Japan’s Top 10 Richest Tycoons

Japan, the land of the rising sun with a GDP of $5.7 trillion, managed to be the third-largest economy worldwide. While the world has seen the downfall in its economic indicators, Japan has seen an uprise of 48% in the total net worth going straight from $168 billion last year to $249 billion. 

Forbes has quoted that all fortunes of Japan’s 50 richest exceed $1 billion worth. Japan’s economy has seen a noticeable contraction in GDP given to exports and trading. However, with the fast recovery because of the upliftment of various Covid-19 related restrictions, Japan has almost conquered their aim to increase GDP by 600 trillion Yen under PM Shinzo Abe’s economic reforms called ABENOMICS.

As we know, the overall economic growth of a nation is directly proportional to the development of its citizens. So, without further ado, we present before you the list of Top 10 Richest Tycoons of Japan.

1. Masayoshi SonMasayoshi Son | Fortune

Many of you might have heard the recent rumours involving an investment of $10 billion in India by none other than Softbank. Do you know the actual person behind it? Masayoshi Son, with an estimated net worth of $44.4 billion, is a face. He reclaimed the first position after almost doubling his net worth as the shares soared given the triumphant IPOs of food-delivery app DoorDash and Coupang, South Korea’s very own Amazon, making him the ultimate gainer.

2. Tadashi Yanai

The second position is bagged by apparel business founder Tadashi Yaani, with an estimated wealth of $42 billion. Interestingly, he has been bagging the second wealthiest man of Japan for the last two years. He has successfully increased his wealth by 90% given the rising demand of Uniqlo, his venture that deals with comfortable clothing has proved to be an escape for Work from home employees who have their wardrobe stuffed with office clothing.

3. Takemitsu Takizaki

With an estimated net worth of $25.8 billion as of April 2021, Takemitsu Takizaki of Keyence manages to retain his position at No. 3. His venture delves into supplying sensors and electrical equipment for industrial automation systems, laser markers, vision systems, barcode readers, measuring instruments, and digital microscopes. In March 2015, he resigned as chairman. However, he continues on the board of directors and serves as honorary chairman.

4. Nobutada Saji

Coming from a long and well-groomed history, Nobatada Saji is the founder of Suntory Ltd., the third-largest leading distiller in the world. It is the venture behind brands like Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark and operating as a brewer and food manufacturers. His company bought the U.S. Beam for a whooping sum of $16 billion in 2014. The estimated net worth of Nobutada Saji has edged up a notch to $ 9.7 billion.

5. Shigenobu NagamoriThe Eccentric Billionaire Who Ignores Investors to Get Them Rich - Bloomberg

At the age of 77, Shigenobu Nagamori is worth $8.1 billion. Founder of a micro motor manufacturer for hard disks and optical drives, Nidec stands to be the world’s largest manufacturer. Since Nidec’s stock has risen 150 per cent in the last year due to its strong profitability and vigorous thrust into parts for electric vehicles (EV). Nagamori has stated explicitly that his objective is to reach a revenue of ten trillion yen that is $91 billion, by 2030, in part by concentrating on electric car motors.

6. Takahisa Takahara

Haven’t we all watched the advertisement for MamyPoko pants? The face behind it is out of curtains for you all now. Though Takahisa’s father, Keiichiro, initially founded the company.

The childcare industry in Japan saw a rapid rise in demand. Thus the Tokyo-listed diaper company Unicharm, CEO, found its way in the Top 10 Japan’s most affluent with an estimated wealth of $7.6 billion. Apart from being a manufacturing unit for Diaper, it also produces sanitary napkins, face masks, alcohol-based wipes, and other personal care goods.

The Japan-based company has two-thirds of total revenue flows from Asian countries.

7. Hiroshi Mikitani

With an estimated wealth of $7.5 billion, Rakuten Group Inc, Tokyo-based electronic commerce, and the online retailing company are founded and chaired by Hiroshi Mikitani. It’s been dubbed Japan’s largest e-commerce site. Rakuten offers several intriguing stats, but the one that caught my eye was that it would lose $930 billion in the year 2020 on $13 billion in revenue.

Rakuten has stretched its vines to mobile services, which were supposed to begin in October 2019 but were delayed until April 2020 due to apparent issues. Mikitani also left the board of directors of Lyft in 2020 after Rakuten’s $300 million investment in the ride-sharing business Lyft resulted in losses.

8. Akio NitoriJapan's budget furniture king discounts his way to a fortune, Consumer -  THE BUSINESS TIMES

Coming from a complex background, Akio Nitori used to work collecting outstanding bar bills and hustling pools, amongst many other things, to help pay for his college fees and expenditures. 

He is a founder of Nitori Holdings, which indeed is a budget-friendly home goods retailer. The brand has evolved into metropolitan markets like Tokyo and now has over 600 outlets, most of which are in Japan. In 2016, he resigned as president. His current estimated wealth is $5.2 billion.

9. Yasumitsu Shigeta

With an estimated wealth of $5.1 billion, Yasumitsu Shigeta is the founder of Hikari Tsushin, Inc., an investment firm in the office automation and telecom industry. Corporate, Shop, and Insurance are the three divisions in which it works. Distribution of office automation systems, subscription agency telecommunications services, and corporate cell telecommunications services are all provided by the Corporate division. The Shop sector sells mobile phones and related accessories. The Insurance section runs an insurance agency that specializes in third-party insurance.

10. Hideyuki Busujima

Hideyuki Busujima is Sankyo’s chairman and Chief executive officer, the pinball machine firm established by his dad Kunio Busujima. Kunio Busujima’s son Hideyuki Busujima passed away in October 2016. His two sisters are also shareholders in the business. In April 1977, Busujima entered Sankyo and is now one of the wealthiest persons in Japan, with an estimated wealth of $4.4 billion.

That is all we have for you today. Check out the Top 10 richest from various nations around the globe.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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