Before authorising a 4th storey in Gurugram, examine the infrastructure in each sector: Panel “Demoralizing and Unbelievable Decision”

Before authorising a fourth storey in Gurugram, examine the infrastructure in each sector: Panel


The issue of constructing additional floors and stilts in existing sectors and colonies has been a topic of discussion, and an expert committee was formed to delve into the matter. The committee recently submitted its report to the government, shedding light on its recommendations and considerations.

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According to the committee’s findings, residential plots situated exclusively on 12-metre roads within the existing sectors will be granted permission to construct four floors along with a stilt in Gurugram. However, the availability of developed infrastructure or the potential for infrastructure augmentation will play a pivotal role in determining whether such construction can be allowed in a specific sector or colony.

The committee emphasised that in newly developed sectors, the construction of a fourth floor should be permitted. However, for existing sectors, a comprehensive audit conducted by technical experts, designated by the deputy commissioner or a government-appointed officer, must be completed before approving such structures.
One of the key observations made by the committee was that the physical and social infrastructure in existing developed sectors and colonies may not have been originally designed to accommodate the increased density resulting from the construction of stilts and four floors. Consequently, permission for such construction can only be granted if the concerned agency conducts an infrastructure capacity audit of the area within a three-month timeframe.

The infrastructure audit aims to assess the availability and adequacy of essential amenities and services, including water supply, sewage systems, drainage, power supply, parking facilities, and fire safety measures, among others. Additionally, the audit will estimate the population that the existing infrastructure can effectively cater to.

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Based on the infrastructure audit report, proposals from blocks, sectors, or colonies that meet the eligibility criteria will be forwarded to the deputy commissioner or any senior officer appointed by the government for further scrutiny and approval.
The proposed measures outlined by the committee are crucial in ensuring that any construction of additional floors and stilts in existing sectors and colonies is conducted with careful consideration of the capacity of the infrastructure to handle the increased population density. By conducting infrastructure audits and taking into account factors such as water supply, sewage management, and parking facilities, the authorities can make informed decisions regarding the feasibility of such construction.

It is important to note that these recommendations and guidelines are aimed at balancing the need for urban development with the sustainability and functionality of the existing infrastructure. By conducting thorough assessments and verifications, the government can mitigate potential strains on resources and services, ensuring a harmonious and well-planned expansion of residential areas.

In conclusion, the report submitted by the expert committee highlights the importance of infrastructure audits and careful planning when considering the construction of additional floors and stilts in existing sectors and colonies. By assessing the capacity of the existing infrastructure to support increased population density, the authorities can make informed decisions that prioritise the well-being and convenience of residents while ensuring sustainable urban development.

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The proposal put forth by the deputy commissioner states that it is essential to have the technical experts thoroughly verify the plan. The deputy commissioner, upon being satisfied with the adequacy of the existing infrastructure or the possibility of augmenting it, can grant permission for the construction of stilts plus four floors In Gurugram. This permission, however, should not cause any major inconvenience to the current habitat, as mentioned in the report.

Furthermore, the committee responsible for assessing the proposal has recommended that the construction of the four floors be executed in such a manner that it exerts no additional load on adjacent structures in Gurugram. Additionally, the committee suggests maintaining a density of 18 people per plot to ensure optimal utilisation of space.

To promote environmental sustainability, a senior official from the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) Gurugram has stated that the recommended structures should comply with green building codes. This initiative aims to make the buildings eco-friendly, taking into consideration factors such as energy efficiency and environmental impact.

The report containing these recommendations is currently being reviewed by the government. An official from the DTCP Gurugram, speaking on the condition of anonymity, mentioned that a decision regarding the report is expected to be made soon.
According to the data analysed in the report, it has been observed that 57% of the granted permissions for construction are located on plots along 9- to 10-metre-wide roads. Additionally, 35% of the plots are situated on 12-metre-wide roads. These statistics provide insight into the distribution of the approved constructions about road width in Gurugram.

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Overall, the proposal emphasises the importance of obtaining expert verification, ensuring adequate infrastructure, and minimising inconvenience to the existing habitat in Gurugram. The committee’s recommendations highlight the significance of constructing the additional floors without imposing any additional load on neighbouring structures while maintaining a reasonable density. The enforcement of green building codes further reinforces the commitment to environmental consciousness. As the report undergoes governmental review, it is anticipated that a decision will be reached shortly for Gurugram Authority.

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