year-old student studying in Dubai to an auto driver in Mumbai. The auto driver also has a record for targeting LK Advani. The Delhi Police arrested six people on September 14 from different locations, and managed to find the links between them. According to the police, their senior who had appointed them the work for the attacks had managed things very properly, and had tried to keep their internal interaction to a minimum. 


The investigation team said that earlier in the old pattern, the training of a group of terrorists was completed at one place and under one senior; in that way, if anyone of that gang came into the radar of the cops, the entire group was identified and hence it was easy to expose the plan of the terrorists. But now, the handlers try their best to separate each of them, so that they cannot share many details and can carry out the attacks successfully, even if one of them is caught.

So far, a resident of Maharashtra, Jaan Mohamed Shaikh (47), a resident Jamia Nagar, Osama Alias Sami (22), resident of Rae Barel,i Moolchand Alias Saaju (47), Zeeshan Qamar from Allahabad, Mohd Amir Javed from Lucknow, and Mohd Abu Bakar from Bahraich were arrested by the special cell and a few days later Humaidur Ur Rehman surrendered in Uttar Pradesh and now is a key accused. All the arrested people were given the task of executing different attack plans in different locations. A person was appointed the duty for the supply of the materials, weapons, and grenades for the attack by a Pakistan-based person.

The police report that weapons, grenades, and IEDs were delivered to Lucknow via drones from Pakistan, and they were received by people in India along the Pakistan-Punjab border. Later, the supply was taken by Humaidur Ur Rehman and Osama. The police are looking for the person who delivered the supplies to Lucknow and also Osama’s father, who is believed to be in Dubai. Reports indicate supplies were supposed to be sent to Delhi, as planned by Anees Ibrahim. 

One of the accused, Humaidur Ur Rehaman, worked as a cab driver in Dubai when one day his elder brother contacted him and asked him to arrange two men for training in Pakistan. Rehman forwarded this task to his brother-in-law and Osama and they were dropped at Lucknow airport but at that time Rehman’s brother-in-law got scared and dropped the idea to execute the plan. A human trafficker paired Osama with Zeeshan and they were brought to Pakistan together. Both of them completed their training in Karachi at Thatta and returned to India following the same plan. 

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So far, three people have been arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in the connection with the planned terror attack. Police have been tracing the contacts and other links. Among the arrested people few already had some criminal background and a few are from the slum pockets of the city.

Police suspect more links about the terror attack and are in search of the same so that they can get the full details about the attacks planned, such as, the reason behind the attack, the mastermind of the plan, and how they were going to execute the attacks and when.

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