23-year-old Delhi woman murdered for rejecting a marriage proposal was preparing for a government job, according to her family. Shaming

Delhi woman murdered for rejecting a marriage proposal was preparing for a government job, according to her family.

Nargis, a 23-year-old woman from Delhi, tragically lost her life after allegedly being killed by a relative who was her first cousin. The accused, Irfan, 28 years old, was said to have been living with Nargis’ family around five to six years ago, but he was asked to leave due to his alleged harassment of Nargis. The victim’s family revealed that Nargis had aspirations of becoming financially independent and was diligently preparing for government job examinations when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Nargis hailed from a family of five, including her father, Suljat, who worked as a motor mechanic, and two brothers. She was the only daughter and had two loving brothers. Her father, devastated by the loss of his beloved daughter, demanded justice for Nargis and sought strict punishment for the accused, Irfan, for his heinous act.

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As per Nargis’ brother Sameer’s account, approximately six months ago, the family turned down Irfan’s marriage proposal for Nargis. She was not interested in marrying him. Irfan, originally from Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh, had come to live with the family years ago, and Nargis’ father had trained him as a mechanic. However, when Irfan started harassing Nargis, she bravely informed her father, who reprimanded him and eventually sent him back to his native place. Irfan returned to Auraiya around one-and-a-half years ago, and started his work, but later moved back to Delhi and resided in the Sangam Vihar area.

According to a neighbour, Ashfaq, Irfan had attempted to join the army but failed in his endeavours last year. At present, he is working for a food delivery agency. Despite facing setbacks, Irfan was aware that Nargis attended steno coaching classes regularly. He began following her for some time and, tragically, took her life inside a park in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar on a fateful Friday.

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Nargis, described as a bright and diligent student, had pursued her graduation in Hindi honours and was earnestly preparing for government job examinations. Her determination to achieve financial independence showcased her resilience and ambition. However, her aspirations were cut short by this senseless act of violence.
A family friend divulged that Nargis’ parents were hesitant about Irfan’s marriage proposal due to his lack of a permanent job. This disapproval seemingly intensified Irfan’s frustration, and when Nargis distanced herself from him, he became even more agitated.

The tragic incident occurred when police received information that a man had attacked a woman in Vijay Mandal Park in Shivalik A Block of Malviya Nagar. The assailant fled the scene after striking the woman’s head with an iron rod. When the police arrived, they found Nargis’ lifeless body lying under a bench, with her head bleeding and an iron rod lying nearby.

Investigations revealed that Nargis and Irfan had been in a relationship at some point, and marriage had been discussed. However, Nargis’ family ultimately disapproved of the union. Following the family’s decision, Nargis cut off communication with Irfan, leading to his increasing agitation and eventual violent act.

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The tragic demise of Nargis serves as a grim reminder of the need to address issues related to harassment and violence against women and the importance of providing a safe environment for all individuals. It also highlights the significance of women’s empowerment and their right to pursue their dreams and ambitions freely.

In the aftermath of this devastating incident, society must come together to raise awareness about gender-based violence, ensure that victims are heard, and work towards creating an environment that nurtures and protects the aspirations of young women like Nargis. Education, sensitization, and the enforcement of laws to address such heinous acts are essential to preventing such tragedies from recurring.

The incident also draws attention to the broader issue of women’s safety in public spaces. Parks, which should ideally be places of recreation and relaxation, need to be made safer through better lighting, security measures, and increased vigilance.

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Furthermore, the case calls for an examination of the delayed legal processes that allow accused individuals to evade justice for prolonged periods. Timely resolution of legal matters is essential to delivering justice and bringing closure to victims’ families, minimising their trauma and pain.

As society grieves the loss of a young woman full of potential, individuals, communities, and authorities must come together to foster an environment where women can pursue their aspirations without fear, intimidation, or violence. The memory of Nargis should serve as a driving force to instigate meaningful change and create a society that values and respects every individual, regardless of gender, and ensures their safety and well-being.

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