Did NCB Plant The Drugs To Extort Money From Shahrukh Khan?

The cruise raid case appears like a maze; things are getting twisted with every new information. The deeper you go into the details, the more it will confuse you and will fill your mind with questions.

It now appears to look like the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is knowingly planting things against Shahrukh Khan’s son just to extort a good amount of money from the actor. This is a high-profile case where along with Aryan Khan, few others have also been arrested and they all belong to the wealthy families. 

The zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau, Sameer Wankhede, said that they did not recover any kind of drugs from Aryan Khan, but still he is in police custody. Remember the case of Param Bir Singh? A case of extortion was filed against him. It can be the same case again. Sameer Wankhede is plotting against SRK’s son it seems because why else would anyone use Rs 22 Lakh just to seize 5 grams of drugs. 


The whole cruise was allowed to continue the party but the main target was the son of King Khan, Aryan Khan. Earlier, when some other celebrities from the industry were given clean chit like Rhea Chakraborty, and while during the raid at comedian Bharti Singh’s home drugs were found and both Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiya accepted that the drugs were for their personal use, all of them were released by Narcotics Control Bureau. 

Earlier, the wife of Sameer Wankhede was also accused of IPL spot-fixing and even Sameer Wankhede is not white as milk, he has been continuously digging into the Bollywood celebrities and it can be assumed that he wants to extort money from them and is organizing fake things to make it look real for the world. A big amount of money, more than Rs 20 Lakh, was used just for the entry pass to the rave party by the members of the Narcotics Control Bureau. The money is obviously from the taxpayers but was not used correctly. 

All that has happened so far in the cruise drug bust case in which Shah  Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan has been arrested

The NCB tried to redirect the things to International Drug Trafficking and said that Aryan Khan accepted the usage of drugs but Aryan Khan said that he had consumed the drugs earlier and that too in the US. So does NCB hold any right to arrest him on that basis and make the statement on their own? If yes, then in many countries, betting is completely legal but in India, it is illegal, so if anyone does the betting there and returns to India, will that person be arrested?

Narcotics Control Bureau is playing different tactics with everyone. Even during the raid, what was the reason behind the presence of a BJP worker and a so-called private detective? We can say that the NCB is getting some kind of political support.

Aryan Khan birthday | [Photos] Aryan Khan's transformation proves he is a  mirror-image of daddy Shah Rukh KhanIn the recent hearing, the lawyer of Aryan Khan said that nothing came out, as there is nothing wrong done by Aryan. During the raid, when the officers started searching him, even they did not find any drugs or anything from him, so the officer took Aryan’s cellphone and downloaded all the data; they have also sent his phone for the forensic investigation but still, NCB did not get any proof against Aryan Khan which can prove him guilty. Still, he has been sent into judicial custody. 

The Narcotics Control Bureau is playing tricks with everyone and trying their best to extort as much money as they can as this case is a direct hit on the reputation of such a high-profile actor, Shahrukh Khan, and is using their powers in a wrong way.

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