Why Supporting Pakistan Is Wrong For The Common People But Not For The Prime Minister?

The recent events after a India-Pakistan match has led some people to question the double standards of our society.

Ever since our childhood, we have been told that the law is equal for everyone. We are told many things about the law and its positive aspects, but, in reality, we see that when common people do the same thing, that is wrong and, they have to face the consequences, but when someone in a higher authority does it, there are so many clarifications. People of our society are gullible enough to believe those clarifications without any second thought, or thinking about the actions on their own.

Three Jammu and Kashmir students arrested in Agra for celebrating Pakistan's  T20 win against India | India News – India TV

The recent events happened after India lost to Pakistan by ten wickets at ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday, October 24.

In the past, the match between India and Pakistan has always been about emotions, self-respect, or so they say, but one thing we usually forget is that it is a game where sporting spirit should be the focus instead of ego and self-respect. Some arrests have been reported from various parts of India, and they have been made just for supporting Pakistan’s team and being happy with their win against India. 

Udaipur Teacher Booked, Fired for WhatsApp Status Celebrating Pakistan's  T20 Win

Recently, it was on the news and social media that a school teacher, Nafeesa Attari, who celebrated Pakistan’s victory against India in the ICC T20 World Cup match, was fired from her job, and lately, she was arrested by the police in Udaipur. She was presented before the court, and the court decided to send her to jail. She has been booked under Section 153 (B) of the Indian Penal Code.

The case was just that after Pakistan won the match, she posted a status mentioning that “We Won”, and by seeing that, one of the parents of her student asked that did Nafeesa supported Pakistan, and she replied with a yes. The screenshot went viral on social media and looking on to that, she was expelled from her. 

Apart from her, seven other youths were also arrested for celebrating Pakistan’s victory. After the arrest, Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and a senior member of Bhartiya Janta Party, said that they will be charged for promoting enmity against the groups. Along with him Sidharth Nath Singh, Federal Cabinet Minister said that strict actions will be taken against the one’s who try to celebrate or say anything about India’s defeat on the match. The students were also suspended from the colleges for celebrating. 

Narendra Modi of India Meets Pakistani Premier in Surprise Visit - The New  York Times

If all these activities are wrong, why the action of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, visiting Pakistan is considered correct then? Some say it is good he is trying to make the terms better with the nations. It was considered a friendly visit. Narendra Modi, not only visited Pakistan but also congratulated Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and also, attended his granddaughter’s wedding. Firstly the visit was canceled then, all of a sudden the surprise visit, what was the reason, and why is that not considered wrong for the Prime Minister. 

It is about personal choice; those few people who are happy with Pakistan’s victory can be, as it is their choice. Do you think arresting those will make the relation between India and Pakistan better? If you consider the action of those people wrong, then the Prime Minister is also wrong. Their position is also correct if he is right. We are passing on conflicts and strifes onto our next generation with all these actions, and still it is expected that we will have a better relationship with Pakistan.

Everything needs mutual support; it does not mean that if someone is celebrating Pakistan’s victory, then they are against India. Every happening has a different angle, you just need to look at them. 


Edited by Anupama Roy

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