This Video’s Viral ‘Side Eyeing Chloe’ Meme Will Be Sold As An NFT

The NFT or non-fungible token of the viral facial expression meme “Side Eyeing Chloe” is currently up for auction, with a starting price of 5 ETH or $15,000, and it is expected to rise further.

side eyeing chloe

According to LadBible, the popular face expression photograph of a two-year-old child was produced seven years ago. She had no idea at the time that her honest reply would have such a big impact on her life.

It will allow the buyer of the NFT to possess the original digital image of Chloe Chem’s facial expression.

According to the BBC, an NFT provides the customer with a certificate for owning a digital copy of almost anything, even memes like this one.

A little girl who is now an online celebrity after a photo of her went viral is now auctioning off her NFT for thousands of dollars.

Así luce en la actualidad Chloe Clem, la 'niña confundida'

According to the BBC, NFTs are “unique digital credentials that are commonly tied to work that has no physical representation.” The tokens serve as a digital certificate of ownership for the artwork, but they do not grant copyright. This implies that the auction winner will own the digital token that symbolises the meme rather than the meme itself.

Katie, Chloe’s mother, posted a video of her two kids responding to the Disneyland surprise in September 2013.

“But then the camera zoomed over and Chloe made her beautiful little buck-toothed side-eye expression and the internet did the rest,” Lily recalled of one of the girls.

The video has been seen over 20 million times, and the image of Chloe’s response has gone viral.

“When I opened Tumblr, all I saw was Chloe’s face,” her mother told the BBC. “It was strange and overpowering. I have relatives and friends send me these memes, and people still send me Chloe memes they discover on the internet even now.”

In the case of the side-eyed Chloe meme, the girl in the photograph, Chloe Clem, is planning to sell off the NFT of her popular meme for almost $15,000 in bitcoin. According to her mother, the cash would be utilised towards the girl’s education.

Chloe Clem, currently 10, rose to fame in 2013 after her mother posted her dissatisfied response to a surprise Disneyland trip online.

Side Eye Chloe| Chloe Clem aka 'side-eyeing Chloe' to put up the viral meme  for auction as NFT | Trending & Viral News

The picture has now become a famous meme for conveying worry.

Clem’s mother Katie tweeted the popular photograph in 2013, while she was promoting a surprise vacation to Disneyland to her two kids.

While Clem’s sister broke into joyous tears, two-year-old Clem’s expression was filled with disappointment. Clem’s displeased expression towards her mother caught the attention of social media users, resulting in a viral meme that is still prevalent today.

Clem has maintained a social media following of over 500,000 Instagram followers and has even appeared in a Google campaign in Brazil.

Ms. Clem added that after learning about the NFT market, selling the meme was a “no-brainer.” It’s a fascinating possibility, especially if there’s a Chloe fan who enjoys and wants to have this meme. “Even Chloe has commented, ‘that’s nice,’ which is typical of a 10-year-old.”

Ms. Clem says she plans to use any proceeds from the sale to help fund her children’ schooling.

“Chloe is like, ‘I’d like to buy a horse,’ she says, ‘I’d like to build a Walt Disney World,’ but all I want to do is send her through college,” she says.

“We’ve been able to travel to Brazil and do all of these great things,” adds Ms Clem. “[Still], at the end of each day, I’m just a stay-at-home mom with my kids.”

Typically, cryptocurrency is used to purchase NFTs, and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, a publicly accessible ledger. Several multi-million-dollar NFT sales have recently made headlines.

In March, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet to a Malaysian businessman for $2.9 million.

The woman depicted in the film ‘Disaster Girl’ sold it for $500,000 in April of this year. Another photograph, known as the ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme,’ sold for $411,000.

Nevertheless, because huge quantities of energy are required to process transactions, generate cryptocurrency, and maintain the blockchain, NFTs have recently sparked criticism

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