Is Adani The New Drug Tycoon of India?

Can we say the well-known Adani group is now entering the drug industry?

Will Adani be the new drug tycoon of India? Thousands of voices are asking the same after 2,988.22 kilograms of heroin worth almost Rs. 9000 crores were seized at the Mundra Port in Gujrat. As the Mundra port is owned by the Group and is known as Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd., the company is in the investigation trap. 

Drugs Worth 9k crore seized at Adani Owned Mundra Port | INDToday

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence exposed this international racket. According to the officials, it is being reported that 2,988.22 Kgs of heroin have been found and seized. On moving into more details of the investigation, it was found that the firm exporting the drugs has been identified as Hassan Hussain Limited, which is based in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Gautam Adani becomes the 2nd richest person in Asia - Hindustan Times

This racket was exposed when the Customs and DRI stopped the consignment, and they found heroin instead of talcum powder while checking – the consignment had been named “talcum powder” by the Aashi Trading Company.

The consignment started its journey from Afghanistan and made its way to Gujarat via Abbas Port in Iran. The final destination was supposed to be the Aashi Trading Company, located in Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada.

Modi risks turning India into a nation of gangster capitalists - Nikkei Asia

This is being considered the biggest consignment of heroin, worth Rs. 9000 crores, in the history of India, seized at the Mundra Port in Gujarat. The house owner where the consignment was found has been arrested, but people are questioning the arrest of the port owner. Many tweeted and questioned why Adani was not being arrested, hinting that it was due to his close relationship with Modi Ji and Shah Ji. 

The DRI and customs have been running this operation for the last five days, and till now, four Persians have been arrested, and further investigation is still in the process. DRI is still conducting some raids in Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad.

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