Is The Engaging Game: PUBG New State 2021 bricking Android phones?

PUBG: The Newly Launched game for mobile phones has been found to be disastrous for a bunch of android phones. Many people have recorded the cases of bricking.

It is not the first time PUBG has centered itself around controversy. PUBG has often gained negative publicity for itself around the world. Previously, PUBG was banned in India because it promoted violence and the game proved to be addictive for people of young age groups. The game along with certain other mobile applications questioned the nation’s security and thus was ultimately banned.

However, the RTI has revealed that Krafton developers have not taken any formal permission for the relaunch of the game in India. Many people have expressed their opinions regarding the relaunch of the game and stated that the government can not even stop the relaunch of the game. 

Recently, PUBG: New State has launched for android and even iOS users. A lot of hype has spread across the world regarding the interface of the game. But the question arises: Is really PUBG: New State bricking Android phones? If the question asked comes out to be true, it will be a huge disappointment to the Krafton developers who have spent years of hard work in developing the game.

PUBG: New State

PUBG New State: What’s The Hype All About?

PUBG: New State has officially been released in many countries including India and is available for downloads for android and even iOS Users. The game is functional in many countries even including India. The new battle royale game was officially announced in February 2021. The developers declared that the game will include a next-generation interface where hundreds of players can fight against each other using different weapons and strategies. The game is also designed in such a way that the users can play in an open battleground where they battle in the universe depicting the year 2051. The game also introduces new vehicles and weapons to give the users a new experience. 

Moreover, the developers have put much thought while developing the game. The game is launched in 17 different languages so that the game is accessible to a wide array of audiences. In addition, the game is also dependent on Vulkan API to provide the users with a stable and smooth game experience. 

Pubg: New State

When will PUBG: New State be operative?

The game is already open for registrations. And, the game is already available in google play store and app store.

The game will be accessible for users having Android 6 and ios 13 configurations. 

Technical issues with PUBG: New State Game

The launch of the PUBG: New State game was not smooth as anticipated by the developers. The main problem was that the game took plenty of time to load and also, it was stuck at 38% for many users. In addition, the developers also faced issues with the server. 

However, on trying out the game, many users have experienced that their android devices were soft bricked and some were hard-bricked. The problem appeared when the users were asked to sign in as a guest or by using their social media credentials. On clicking any of the three buttons, the device entered on boot loop, and eventually, the device completely stopped working for some period of time. The problem was noticed in the device having an android 12 configuration. On further trial on devices with various versions of android, the results were nearly the same. 

In conclusion, we need to make a verdict. Is PUBG: New State game a threat to your mobile phones? 

We can not draw out a conclusion now. However, it is safe for us to say that the newly launched game can be a potential risk for your mobile phones until the bugs are fixed. So, you are advised to look for updates regarding the bug fix before installing the game on your devices.

PUBG: New State Interface

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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