Top 10 Places To Visit In India

Who doesn’t like holidays? Vacations are the best thing where one can explore things, spend some time with family or with themselves, try to discover your inner spirit, make more memories and give a chance to make up for all those days where you were absent and your loved ones missed you a lot.

Try out these different places, cuisines, cultures, and know different places in India:



This cute little hill station is situated 2600 feet above sea level and just 100 km away from Mumbai. Suitable for both nature lovers and adventurous people, this is a place that has no vehicle-polluting-engine policies. One can find eco-friendly transportation, which adds another beautiful element to Matheren.

Being a hill station, it can be enjoyed any time of the year, but it’s more pleasant during the rainy season. Not only trekking and adventurous sports, Matheren also provides photographers to explore and capture the beauty of nature. It is the most ideal place for those people who love the beauty of nature. People who want to lose themselves in the magic of nature, this place is everything you are looking for.

  1. KUTCH

Also known as white desert, it is surrounded by the Gulf of Kutch and the Arabian Sea, and this wetland is the pride of Gujarat. The Rann Mahotsav festival is organized every year which serves as a major tourist attraction. Different dance forms, Gujarati cuisine, traditional games, etc. are played, which portray the history and glory of Gujarat.

Shopping, sightseeing, and traditional accommodations are something that adds to the beauty. The full moon dates are something which you definitely cannot miss. If you are a person who wants everything in one package, this is the best place to visit.


A very pleasant place with untold stories to tell. Lonavala is a small hill station in Maharashtra, where people can find peace and simplicity both together.

Lonavala is known for its beauty and its cool climate, which is ideal for those people who want to have a quick escape from city life. The best time to visit this hill station is during the monsoon in July-September. Monsoon is the best time because the greenery and water filled bodies add on the beauty of Lonavala.


A small hill station in the heart of Chhattisgarh, it is the  perfect combination of calmness and the stress-relieving views of nature will drive you crazy. Its extended forest and landscape are just praiseworthy.

Amrit Dhara waterfall, Jagannath temple – a mini version of Jagannath Puri in Orissa, in Chhattisgarh by the Oriya community, Kali mandir, etc. are the exotic places that will make you fall in love with this place. Less traffic makes it ideal for the ones who want to spend time with themselves.


One of the most underrated spots despite the number of adventurous memories this place promises to offer. It is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh near the great Himalayan national park. A visit to a great Himalayan national park and rock climbing are a must-do during your stay there.

  1. ASSAM

Another raw but truly precious piece of our country that attracts a lot of special attractions because of its immense beauty and tradition. The beauty of tree estates, Assamese culture, food, textile, and exotic views is something that makes Assam even more beautiful.

It is well-known for its wildlife, vegetation, tea plantation, and archeological sites. Many temples on the Brahmaputra site are the center of attraction for many tourists.


Located in Karnataka, this place is a must go one if one preferres less crowd and off the beat traveling experiences with lesser human interference. It is known for its idyllic beaches and pristine waters; it is famous among those who want to have a peaceful and calm vacation. A mixture of calmness and a peaceful atmosphere can lure anyone’s’ heart.


Lord Jagannath’s temple is one of the temples which holds special significance in mythology as well in art. It offers the perfect combination of religious sentiments and history. One of the most impressive architectures India has, with a height of 65 meters placed on an elevated platform, it was constructed by the King of the Ganga dynasty and shows the Kalinga architecture.

Rath yatra is one of the most auspicious events happening every year and consist of lots of devotees and tourist across the world who come to witness how Balram, Subhadra, and Jagannath steps out of the temple and goes to their aunt’s house. Apart from this, pakhala bhat, baigun bhaja, dhoodh peetha, etc. are Oriya dishes that one must try. 

Rath yatra is celebrated worldwide by the Oriya community whether they are in India or America.


The feeling of being near nature helps reduce stress levels and also solve many mental issues that are very common in today’s generation. Amrit Dhara waterfall is another best options. Away from the noise of urban cities, it is the best place even for families and individuals who want to isolate themselves for some time away from professional works.


An appropriate spot for the foodies who love Tibetan culture and food. Once you enter, you will experience a different world. The narrow lanes consist of Tibetan food, decorative items, cuisines, Tibetan culture, and people along with an array of pieces of jewelry, food joints, non-alcoholic beer houses, etc.

Dolma café and Waho Tenzin are some of the famous restaurants of Majnu ka Tilla. Do not forget to try out Amma café that offers Bhutanese thali along with exotic salads prepared according to the Tibetan style. A small monastery and a Buddhist temple reside in the heart of this place. Handicrafts are the major attraction of this place at a very affordable rate. 

Explore yourself in these places and give yourself a chance to make new memories. Rejuvenate yourself with lots of positivity because a positive spirit will make your mind healthy and will lead you to achieve greater heights in life. Enjoy your life to the fullest like a free bird.


Edited by Anupama Roy


completed graduation from the University of Delhi. Pursuing from the university of lucknow. Loves writing and is a strong believer in natural beauty. To be beautiful means to be yourself.. and I believe it.

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