Top 10 Best SMTP Companies in India in 2022

Top 10 SMTP Companies in India in 2022

Even though email is an evolving set of technologies with a history stretching back more than 50 years, SMTP Companies are among the revolutionary marketing methods businesses are using today.

The SMTP server, which will be the center of our lecture, is one of the most crucial partners in the journey of your emails to consumer inboxes. We’ll discuss why our organization requires an SMTP service provider, as well as the top 10 SMTP service providers for bulk email marketing this year.

SMTP is a TCP/IP protocol that allows commercial and free SMTP servers to transmit, receive, and relay messages over the internet.

The SMTP service is a set of rules that allow email messages to be sent between servers.

In contrast, an SMTP relay service is a third-party application or service that transports email messages between different hosting services, servers, and domains.

The devices that are utilized to distribute emails are known as SMTP servers. In most circumstances, servers limit the number of emails sent every day. As a result, you’ll need to employ a professional SMTP server if you wish to send emails in bulk.

A technical review of popular SMTP Services [2020]

What is the function of an SMTP server?

Your mails would never make it to the inbox of your recipients if you didn’t use an SMTP server. You’ll need a digital mail carrier to avoid this. Let’s name him Bob in this example.
Bob is in charge of ensuring that your messages reach the intended recipients.
Bob, on the other hand, isn’t your average mailman. He’s incredibly intelligent, so he’ll be the first to act if he detects anything weird.

What exactly is SMTP?

The industry standard for sending emails over the internet is SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It employs proper authentication, increasing the likelihood of sending your emails to users’ inboxes.

SMTP service providers are available in both paid and free versions. In truth, Google and Outlook both offer a free SMTP account with a business email address.

On the other hand, traditional email providers have a limit on how many emails you can send. SMTP servers from free email services like Gmail or Outlook are typically not allowed for automatic emails like those sent by a WordPress website.

To ensure that your emails are sent correctly, you should sign up with one of the well-known SMTP service providers. Don’t worry; many of the leading SMTP providers provide generous free SMTP plans that are sufficient for most websites.


What is SMTP Authentication and How Does It Work?

The procedure by which ISP clients verify themselves to the mail server from which they are sending an email is SMTP authentication.

To transmit emails, an SMTP server is used. Gmail is a free email service that anybody may use. This service can send personal emails and integrate with your website.

SMTP diagnostics tools, also known as SMTP test tools, are important for locating and resolving SMTP server issues.

It accomplishes this by using the SMTP server to deliver an email message. All of these tests are kept track of in a log.
SMTP-enabled businesses.

Why Do WordPress Emails Require an SMTP Service Provider?

To perform numerous functions, all WordPress websites rely largely on email. Consider the following scenario:

Getting a lost password back

Creating a new user account

Comments, news articles, password changes, and other notifications

If it’s an online store, send order confirmations, invoices, and shipping information to customers via email.

WordPress is set up to send emails using the PHP mail() function by default. This is the most common cause of users’ complaints about WordPress not sending an email.

There are several issues with the default mail technique and reasons why it does not work.

The majority of hosting companies do not have this feature set up correctly. Some even turn it off completely to protect their servers from being hacked.

Because this service does not require authentication and can be used to send spam emails, it is a widespread concern.

Even if your WordPress hosting’s mail function is functional, your WordPress emails may still land up in spam since most spam filters check the sender’s email, location, and domain name and classify your site’s email as suspicious or spam.

Using an SMTP server to send WordPress emails is the only way to solve this problem.


Google – Free SMTP Server

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The sole requirement for using the service is a Gmail account. To reduce downtime, the company’s worldwide infrastructure prioritizes simplicity and ease of interface with various applications.

It is extremely dependable and provides Gmail users with excellent email deliverability, ensuring that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

While Google provides a free SMTP server, you must upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription plan once the 14-day trial period ends, starting at $6/month.

You’ll be able to send up to 2000 emails in 24 hours in this situation.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing Review, Is This Software Worth The Hype ?


Pepipost is another excellent SMTP service provider that speeds your email delivery by 5 times. It lets you track and analyze all email campaigns sent to a single email address over 90 days.

It supports SSL and TSL encryption, ensuring the security of your connection and email data while being sent.

SMTP servers have also been installed by the Pepipost team in various cities across the world, including Singapore, New York, Frankfurt, Delaware, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, to serve your email sending requests from the most convenient place.


Elastic Email
Elastic Email Software - 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Another SMTP service provider to consider is Elastic Email. It has a diverse set of tools to fulfill the demands of developers, marketers, and designers.

You may quickly connect and send emails using the HTTP API and SMTP Relay, and you’ll have a fantastic email marketing solution.

It provides a world-class worldwide infrastructure for delivering transactional emails, ensuring that your communications are delivered on time.

Amazon SES 

Amazon SES Pricing: A Comprehensive Guide


Is Perfect For It’s a beautiful platform with a fair price and dependable service. The Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is an email delivery platform used for transactional messaging, marketing communications, notifications, and incoming emails.

You can use this SMTP interface to connect your ticketing system or email clients to send emails.

To connect Amazon SES to your apps directly, use the SMTP interface or the AWS SDKs.
It comes with a simple mailbox simulator.

Other AWS services can be integrated into Amazon SES.

IP addresses that are allotted to you only.

SendPulse – Best SMTP Provider

7 Best SMTP Service Providers Of 2020 | SMTP Servers - SmallEnvelop


You can send transactional emails to your subscribers by SMTP or API from your website, CRM, or other third-party applications using this SMTP service.

SendPulse recommends authenticating your domain with SPF and DKIM records to increase email delivery rates. Getting a dedicated IP address for email transmission might also help you keep your sender’s reputation safe.

It’s also a multi-channel marketing platform that incorporates a range of marketing strategies, such as bulk email campaigns, web push notifications, SMS, Viber, and chatbots for messengers, into one system.



How to use custom HTML email templates with SendGrid


SendGrid is a sophisticated cloud-based SMTP email solution that lets you send mass emails without managing an SMTP server. It provides greater scalability and a robust collection of features.

Their SMTP relay is simple to install and integrates with any WordPress site. It comes with delivery optimization features, email analytics, email templates with a simple email editor, and third-party app and service connectors.

If email deliverability is your primary concern, SendGrid has excellent solutions to help you increase delivery, such as dedicated IP addresses and domain name authentication.

Pricing: They have a free plan that includes the first 40,000 emails, followed by 100 emails per day. Their monthly premium subscriptions start at $14.95.


Moosend – $8/month Premium SMTP Service

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One of the best email marketing automation tools available is Moosend. When you sign up for the service, you’ll get access to advanced tools and responsive newsletter designs, which could help you grow your business.

Because Moosend is an email service provider, it’s only natural that its SMTP server is selected (Email Service Provider).

The SMTP service, in particular, is easy to set up and integrate with your website, allowing you to send transactional emails quickly.

Order and account confirmations, invoices, and password reset messages, for example, can all be sent via Moosend’s SMTP relay service.

Furthermore, Moosend’s robust analytics and tracking system are ideal for monitoring your progress and ensuring excellent email deliverability.



Mailjet Email by Combidesk - One Solution To Power Your Email | Shopify App  Store


Mailjet is an email service that allows you to compose, organize, send, and optimize emails via the web. Marketers and developers can use it to send transactional emails.

 For bulk emailing, it provides SMTP Relay or Sends API.


I created an email with the help of the team.
With the drag-and-drop editor, creating an email is simple.
An in-depth examination is underway.
Collaboration in real-time.
The four major pricing levels are free, basic, premium, and enterprise. Request a quote to learn more about the Enterprise plan. If you are billed annually, the prices listed below apply.


SendinBlue – Best SMTP Server

Best Free SMTP Server: Safe and Really Free | Mailtrap Blog


For novices, Sendinblue is one of the top SMTP email service providers. Transactional emails, email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat provide a formidable marketing platform.

It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and third-party platforms like OptinMonster, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and a slew of others.

To assist with your marketing campaigns, they also provide strong personalization and marketing automation options.

Sendinblue is a highly expandable API and SMTP relay service that enhances transactional email delivery instantaneously.

Sendinblue offers a free plan with 300 emails per day that can be used indefinitely. Their paid plans begin at $25 per month and include 40,000 emails each month, as well as no daily sending limits.

SendinBlue is the first company on our list. It’s one of the top SMTP services for sending bulk transactional and promotional emails. It has the highest delivery rate, ensuring that your emails arrive in the inboxes of your receivers.

Sendinblue’s most appealing feature is its ability to integrate with your email builder or any other software you may be using. Easy integration comes with a comprehensive API, an SMTP Relay, and a WordPress plugin.

Sendinblue offers marketing automation, SMS marketing, list management, a live chat, landing pages, sign-up forms, and other services.


How to Send Emails via SMTP API Using Pepipost - YouTube


It’s a cloud-based SMTP email delivery service with an Email API for integrating with your apps, real-time reporting for tracking your assessment KPIs, and simple subaccount management.

Pepipost steals the show by ensuring that your emails arrive in your inbox quickly. They also offer integration instructions to help you get the most out of marketing and automation while spending the least amount of money possible.

They also offer live chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making them the most customer-friendly company because their customer service representatives are always quick to respond to your questions.

As we previously stated, they are the most cost-effective; take a look at their pricing!

Which SMTP Service Provider is the Best?

7 Best SMTP Service Providers Of 2020 | SMTP Servers - SmallEnvelop

Apart from the major SMTP providers listed above, there are many more, like Mandrill, Mailjet, Moosend, Pepipost, Microsoft Office 365, etc.

Users may find it challenging to choose the finest SMTP service provider for their needs due to the many options available.

When choosing an SMTP service, you should consider three primary considerations: email deliverability, scalability, and cost.

We’ll focus on affordability because it’s often a decisive factor, especially because every platform on our list has high email deliverability. Except for G Suite and Office365, all platforms can scale to send millions of emails each day.

The free plans appear to be quite competitive across all devices at first glance. If you run a small website, our top two SMTP recommendations, and SendinBlue, are both excellent choices.

On the other hand, pricing becomes a major consideration when your website grows. has the most affordable prices, scalability, and, most importantly, competent technical assistance.

If you send 100,000 emails each month, for example, you’ll spend $80 per month and get a dedicated IP address. SendGrid will cost $89.95 per month, and Sendinblue will cost $99 per month for the same number of sending requirements and dedicated IP, but this does not include Dedicated IP because it is an Enterprise feature.

Amazon SES is the best option if you have a technical team on staff because it costs $0.10 per 1000 emails. This means that 100,000 emails each month on Amazon SES will only cost $10. The major drawback is that their technical help is severely lacking. For dedicated IP, you just have to pay $24.95 per month.

There is no more cost-effective SMTP solution for huge sites than Amazon. is our top recommendation for the best SMTP solutions for small businesses.

Amazon SES is our recommendation for the best SMTP provider for large businesses and eCommerce websites.

How to Connect Your SMTP Service to WordPress with Ease?

After you’ve signed up for an SMTP service, the following step is to connect it to your WordPress site. This will substitute WordPress’ default mail function with your SMTP service, ensuring that your email is sent.

WP Mail SMTP is the best WordPress SMTP plugin for sending WordPress emails through any SMTP service provider.

It comes in two flavors: a free SMTP plugin and a paid version with additional functionality. You may choose which WordPress notification emails to send using your SMTP service provider with the paid version’s email controls.

You also get email logs and quicker setup for prominent SMTP providers like, Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, Gmail, Outlook, G Suite, and others. The Elite plan gives you access to their White Glove Setup, allowing you to have an expert from their team set up your SMTP service.

Installing and activating the WP Mail SMTP plugin is the first step. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

After activation, you must go to WP Mail SMTP » Settings and enter your license key. This information can be found on the WP Mail SMTP website under your account.

The following information is required.

SMTP Host: This is your SMTP host address, commonly

SSL or TLS is usually used for encryption.

The most common SMTP port is 465.

Authentication: Select Authentication from the drop-down menu.

Username: Typically, the username provided by your SMTP service is your email address.

Password: Your SMTP service’s password

Instead of saving your username and password in plain text, the plugin suggests adding them to your wp-config.php file. See our instructions for editing the wp-config.php file.

Don’t forget to click the ‘Save Settings’ button after you’ve entered all of the essential information.

To ensure that everything is working properly, send a test email. Go to the Email Test page and enter an email address to send a test email.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin will now send a test email to the address you provided. Check your inbox to see whether you received the test email.

Congratulations, your WordPress site is now configured to use your SMTP service provider.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 

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