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What’s China new land border law 


For a long time, the situation at the borders have been heated, causing controversies violence between the two nations, even resulting in the deaths of soldiers. 

On October 23, a law named “protection and exploitation of country’s land border areas” was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, which is the top legislative body of the nation. The law will come into action from January 1, 2022, as per the reports.

However, the border that is three thousand four hundred and eighty-eight kilometers is still in dispute, and according to experts in China that boundary dispute will cause more hurdles in upcoming plans like the resolution of 17 month-long military standoffs. Many think that the laws are just words and implementation will not take place.

Amid tensions over LAC with India, China passes new Land Border Law in the  name of

The Chinese law states that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China is sacred and inviolable”. According to Xinhua, it has been asked to the state to take the required measures to safeguard the territorial integrity, the land boundaries, the guard against and combat any act that undermines. The measures to strengthen the border defense, social development, about the opening areas of the border, economic support, improvement in the public services, support to people’s lives and to maintain the coordination among everyone can be taken by the state.

It also suggests a little push to settle the civilians in the border areas. The legislative body has asked the state to follow the principles of mutual trust, equality and handle the land border affairs in a very friendly way with the other neighboring nation, to maintain good relations and try to negotiate properly about the long-standing border problems.

Reason for the rise of dengue cases in Punjab

Pune: Till mid-July, two dengue deaths and 1,421 cases reported in state

To date, Punjab has witnessed approx. 14,000 cases of dengue this year, the rise of dengue was very unpredictable. Earlier, it was in September that the cases of dengue came into the reports as it is the last monsoon month, but now, the cases have shot up to thousand, and within one month, from the third week of September to the third week of October, the count has reached 13,850. 

According to the experts, there are few reasons behind the rise of dengue cases. The first one is monsoon withdrawal got delayed which usually happens in September. People stay alert during the monsoon season and take necessary precautions. But this year, since even late September received rainfall, the water got accumulated in the local areas and that provided the mosquitos a perfect place for breeding. 

Mohali district reported 95% of its dengue cases in 45 days | Cities  News,The Indian Express

The other reason is the garbage; people dump garbages like empty bottles, coconut shells, tyers, and containers into the vacant plots that provide the mosquitos a spot for breeding. This year the number of labs for dengue testing has been increased. The count was thirty last year, and it has been increased to thirty-nine this year.

According to Dr. Gagandeep Grover, Nodal Officer Punjab, the more testing, more will be the positivity rate, and the number of testing has been increased by three times. Earlier in 2019, Punjab recorded 10,400 cases of dengue and 8,000 in the year 2020.

Shoaib Akhtar asked to leave

In it together': Shoaib Akhtar appeals to Pakistan to help India tackle  Covid crisis | Sports News,The Indian Express

Shoaib Akhtar is one of the best players, and no one can match him.cThe former cricketer who has played 163 one-day international (ODI) and 46 test matches, and is one of the greatest bowlers around the world he was treated rudely during a show.

After a match of Pakistan where Pakistan won with five wickets against New Zealand in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup, Shoaib Akhtar was insulted by the show host during the on-air show. The former cricketer walked out of the television program after this behavior of the host at the PTV show owned by the state, and also resigned from his job of being a cricket analyst. Shoaib Akhtar got up and left the show.

After the action, Nauman Niaz, the host did not even try to call him back or stop him in the first place and carried on the show as normal with no reaction of Shoaib Akhtar leaving the set. Meanwhile, the other guests of the show like Umar Gul, David Gower, Sir Vivian Richards, Rashid Latif, Aaqib Javed, and Sana Mir, the captain of the Pakistan women cricket team were shocked and shaken by this incident and at the rude behavior of the host towards a well-respected player. 

Shoaib Akhtar to start coaching career - Eurosport

The news has been into social media, and the netizens are demanding an apology from the host, Nauman Niaz. He is also one of the known cricket historians and is the head of the analyst of the PTV sports department. The video of the argument between Shoaib Akhtar and Nauman Niaz has been widely shared on social media.

To clarify his position Shoaib Akhtar wrote that, many videos were being circulated and he finds it important to clarify that the host was rude and had asked him to leave the show. It was very embarrassing for the cricketer as he was sharing the screen with the legendary Sir Vivian Richards, and David Gower and few of other members. He had tried to manage the things but the host did not agree, so Shoaib chose to walk out the show. 

$3 billion will be provided to Pakistan

Saudi Arabia's Investment in Pakistan: No Strings Attached? – South Asian  Voices

As per the announcement made by the Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary via Twitter, the Saudi Arabia government will be providing $3 billion to Pakistan. As per the reports the government of Saudi Arabia has agreed to provide the money to Pakistan in safe deposits and the oil supply worth $1.5 billion as a deferred payment and also $1.2 billion.

In Saudi Arabia, World Oil Supplies Are in Flames | The New Yorker

Information Minister Fawad said, that the Saudi Arabia government has agreed to support Pakistan with the amount of $3 billion US dollars by depositing in the Pakistan Central Bank and also by financing the refined petroleum product worth $1.2 billion US dollars. The Saudi Arabia government will deposit the $3 billion US dollars on an immediate basis into Pakistan’s account for a year, and after that, it will keep on rolling until the competition of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) program in October 2023.


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