SRK’s Son Aryan Khan Arrested On Drug Charges – Is Entire Bollywood On Drugs?

Several people say that the Indian Film Industry is one of the best industries in the world that can provide you with everything you need. It has reached a new phase with the arrest of Aryan Khan on October 3 in a drug raid case by NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau). The person who rules the entire Bollywood and is considered as the king is now in the trap of NCB. 

Aryan Khan

At the young age of 23, Aryan Khan has been arrested in a drug case.

This case took the attire of forest fire when illegal drugs were found in the party on a cruise ship on the Mumbai coast. Multiple people were detained, including the son of Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan. He has been booked under Section 27 of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and will be taken for the medical examination soon. 

We have always heard that children do what they see, and in this case, we all are aware of the drinking and smoking habits of Shah Rukh Khan – how he consumes alcohol and reacts in public places. Is it just because people call him the Badshah of Bollywood so he can do anything or something else?

This event brings a flashback of when Shah Rukh Khan indulged in a fight with a security guard in the Wankhede Stadium after the victory of his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. When KKR won the match, SRK entered the ground to celebrate but was stopped by a security guard for security purposes, but Shah Rukh Khan started misbehaving with the security guard and also tried to beat him; this has been confirmed by the ground staff who were on duty that night. Shah Rukh Khan was in a drunken state, according to the Maharashtra Cricket Association. 

Shah Rukh Khan

In Marine Drive Police Station, an FIR was filed against SRK for misbehaving with the guard and also for using foul and abusive language in front of the minors. MCA also banned Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede Stadium and other MCA premises for 5 years, but Shah Rukh Khan got a clean chit in 2016. Both the audience and MCA staff knew that SRK was drunk, but he still got a clean chit with the statement that he was not drunk that night and did not use abusive or foul language. 

Fight with a common security guard, who even cares; Shah Rukh Khan easily won the case, but the audience saw what he did and now his son is apparently following his path; Aryan Khan’s involvement in a drug case hardly comes as a surprise. 

Gauri Khan

The case does not end here; not only Shah Rukh Khan but his wife Gauri Khan has also been involved in drugs for a long time. Gauri Khan was caught with Marijuana in Berlin Airport by the airport security. She was released after some time as she was carrying the Marijuana in small amounts; it was said that the drug she was carrying was for her personal use, and she was released. 

Now the same case is going with their son, Aryan Khan; he has been arrested, but how much time will it take to get him out on bail, and soon the case will be dissolved in the air.

People follow celebrities and get influenced, but when celeb kids are involved in such cases, what will the generation see and learn? It is easy to do whatever you want when you have money, power, and fame. Where is Bollywood leading? Other than Aryan Khan, in 2020-21, we have seen so many celebrities involved in drug cases. Can we say that drugs are the future of society?

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