A fake call centre had been found in Gurugram’s Sector 27. Shocking

A fake call centre had been found in Gurugram’s Sector 27.

On Saturday, four suspects were arrested in Gurugram for their involvement in running an illegal call centre that provided fraudulent technical support to foreign nationals. The suspects operated from a rented apartment in Sector 27, under the guise of offering assistance to individuals in need of technical help. Among those arrested was the owner of the illegal call centre.

Vipin Ahalawat, the assistant commissioner of police (cyber), stated that the suspects impersonated employees from reputable companies such as Apple, Amazon, Cash App, and Zelle. They would contact their victims and deceive them by gaining remote access to their computers. To carry out their scams, they sent voicemails and messages claiming to provide technical support.

Gurugram: Call centre dupes 30,000 Americans in three weeks | Gurgaon News  - Times of India

The ACP, along with Jasvir Singh, the station house officer (SHO) of the Cyber Crime police station (east), conducted a raid at the house and found the suspects engaged in making international calls.

According to the police, the suspects employed various tactics to defraud victims. They sent bulk voicemails and messages, utilising pop-ups that appeared to be from technical support services. Through applications like Dialler and X-Lite, they gained remote access to the victims’ computers and laptops. After purportedly detecting technical faults, they convinced their targets to pay amounts ranging from $100 to $10,000 for computer repairs. Payments were made through gift cards, online wire transfers, and BTC wallets, with smaller amounts processed through gift cards and larger sums transferred through online wire transfers and BTC’s QR code. To facilitate these transactions, the suspects used different IDs, bank accounts, and BTC wallets provided by a blocker or vendor.

The four suspects involved in this illegal operation were identified as Ajay alias Mohit (the operator), Saurav Kumar, Krishna Pathak, and Ravi Tyagi. The accused were charged under sections 420 (cheating), 120 B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code, and sections 66-D and 75 of the Information Technology Act. The case was registered at the cyber crime police station, east.

Gurugram: Fake call centre duping US, Canada citizens busted, 17 held

Varun Dahiya, the assistant commissioner of police (crime), revealed that the call centre had been operational since January of the same year. A total of 41 suspects, including three women, have been apprehended by the Gurugram police in the last two months in connection with five fake call centres. The police seized 42 laptops, seven modems, 24 headphones, 10 laptop chargers, 28 mobile phones, a DVR device, and Rs. 1.67 lahks in cash from the suspects’ possession.

This arrest sheds light on the rampant problem of illegal call centres and fraudulent technical support services targeting unsuspecting victims, particularly foreign nationals. These criminal operations not only defraud individuals but also tarnish the reputation of legitimate companies whose identities are exploited by scammers. The swift action taken by the Gurugram police highlights their commitment to combating such illegal activities and protecting the interests of the public.

To prevent these scams, individuals must exercise caution when receiving unsolicited calls or messages offering technical support. It is advisable to verify the legitimacy of such communications by independently contacting the official customer support channels of the respective companies. Increasing public awareness through education campaigns and disseminating information about common scams can help individuals recognise and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.\

Illegal call centre busted in Gurugram, 12 arrested - Hindustan Times

Law enforcement agencies around the world must maintain their commitment to collaborating with international counterparts to effectively track down and dismantle illegal call centres and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. To achieve this, several key measures need to be implemented and strengthened.

First and foremost, it is crucial to bolster cybersecurity measures. This involves investing in advanced technologies and training law enforcement personnel to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. By constantly improving their capabilities, authorities can effectively detect and counter the activities of illegal call centres. Additionally, governments and regulatory bodies should work together to establish comprehensive legislation and regulations that address the challenges posed by these criminal operations.

Regular raids and investigations are essential to disrupting and dismantling illegal call centres. Law enforcement agencies should conduct targeted operations based on actionable intelligence and collaborate closely with international partners to apprehend individuals involved in these criminal activities. By demonstrating a strong presence and taking swift action against offenders, authorities can deter potential criminals and send a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated.

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Raising public awareness is another crucial aspect of combating illegal call centres. Educating the public about the methods used by fraudsters and the potential risks associated with engaging with them is essential. Public campaigns, outreach programmes, and partnerships with the media can help disseminate information and empower individuals to recognise and report suspicious activities. Furthermore, individuals should be encouraged to exercise caution when sharing personal information and be sceptical of unsolicited calls or messages.

Cooperation from telecommunications companies and service providers is vital in identifying and blocking phone numbers associated with fraudulent activities. Implementing robust monitoring systems that analyse call patterns and detect anomalies can help identify illegal call centres. Telecommunication companies should establish protocols to promptly report suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies, enabling them to take immediate action.

The recent arrest of four suspects involved in operating an illegal call centre in Gurugram highlights the widespread nature of fraudulent technical support services. However, it also underscores the determination of law enforcement agencies to combat these scams. By adopting a multifaceted approach that includes collaborative efforts between international law enforcement agencies, increased public awareness, and stronger cybersecurity measures, we can strive to create a safer digital environment and hold those responsible for these criminal activities accountable.

In conclusion, combating illegal call centres requires a comprehensive and coordinated effort. Law enforcement agencies must continue to collaborate internationally, strengthen cybersecurity measures, conduct regular raids and investigations, and raise public awareness. The cooperation of telecommunications companies and service providers is also crucial. By taking these actions, we can deter criminals, protect potential victims, and work towards creating a safer digital landscape.

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