Apple Launches The New iPhone 13 Series; Prices Of Previous Models Dropped

It was shocking to many Apple fans when recent iPhone 13 pricing leaks revealed a far higher price than expected for Apple’s latest iPhones. A new twist has emerged.

Prolific leaker Max Weinbach has provided the iPhone 13 camera, battery, and price news which can excite every Apple fan before its unveiling on September 21.iphone

In advance of the iPhone 13’s presentation tomorrow, Bloomberg’s acclaimed Apple journalist Mark Gurman has revealed additional shocking news about the device. He said there would be two events, with new iPad and MacBook models arriving later this year. It follows then that Apple will just unveil the iPhone 13 and Air Pods 3 Monday. The Apple Watch Series 7 also will be unveiled.

Although iPadOS is an iPad-optimised version of iOS, Apple’s move is also telling because it now views the iPad range as a more natural partner for MacBooks. As both product lines now use the Apple M1 processor, this makes a lot of sense and signals the two will continue to integrate.

Now that the secret is out, there’s no turning back. The first official Apple iPhone 13 cases have now been leaked on Twitter, according to Apple Insider. However, the cases are an update to Apple’s official silicon case line for the iPhone 12. A total of eight hues are shown: black, green, orange, red (presumably Product RED), white, pink, and dark and light blue.

Currently, Apple provides 15 distinct colours for the iPhone 12’s silicon case, but the leaker did not indicate that this is the whole assortment of hues. Also, the new diagonal dual camera configuration and large new camera bump, which were first revealed several months ago, are visible on the cases (which are for the iPhone 13 standard model).New iPhone 13 Release Date, Price & Specs: It's here! - Macworld UK

Apple’s annual event on September 14 will see the unveiling of the latest generation of its iPhones. A more powerful processor, some long-awaited hardware enhancements, and other modifications are expected in the iPhone 13 series. The newest generation of iPhones, on the other hand, are offered at a huge discount currently.

As a result of the launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple has lowered the price of the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 series, in India. Apple has lowered prices on its latest models in India for the first time, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 11.

However, Amazon and Flipkart have failed to update their prices to match the new maximum retail prices (MRP) on the Apple India online site. As a result, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have been removed from Apple’s website to concentrate here on iPhone 13 Pro range.

Prices in India for Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 11

Now, the 64GB iPhone 12 costs Rs. 65,900, while the 128GB and 256GB models cost Rs. 70,900, and Rs. 80,900 respectively. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 costs Rs 79,900 for the 64GB storage model and is priced at Rs. 84,900 for the 128GB storage model and Rs. 94,900 for the 256GB storage version.

Apple’s online site now sells the iPhone 12 small 64GB for Rs. 59,900, which is Rs. 10,000 less than its original launch price of Rs. 72,900. Prices have been reduced for the 128GB storage variation to Rs. 64900 and for the 256GB storage option to Rs. 74,990. Launch pricing of iPhone 12 mini in India was 69,900 rupees for the 64 GB storage option, 74,900 rupees for 128GB storage and 84,900 rupees for the 256 GB storage variant.

Apple’s iPhone 11 now costs Rs. 49,900 for the 64GB base model, and Rs. 54,900 for the 128GB model. According to Apple, the 64GB and 128GB storage models of the iPhone 11 were priced at Rs. 64,900 and Rs. 69,900. There are six different colour options for the Apple iPhone 11: Purple (shown), Green, White, Black, Yellow, and Product (RED).

Apple announced the iPhone 13 series on Tuesday, September 14 at its California Streaming virtual event for the same pricing as the iPhone 12 series last year. There are four different models in the iPhone 13 series, with prices starting at Rs. 69,900 in India.

Before the iPhone 13 announcement, Flipkart and other e-commerce such as Amazon have slashed the costs of the iPhone 12 significantly.

For a limited time, Flipkart is giving huge discounts on Apple’s iPhone 12 series. The 64GB and 128GB variants of the Apple iPhone 12 mini can be purchased for Rs. 59,999 and 64,999, respectively, on the e-commerce site of Apple. According to their respective initial prices, the two models are priced at 71,600 Rupees and 74,600 Rupees, respectively. There is a 74,999-price cut on the 256GB model, down from 84,900.

Instead of 79,900 Rupees, the Apple iPhone 12 with 64GB storage is now available for just 66,999 Rupees, while the 128GB version is now available for just Rs. 71,000. Apple’s iPhone 12 256GB model now costs Rs. 81,999 rather than Rs. 94,900.

In India, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB costs 1,15,900 and the 256GB model is priced at 1,25,900. The 512GB model is priced at 1,45,900. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is available in three storage configurations: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Prices are 1,25,900, 1,35,900, and 1,55,900, respectively.

Next-generation Neural Engine powers Apple’s iPhone 12 series, powered by an A14 bionic chip. Two 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle cameras are included in the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12. On the larger iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a 12MP telephoto camera has been added to the rear camera system.

All four devices support 5G and come pre-loaded with iOS 14. As a result of this, the pricing news is by far the most important. Increased iPhone 13 costs may have influenced upgraders who were on the fence to stay away from when the new iPhone 14 design leaked before theĀ iPhone 13 debut.

In the current state of affairs, I believe the changes we already know about, such as a smaller notch and supersized cameras along with larger batteries and faster charging as well as satellite comms and ProMotion screens, as well as enhanced 5G for the Pro versions, will cause Apple to take a blow..

Remind yourself that wonderful things are on the way for iPhone fans who choose to skip a generation.

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