Top 7 Driving Routes In Kerala

Kerala is a magical place. Rightly called God’s own country, it is a tropical paradise with serenely beautiful locations. The coastal strip is defined by its layered landscape on the left-hand side, the magnanimous Arabian sea presides while the eastern part is surrounded by the tea-covered hills of Western Ghats.

Sometimes one may feel like sitting in their car and driving into the unknown. The calm breeze feels as one drives past the lush green forests of Kerala. The whistling backwaters can make one escape from their problems and enter into a dreamland. Road trips are one of the best forms of meditation. They take you to a world of mystery and adventure.

The idea of what place you are traveling to gives the best idea about how your road trip experience will be. Just imagine where you are going and you will have the best idea of ​​what your road trip experience will be. One of the best places to go on a road trip is an area full of greenery and vegetation. This provides you much-needed serenity and peace of mind to get calmness away from the busy and noisy cities and urbanization.

Highways to take road trips in the hills of Munnar, or the beaches of Kozhikode, are renowned to be one of the best weekend getaways you can do with your family and friends and gain the enchanting experiences of life. To make your next road trip much more exciting and memorable, we have gathered insights into driving routes from the beautiful state of Kerala.

These, according to us, are the best driving routes in Kerala-

Range: 45-50 km

This route passes through the district of Idukki. Its main USP is its chillness. This passage is quite popular for its tourist attractions like the Pampadumchola national park, which shelters elephant herds and other animals. One can also witness deers and gaurs moving around marking their territory in this part of the route. The mystical Western ghats here, are usually covered with dense fog, giving its travelers an enchanting experience.

Renovated Kozhikode beach showcases cultural heritage of port city | India  News,The Indian Express
Range: 86.7 km

This passage can enchant the driver in you wherein your driving skills are tested due to its terrain nature. If you start your trip during the wee hours of the morning, you will get a smooth and hassle-free experience.

One of their favorite driving routes, Bike riders make it a note to visit this passage, especially in the monsoons.

Best Places to Visit in Nilambur - Kerala Tourism 2021
Range: 36-40 km

This is a mountain pass with some amazing views. One must begin their journey from Vadapuram. Following this, enter the Nilambur – Chandakkunnu and Chunkathara – Edakkara – Vazhikkadavu route. The journey takes around 5 hours of travel. Guest lodges and pit stops are available.

Munnar-Thekkady 2Nights/3Days Group Tour Packages|Budget Munnar Group Tour  Packages
Range: 85.4 km

This route is a great place to see the mighty Munnar hills, famous for their spice and tea plantations. Periyam national park lies on the way to the destination. One can have a relaxing time by staying in cottages and rooms on the hills. The road trip through the hills is one of a kind journey for all travelers. The food provided by the guest lodges tastes delicious. This road trip is definitely worth your time and money.

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Range: 298.4 km

Diverting from the mountain passes and the forests of the territory, we have provided insights on a route that undisputably is one of the best driving routes. To drive to the endpoint of the country is on the bucket list of many. From adventurers to travel enthusiasts, this route is considered heaven. One would be able to drive across the country’s coastal chains.

Destinations include a variety of exciting locations and attractions, including the Swami Vivekananda Rock Monument, Padmanabhapuram Grand Palace, and Sunset Point.

Idamalayar, Pampa dams in Kerala opened - The Financial Express
Range: 38 km

Mist and meadows-covered roads are bliss to experience on this route while traveling. The deserted but beautiful streets among the hill ranges bring about a magical and enchanting experience of a road trip. Even though the roads comprise tiny potholes somewhere or the other but the beautiful and eye-catching sites make up for the minor inconveniences caused by the same. The roads take you up to the exotic heights of Illikkalkallu along with Ilaveezhapoonchira. You can also visit the Idukki Dam for a tour.

Wayanad district - Wikipedia
7) Pulpally- Batheri
Range: 26 km

Situated in the district of Wayanad, the jungle route is spread across at a distance of 26 kilometers, i.e., 16 miles. The short route is one of the most interesting drives of Kerala since it passes through the jungle and the wildlife sanctuaries. This district is one of the least populated districts, hence the roads are vacant and traffic-free which provides an interesting road trip experience.

Be invested while driving in the route to witness elephants next to your car. Also, don’t forget to beware and remember to note the warning signs up to 1 km ahead of the presence of elephants. The wild encounters on this road can surely provide your road trip with an adventurous twist.


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