Gogi Killed By Gunshot In Rohini Court, New Delhi

Everyone will be shocked by the news of crime happening in the courtroom of India. Over 30-40 rounds of gunshots were fired in the Rohini Court in India.

Today, in this article, we are going to tell you that how one of the most wanted criminals in India got killed by gunshot in Rohini Court, New Delhi.


Recently, there has been a petition in appointing the Supreme Court to direct the Centre and the states to ensure a secure subordinate court system following an incident of shooting in Rohini court in Delhi. An afternoon shootout inside the district court on Friday resulted in the deaths of three gangsters, as well as the injury of a law student.

In the wake of the incident, Vishal Tiwari applied to the Supreme Court, and Deepa Joseph filed a petition in Delhi Court, asking the court to direct the authorities to take necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the district courts in the national capital.

A day after the horrifying and shocking shootout inside the Rohini Court, in New Delhi, a petition was filed at the Delhi High Court on Saturday asking for the  directions to authorities to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of all the District Courts in Delhi. Moreover, the petitioner  even urged the court to direct all the the respondents-the Commissioner of the Police and the Bar Council of Delhi-to consider implementing the suggestions made by the petitioner, including instructing police personnel at the court entrances to check the identification cards of every lawyer entering the premises.

Legal representatives Robin Raju and Blessan Mathews filed the petition on behalf of Deepa Joseph. In the petition, the petitioner asks that the petition be considered as a representation and that it be expeditiously handled.

Additionally, the court asked the police if they could ensure lawyers’ safety and security at the same level as that of the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India and to consider if biometric punching devices should be installed outside all the court’s entrances gates.

Petitioner also requested that police may be ordered to take disciplinary action against officers who do not comply with this direction with utmost diligence and seriousness. Specifically, the petition sought a directive to the BCD to recommend that all District Bar Associations in Delhi issue an advisory to their members suggesting that they co-operate with Police personnel at the courts’ main entrances.

Meanwhile, Chairman Rakesh Sherawat of the Bar Council of Delhi along with other officials visited Delhi Police Headquarters to meet with Chief of Police Rakesh Asthana to discuss security issues in Delhi court grounds.

The petitioner stated that she was shocked by the fact that the district courts, where she and thousands of fellow advocates visited dozens of times a day, had been made into an unsafe place and an easy terrain for gangsters to settle scores. According to the petitioner, unlike in the past, there has been a shocking shooting inside the courtroom of a district court in the capital of India this time. During the terrifying incident, a young lawyer has been seriously injured as well.

In his submission, the petitioner said, “This shootout again makes a serious question mark over the safety and security of judges, lawyers, and litigants inside district courts in Delhi.”

After seeing the shocking images and videos of the incident that circulated throughout the day on social media, the petitioner, who is from the legal fraternity, filed the instant Writ. She said she has a genuine fear of going to district courts in Delhi.

Petitioner claims that Friday’s horrific images shocked her mental equilibrium.

In addition to these incidents, the petitioner cited a shooting that occurred at the Dwarka Court, a shooting near the Saket Court in May 2019 and another shooting that occurred at the Rohini Court Complex earlier in 2017.

It is similar to what happened at Rohini Court that a Delhi police colonel was killed in 2015, as four-armed assailants opened fire inside a courtroom at Karkardooma Court Complex, according to the petition. This incident at Rohini Court, which occurred on Friday, was very well planned, the petitioner states.

Assailants imputed legal status to themselves and were in the courtroom during the hearing before the infamous gangster was brought into court. In the attire that the assailants wore, the attackers had no trouble breaking into the court premises, which indicates they knew it was easy to gain entry by wearing lawyers’ attire.

Having visited numerous district courts in Delhi, the petitioner has also seen how the police officers present at the court entrances tend to shy away from frisking people who are dressed in lawyers attire, the petitioner said.

The petitioner wants to emphasize the point that lawyers must also be frisked at the same level as in the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. A decision may be made about installing biometric punching devices at the entrances to all the courts in the future, she added.

The plea also added that there might also be a section of attorneys who will not like this suggestion from the petitioner, but the petitioner is acting in the interests of judge, lawyers, court staff, and litigants generally.


A shootout inside Rohini courtroom led to the death of jailed gangster Jitendra Maan alias Gogi on Friday. His two assailants, who were hiding as lawyers, were shot out of retaliation by police after a rival gang attacked him. There was around 40-50 round of bullet shots fired during the attack in the courtroom.

In response to the incident, lawyers’ organizations in Delhi demanded an investigation into the shooting and called for abstention from work on Saturday, demanding enhanced security inside all seven district courts in the national capital.

The Chief Justice of India expressed deep concern over the chaos inside the crowded courtroom, according to a Supreme Court official. He also talked to the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, D N Patel, in his capacity as chief justice, he said.

Who is Jitender Gogi?

According to reports, Delhi Police’s Special Cell nabbed 29-year-old Jitender Maan alias ‘Gogi’ in March 2020 after a four-year pursuit. He and his associates Fajja, Gaurav and Moi were arrested after police tracked the number of Facebook accounts that Gogi and his team set up, according to reports. According to reports, Gogi and his associates posted a photo from a Starbucks outlet, which revealed his location. It was the police who apprehended him and his team from a Gurgaon flat where they had been staying.

Rohini Court

According to reports, Gogi allegedly murdered Tillu’s close friend, which ignited a bitter rivalry between him and Sunil Maan. It is alleged that the gangster killed Tillu’s friend over a difference of opinion regarding a college election candidate. Following the murder of Gogi’s close friend, Tillu is said to have retaliated by killing Gogi’s best friend. This started a gang war in Delhi after 2013. Death threats and carjackings have been accused of being used by Gogi to extort property dealers, bookies, and businessmen in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.


The application has been filed in the SC in a pending case that asks the SC to decide safety and security issues related to the hit-and-run case that caused the death of Dhanbad district and sessions to judge Uttam Anand in Jharkhand on July 28.

Regarding Friday’s shooting incident, the plea explains, “Such incidents are not only a danger to our judges, lawyers, and people inside the courthouse; they are also a danger to our justice system.”

As well as protecting the judges from any threats, the applicant argues that the court premises should also be protected from terrorism attacks by militants or other criminals.

In addition to that, the plea stated that large crowds congregate in court complexes, which makes security vulnerable without adequate measures in place.


According to the plea, gangsters and hard-core criminals could be produced from jails via video conference instead of being physically produced before the trial court.

Additionally, the application seeks directions for the installation of CCTV cameras and the establishment of armed police posts at district court premises nationwide.

Rohini Court

The application stated that unwanted persons should not be permitted into district court premises because of several past incidents which had occurred in the building.

According to Deepa Joseph’s high court application, the Delhi Police and the Bar Council of Delhi should ensure that police personnel are posted to check the ID cards of every lawyer entering court premises.

Also proposed was raising the level of security at courts premised by the Delhi Police and ensuring lawyers were frisked at the same level as the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court. It has also suggested disciplinary action against officers who fail to implement the directives seriously and with diligence.


As a result of the incident, senior advocate Rajiv Tehlan advised constant vigilance and that ID cards should be checked for all court workers, such as attorneys and administrative assistants. Additionally, he said that security measures should not be relaxed after a few days.

In a press conference, Rajesh Kumar Singh, a senior advocate at the Tis Hazari Court, noted that if this incident had taken place on a regular day, there would have been many attorneys inside. Furthermore, if the security system of the court remains weak, a terror incident can occur at any time. According to Rajesh Kumar, since everyone is concerned about these concerns, everyone is demanding that lawyers, judges, and those present within the court premises be protected.

Rohini Court

The advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha denies that lawyers are checked in court every day, so there is a fear that someone under the alias of a lawyer could perpetrate terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, Saket court lawyer Prem Joshi thanked the Delhi Police for their quick action in neutralizing the attackers or else the incident would have become serious. According to him, it would be wise to review the security of the court campus again after the Rohini court incident, to prevent such incidents from occurring in future


According to Delhi Police, the incident occurred at around 1.15 PM when Gogi was taken to court for a hearing after allegedly being involved in over 30 heinous crimes. During Gogi’s introduction to the courtroom, the armed assailants had already sat down.

Over 30 shots were reportedly fired by the two assailants, whose members are believed to be members of Tillu’s rival gang, according to an official.

For further investigation of the incident of Rohini Court, the case was transferred to Crime Branch.

Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said the case had been transferred to the crime branch for a thorough investigation so that the reasons behind such an incident could be discovered.

Police officers from the Crime Branch visited the crime scene on Saturday to gather evidence in the case. To investigate the case from all angles, the Crime Branch recreated the shootout scene.

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