Noida Metro’s (NMRC) new MD invites the public to choose a nickname for the 29.7 km-long Aqua Line. Exciting

Noida Metro’s new MD invites the public to choose a nickname for the Aqua Line.

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) is embarking on a new initiative to further connect with the community by seeking suggestions from the public for a unique nickname for the 29.7 km-long Aqua Line, which connects Noida and Greater Noida. Dr Lokesh M., the newly appointed managing director of NMRC, is leading this endeavour, alongside his vision to boost non-fare revenue and improve last-mile connectivity for commuters.

In a move to strengthen the bond between the metro service and the people it serves, Dr Lokesh M. announced that the Aqua Line should be given a new name that resonates with the local culture and evokes an emotional connection with residents. Seeking public involvement in this decision-making process, NMRC plans to issue an advertisement inviting suggestions for a nickname that reflects Indian heritage and aligns with the values of the community.

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“We want people to suggest some Indian names or indigenous names related to the local culture or something with which residents can relate to or feel emotionally connected. The basic idea is that people must own the Noida Metro and feel connected,” explained Dr Lokesh M., who assumed the role of MD on Tuesday.

Alongside the effort to forge a closer connection with the community, the managing director has directed NMRC staff to explore avenues for generating non-fare revenue and enhancing the overall commuter experience. Implementing effective measures to increase profits through non-fare revenue streams, such as advertising in public spaces, renting out commercial space at Metro stations, and operating parking facilities, is a primary focus.

Furthermore, NMRC is working diligently to improve last-mile connectivity for commuters. Recognising the importance of seamless transit for passengers, the metro authority is considering introducing e-rickshaws from each Metro station to nearby residential and commercial areas. This step is aimed at facilitating convenient and hassle-free travel for riders.

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“The idea behind providing last-mile connectivity is that commuters travel via this Metro with complete ease. E-rickshaws are one of the workable last-mile connectivity modes. Apart from that, we can also run a city bus service comprising electric buses,” explained Dr Lokesh M.

The Aqua Line, with its 29.7-kilometre stretch encompassing 21 stations between Noida’s Sector 51 and Depot Station in Greater Noida, has been a significant milestone in enhancing transportation infrastructure in the region. Built at a cost of ₹5,503 crore, the metro line has been catering to an increasing number of passengers.

In July of this year, the Noida Metro achieved a significant milestone by witnessing its highest ridership ever, with a staggering 88,646 passengers using the metro service. This surge in ridership was attributed to a religious gathering organized by a self-styled godman in Greater Noida, which attracted a large number of devotees.

The previous record of 50,231 riders, set on October 17, 2022, was surpassed, demonstrating the metro’s increasing popularity as a mode of transportation in the region. Additionally, the highest single-day ridership figure of 48,852 was logged on October 14, 2022, further showcasing the growing appeal of the Noida Metro.

As the ridership numbers continue to climb, the focus on improving last-mile connectivity becomes even more critical. Dr Lokesh M., a prominent figure in the metro authority, emphasised the importance of providing efficient last-mile connectivity solutions to enhance the overall commuting experience for passengers. To achieve this goal, the provision of e-rickshaws and city bus services has been proposed. By integrating these convenient options with the metro system, NMRC aims to encourage more people to opt for the metro for their daily commuting needs.

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The success of the Aqua Line in attracting riders has been evident, but NMRC recognises that sustainable growth lies in ensuring seamless and convenient travel options for passengers beyond the metro station. The integration of various last-mile connectivity solutions, such as e-rickshaws and electric buses, is expected to make the metro a preferred mode of transport for residents of Noida and Greater Noida.

Beyond merely focusing on ridership numbers and revenue generation, NMRC has taken an innovative approach to involving the public in the development of the metro system. Notably, the metro authority sought public suggestions for a nickname for the Aqua Line, showcasing their commitment to community engagement and inclusivity. This initiative reflects NMRC’s desire to make the community an active participant in shaping the development of public infrastructure and creating a sense of ownership and pride among the people towards their metro system.

The vision put forward by Dr Lokesh M. to enhance non-fare revenue and improve last-mile connectivity is set to transform the commuter experience and further solidify the metro’s role as a catalyst for regional development. By actively involving the community in decision-making processes, NMRC has established a collaborative approach that is likely to shape a brighter and more connected future for Noida and Greater Noida.

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In conclusion, the Noida Metro’s achievement of record ridership and its commitment to enhancing last-mile connectivity solutions highlight the metro authority’s dedication to providing a seamless and convenient commuting experience for its passengers. By involving the public in naming the Aqua Line and encouraging community engagement, NMRC is fostering a sense of ownership and pride among the residents, thus building a stronger bond between the metro and the people it serves. With the collaborative efforts between NMRC and the community, the Noida Metro is poised to continue its growth and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation in the region.

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