A State-Wise Guide To Cracker Sales, And Purchases For Diwali 2021: Be Aware Of Timings And Other Guidelines

There have been curbs on the sale, purchase, and bursting of crackers as Diwali and other festivals are fast approaching.

This deteriorates the air quality and may put a burden on healthcare facilities. Other states have given a few hours window to burst only green crackers, whereas some have banned firecrackers completely. While there is no ban on all firecrackers, those that contain barium salts are prohibited, as the Supreme Court had ruled on October 29.  November 4 is Deepavali.

The following state statutes prohibit the sale, purchase, and use of crackers during Diwali and other upcoming festivals:


Karnataka‘s government has issued an order permitting only green crackers to be sold and exploded during Deepavali and advised everyone to strictly adhere to Covid-19 regulations. There can be no cracker sales or bursts other than green crackers that are allowed by the Supreme Court, according to an order signed by Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar. Green cracker stalls can only open between November 1 and 10 if sellers have obtained permits from concerned departments and authorities.

A State-Wise Guide To Cracker Sales, And Purchases For Diwali 2021: Be Aware Of Timings And Other Guidelines

It added that green cracker stalls should be opened only on dates and at locations specified in the permit, along with adequate ventilation and a distance between cracker stalls of six meters. Additionally, it suggested people contact fire control 101 immediately and be sensitive to infants, the elderly, the sick, and animals.

West Bengal

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Calcutta High Court has banned all firecrackers from being sold, purchased, and used during this year’s Kali Puja, Diwali celebrations, and other festive periods. The court ordered a ban on firecrackers after passing the order on a PIL seeking a ban of such materials, regardless of whether they generate sound or light upon bursting or burning.

In addition to Diwali, Chhath Puja, Jagadhatri Puja, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the state is to restrict the use or display of firecrackers in any form during these festivities.

A State-Wise Guide To Cracker Sales, And Purchases For Diwali 2021: Be Aware Of Timings And Other Guidelines

Justices Sabyasachi Bhattacharya and Aniruddha Roy told a division bench that wax or oil-based diyas should be used only on special occasions. It instructed the police to maintain a strict vigil to ensure that no firecrackers were sold or purchased in the future and take all necessary actions against violators. The West Bengal Pollution Control Board authorized the limited use of green fireworks during Diwali and Kali puja.

Uttar Pradesh

It has been announced that all types of firecrackers will be banned in the NCR and in all cities where air quality is deemed ‘poor’ or worse. As the Supreme Court made clear on Thursday, it is not opposing a particular community or group by banning firecrackers and saying they cannot be harmed in the pursuit of fun.


Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said strict legal action would be taken if anyone was found to be burning firecrackers under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. He told no permits had been issued for firecracker sales this year. “No matter how strict the ban is, we’ve been hearing about the sale of firecrackers,” Rai said at a recent press conference.

A State-Wise Guide To Cracker Sales, And Purchases For Diwali 2021: Be Aware Of Timings And Other Guidelines

The minister noted that a combination of farm fire smoke and firecracker emissions can prove fatal for children and the elderly around Diwali. As announced on September 15, Kejriwal announced a complete ban on firecrackers in Delhi until January 1, 2022. The Delhi Pollution Control Committee followed suit on September 28.


Government officials in Maharashtra have issued directives to keep air pollution and Covid-19 in mind during Diwali this year. People are encouraged to light lamps and avoid firecrackers during Diwali. Diwali shopping should follow Corona rules as well.


During the upcoming Diwali festival and New Year celebrations, the Chhattisgarh government has sent off directives to officials directing them to strictly follow the order of the National Green Tribunal regarding the use of firecrackers. During Diwali and Guruparva, firecrackers can be set off from 8 pm to 10 pm; from 6 am to 8 am on Chhath Puja, and from 11.55 pm until 12.30 am on New Year’s and Christmas. A firecracker that emits high-decibel sounds in violation of prescribed limits cannot be sold. If firecrackers are found to contain mercury, lithium, or arsenic, the manufacturer’s license will be revoked. It is also illegal to sell crackers online.


There is a blanket ban on the bursting and selling of firecrackers in Assam by the Pollution Control Board. During Diwali, Chhath Puja, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the board allows the sale and bursting of green crackers after 8 pm and before 10 pm, as well as 6 am to 8 am on Diwali.

Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu government has warned of criminal sanctions in the event of violations of a Supreme Court order banning firecrackers containing barium salts. Tamil Nadu’s government confirmed that the Supreme Court’s directives regarding firecrackers would be implemented in their entirety, in response to the Supreme Court’s order.

A State-Wise Guide To Cracker Sales, And Purchases For Diwali 2021: Be Aware Of Timings And Other Guidelines

According to the government in an official statement, the production of firecrackers containing barium salt, along with the ‘Saravedi’ type of firecracker (in which individual shells are glued together to form a string) is prohibited in Tamil Nadu. Also, government officials asked people not to use banned firecrackers and to never store, transport, or sell them. The Tamil Nadu government said it would take criminal action against those who violated Supreme Court directives.


There will be a two-hour window across Punjab to burst green firecrackers during Diwali and Gurpurb. As a result of poor air quality index (AQI) levels in Jalandhar and Mandi Gobindgarh, it has issued a complete ban. It has been decided by the state government that only green crackers will be allowed for sale and use in Punjab, and that joint firecrackers will be banned.

It is decreed by a government order that crackers should be bursting from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Diwali. New Year’s Eve and Christmas fireworks are limited to 35 minutes. At Christmas and New Year, crackers may be burst from 11:55 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.


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