India Administers A Record 2 Crore Covid Vaccination Doses As The Government And The BJP Celebrate PM Modi’s Birthday

On Friday, India delivered almost two crore doses of the coronavirus vaccinations, setting a new record. To mark PM Narendra Modi’s birthday, the government took steps to ramp up the immunisation campaign, which culminated in the achievement.

Minister Mansukh Mandaviya of health remarked that this was the fastest rate at which so many medicines had been provided.

It was estimated that 2,11,28,784 covid vaccination doses were provided during the day on the government-run Co-WIN portal when this report was filed.covid vaccination

Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union Health Minister, stated that this is the fastest rate at which one crore doses have been immunised.

To put that in perspective, National Health Authority Director RS Sharma told NDTV that the government’s tracker showed about 800 immunizations each second or about 48,000 per minute.

Mr Sharma lauded the tenacity of health professionals across the country and reminded the public that their immunisation records would be recognised around the world.

According to government officials, the “top goal is to administer 100% first doses of the vaccine in poll-bound areas,” alluding to state elections in seven states next year, including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Goa as well as Manipur.


He took to Twitter, writing in Hindi: “On PM @Narendra Modi Ji’s birthday, the country distributed 1 crore vaccines at the fastest pace yet, and we’re not stopping there. Today, I believe, we will all set a new record for vaccinations, which we will present to the prime minister as a gift.”

As a result, 78.68 crore doses of the virus vaccination were administered across the country. For the fourth time in a month, it enabled the country to reach a daily vaccination target of one million people.

He afterwards celebrated his success with hospital staff at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. “I’d like to thank all of the physicians and nurses that helped me.” Congratulations to the people of India for a job well done! “ANI reported him as saying this.

The BJP‘s three-week birthday celebrations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi include a vaccination drive.

To meet its goal, the BJP trained health volunteers “to make sure that the utmost number of individuals receive their COVID-19 immunizations on the day.”

More than once in the last several days, India has reported taking more than one crore Covid shots in a single day.

Senior BJP leaders claim that the party wants the day to be “marked in history” as one in which a record number of Covid vaccinations were administered.

The health ministry announced in a tweet that India had made significant progress in the fight against Covid-19, administering two crore doses as on Friday. As a result of this, India has now administered more vaccines than the entire European Union has combined too yet.

On September 6th, August 31st, and August 27th, the country received nearly 1 crore doses of the Covid-19 vaccine per day.

Mandaviya said on Thursday that a huge vaccination drive for the PM’s birthday on Friday would be the acceptable gift for him, and she or he urged everyone to participate. The BJP has requested its sections all around the country to assist in getting as many people as possible vaccinated in time for the event.

According to a source, the party has encouraged its health volunteers to make sure that people come out on the day to obtain their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Senior party leaders have also coordinated to guarantee that the day is a huge success and goes down in history books as far as the administration of COVID-19 vaccines is concerned.

“As special as it gets, defending those for whom the Prime Minister works round the clock. Having two Covid vaccines to our name, and being able to protect citizens from this horrific pandemic, is something we can be proud of. As an appropriate homage to PM Modi, who has worked tirelessly to keep the public safe from Covid, “Tarun Chugh, the BJP’s general secretary, agreed.

On Thursday, the Union Health Minister urged for a huge push in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on Friday, saying it would be the perfect gift for him.

On the occasion of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday, the BJP has encouraged its units around the country to assist in getting a huge number of people vaccinated.

According to the health ministry, it took 85 days for the country to achieve the 10-crore vaccine threshold, 45 more days for the 20-crore mark, and 29 more days for the 30-crore level.

According to official figures, it took 24 days for the country to reach 40 crore vaccinations from 30 crore doses, and another 20 days for the country to reach 50 crore vaccinations on August 6.

The jump from 60 crores on September 7 to 70 crores on September 13 took just 13 days, according to the government. On the 13th of September, the 75-crore dosage mark was reached.

On January 16, a nationwide immunisation campaign began, beginning with a vaccination drive among healthcare personnel. Front-line staff began receiving vaccinations on February 2nd.

The next part of the campaign began on March 1st for adults over the age of 60 and those over the age of 45 with certain comorbid diseases. On April 1st, the government opened up the programme to everyone over 45.

On May 1, the vaccine campaign was made available to all adults. However, due to a scarcity in certain locations, vaccination centres had to close for several days.

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