In Ghaziabad, STF breaks down an illegal gun outfit; 4 are detained.

In Ghaziabad, STF breaks down an illegal gun outfit; 4 are detained.

In a startling revelation, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) recently uncovered an illegal firearms manufacturing unit operating within a machine parts manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad. This clandestine operation was responsible for producing copies of semi-automatic firearms, such as the highly coveted.30-bore pistol, which typically costs over Rs. 4 lacks on the black market. Criminals could acquire these illicit weapons for a mere Rs. 1 lakh, making them easily accessible and affordable for those with malicious intent.

Following the arrest of four individuals from the Morta factory area in Ghaziabad, law enforcement officials gained insight into the alarming activities carried out by the covert unit. The firearms were meticulously crafted using computerised machines, mirroring the firing capacity and performance of their genuine counterparts. The illegal guns were virtually indistinguishable from the originals, posing a grave threat to public safety.

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The arrested individuals were identified as Shah Fahad Ahmad, Sadiq, and Javed, all residents of Ghaziabad, and Shivam Singh from Meerut. Alongside the arrests, the STF seized a fully prepared.30-bore pistol, a.32-bore pistol, and 12 semi-prepared.30-bore pistols. Additionally, live cartridges and bullet shells.30-calibre bore were recovered from the suspects’ possession, highlighting the dangerous weaponry they were producing.

The modus operandi of the illegal firearm manufacturing unit involved catering to the demands of criminals seeking firearms. This grim business had been thriving for several years, with over 80 similar firearms already supplied to criminal networks in regions like Meerut, Bulandshahr, Ghaziabad, and other western districts of Uttar Pradesh.

The criminal gang, led by Shah Fahad, operated with a well-organized system in place. His father, with prior experience in firearms manufacturing, had set up the operation and employed three others to assist in the production process. The hired individuals received monthly payments based on the number of firearms they manufactured. Shivam received ₹18,000, Sadiq ₹8,000, and Javed ₹15,000 per firearm assembled.

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Sophisticated computerised machines worth lakhs of rupees were utilised for the illegal firearm manufacturing process. Shah Fahad received digital commands for the machines on a pen drive, instructing them on how to produce various components of semi-automatic pistols. The parts were later assembled to create functional firearms that were nearly identical to the original weapons.

To add to the alarming situation, the gang was also involved in the illegal trade of country-made single-shot weapons known as ‘katas.’ These rudimentary firearms were sold at a considerably lower price of ₹ 4,000 yen, making them accessible to even more criminal elements. Alongside the supply of over 80 pistols, the gang distributed hundreds of these katas to criminal groups.

During the investigation, the accused revealed that the recovered cartridges and bullet shells served a crucial purpose in their manufacturing process. They were used to ensure precision and accuracy when preparing the firearms’ bores, guaranteeing that the weapons functioned as intended.

The illegal firearm trade poses a significant threat to public safety and national security, enabling criminals and gangs to obtain deadly weapons with ease. Such activities undermine efforts to maintain law and order and disrupt the peace within communities.

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The STF’s successful operation in Ghaziabad stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to combating illegal firearm manufacturing and trafficking. It also highlights the need for stricter enforcement of laws and enhanced vigilance to prevent such illicit activities from thriving.

The case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a robust criminal justice system and collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies to curb illegal firearm manufacturing and related criminal activities. It also underscores the necessity of raising public awareness about the dangers posed by the illicit arms trade and the vital role of the community in reporting such crimes.

As the investigation continues, authorities will work tirelessly to apprehend other members of the criminal gang and dismantle the entire illegal firearm manufacturing network. The objective remains to ensure the safety of the public and protect society from the devastating consequences of firearm-related violence.

The incident in Ghaziabad serves as a wake-up call for the authorities to address the underlying factors contributing to the demand for illegal firearms. Stricter gun control measures, comprehensive awareness campaigns, and effective rehabilitation programmes for criminals could collectively contribute to reducing the prevalence of such criminal enterprises.

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In conclusion, the illegal firearm manufacturing unit uncovered in Ghaziabad sheds light on the alarming issue of counterfeit firearms circulating in the black market. With sophisticated computerised machines, criminals were producing copies of semi-automatic pistols, endangering public safety. The successful bust by the UP Special Task Force highlights the need for a coordinated effort to combat the illegal arms trade, emphasising the crucial role of law enforcement agencies and public vigilance in safeguarding society from such threats.

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