Man Uses Cobra To Murder Wife

Society is heading towards a darkness; people are involved in crimes and are finding different ways to commit that crime and get away with it, but still, you can not escape from your karma, believe it or not.

A very different case has come up where a man from Kerala has been charged for murder by releasing cobra on his wife and making the cobra bite her while she was asleep.

This incident took place in 2020. The court said that whatever the accused did to his wife and the snake is unbelievable and he deserves to be punished for the crime he committed; no sympathy will be shown.

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Appellant P Sooraj is a Kollam, Kerala, resident. The accused has been charged under Indian Penal Code Section 302 for murder, Section 328 which is administering the drug to harm, Section 307 for an attempt to murder, and Section 201 for destroying the evidence of the crime. The court has found him guilty and his punishment pronounced is due; the session will be conducted on Wednesday. Sooraj, the accused, did not give any clarification when the judge asked for it.

Uthra, the victim was already undergoing treatment for another snakebite which she suffered a few months ago, when this incident took place. She could not bear the poisons and lost the fight for life. After the verdict, Uthra’s parents said that finally their daughter got justice and they are happy with the decision; they expected the maximum punishment so that others even get a lesson from this and no other parent has to undergo the pain of losing their child which they experienced. 

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The trials took around 17 months as there was no eye witness or any kind of direct evidence present for the case. The entire case was dependent on the technical and scientific evidence to get to the conclusion. The difference between a natural snake bite and forced bite came out in the test conducted by Special Investigation Team (SIT) which was led by S Harishankar.

The test came up with the main evidence of the murder as when a snake bites naturally, the bite marks usually spreads to 1.8 cm maximum but in this case, the bite marks found on the victim’s body the marks were about 2.3cm to 2.8 cm, and that confirmed that the snake was pressurized to bite the victim. 

The autopsy of the snake also revealed that the snake had starved for around a week, adding to its anger. Some traces of sedation pills were also found on the victim’s intestine in the post mortem and later on the investigation, Sooraj accepted that he added sleeping pills in Uthra’s juice on that day itself. 

Uthra’s parents had filed a case against Sooraj and his family for harassing Uthra for dowry, and the police were misled by Sooraj’s family as they filed a counter-complaint. SIT investigators came in contact with a local snake handler, who confirmed Sooraj had been trained by him and was given cobras as well. The incident took place on May 6, 2020, as Sooraj forcefully took the snake out of the bottle and threw it on Uthra while she was sleeping and provoked the cobra to bite her; after that, he was awake all night to make sure that the snake did not bite him. The victim was rushed to the hospital the next day, but she died.

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Uthra’s parents also informed that Sooraj had been planning to get married again. A team led by S Harishankar solved this case using scientific methods. S Harishankar is being credited with the success of the investigation. Harishankar added that this murder was well-planned and had been executed very cunningly. 

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