3 Police personnel suspended by Commissioner of Police for alleged vandalism at an eatery, Devastating

3 Police personnel suspended by Commissioner of Police for alleged vandalism at an eatery

In response to a complaint posted on social media, which included compelling video evidence of a vandalised food cart, Gautam Budh Nagar Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh swiftly sprang into action. Officials who are well-informed about the matter have confirmed that she promptly issued an order for a thorough departmental inquiry into the incident, displaying her dedication to addressing the issue in a serious manner.

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The unfortunate incident unfolded at the Sector 76 market in Noida, where a small eatery became the target of vandalism allegedly carried out by three  personnel. According to the allegations, their actions were motivated by their dissatisfaction with the service, which had resulted in a delay. This distressing event took place during the late hours, spanning the transition from Thursday to Friday.


Commissioner Laxmi Singh’s decision to suspend the three¬† personnel, who were assigned to the Sector 113 station, exemplifies the uncompromising stance of the police department when it comes to instances of misconduct and abuse of power. By taking such swift and resolute action, she unequivocally conveys the message that such behaviour will not be tolerated within the force.

In a clear display of the department’s intolerance for misconduct and abuse of power, Commissioner Laxmi Singh suspended the three personnel who were assigned to the Sector 113 police station. By swiftly taking this step, she sends a strong message that such behaviour will not be tolerated within the force.

The suspension of these officers is not the end of the matter. Commissioner Laxmi Singh’s decision to initiate a departmental inquiry further underscores the commitment of the Gautam Budh Nagar Police Department to thoroughly investigate the incident. This inquiry will ensure that all aspects of the case are examined and that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Commissioner Laxmi Singh’s swift response and dedication to upholding the integrity of the police force highlight her unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order. Her actions in this situation reinforce the importance of public accountability, as social media played a crucial role in bringing this incident to light. It demonstrates how the power of social media can expose wrongdoings and prompt necessary actions from the authorities.

By addressing the complaint promptly, suspending the officers involved, and initiating a departmental inquiry, Commissioner Laxmi Singh showcases her leadership and commitment to ensuring that the police force operates ethically and responsibly. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and a strong commitment to justice within law enforcement agencies.

According to an official police statement, the incident involving the vandalism of an egg shop has gained attention through a social media post. The individuals responsible for the act were identified as the officer in charge of a police outpost, a sub-inspector, and a constable. In response to the seriousness of the matter, Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh acknowledged the incident and directed Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Harish Chander, responsible for the Noida Zone, to suspend the outpost in-charge, Sub-Inspector Omprakash Singh of Sorkha, Sub-Inspector Avesh Malik, and Constable Manvendra Kumar. The statement further indicated that additional action would be taken against the suspended officers pending the completion of a departmental inquiry.

DCP Chander commented on the ongoing investigation, stating that efforts are being made to establish the facts of the case. After being made aware of the complaint through social media, police officials reached out to the complainant and encouraged him to file a formal complaint against the officers involved. The owner of the eatery, Omkar, who resides in Sector 49, submitted a written complaint against the police officers. Consequently, the three policemen were suspended, and a departmental inquiry was initiated in response to the allegations.

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The prompt response by the police authorities in suspending the involved officers reflects the seriousness with which the incident is being treated. Commissioner Laxmi Singh’s directive for a departmental inquiry demonstrates the commitment to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure appropriate action is taken against those found guilty.

The willingness of the police officials to engage with the complainant and encourage him to file a formal complaint showcases a commitment to transparency and accountability. By actively seeking the complainant’s input and collecting evidence, the investigation can proceed in a fair and unbiased manner.

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The suspension of the officers involved sends a strong message that misconduct and abuse of power will not be tolerated within the police force. The departmental inquiry serves as a mechanism to delve deeper into the incident, establish the facts, and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

This incident serves as a reminder that social media platforms can play a crucial role in bringing attention to instances of alleged misconduct. The police department’s responsiveness to social media posts highlights the evolving nature of law enforcement and the importance of public participation in holding authorities accountable.

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