Rishi Sunak is contesting against Liz Truss for UK Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak is contesting against Liz Truss for UK Prime Minister

Former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak held the lead in the fifth vote on Wednesday to take over Boris Johnson as the leader and prime minister of the Conservative Party.

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss is currently fighting Rishi Sunak, and the number of races is now reduced to two. Boris Johnson, a retired leader suffering from scandals, resigned earlier this month, causing an unsightly battle to replace him within the ruling Conservative Party.

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If Mr Rishi Sunak is elected Prime Minister, Britain will be the sixth country with the highest ranks of Indians. A comprehensive list is published by Indiaspora, a US-based non-profit organization that represents communities around the world. The famous names on the list are:

  1. Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal
  2. President of Guyana, Mohammed Ilfern
  3. Prime Minister Mauritius, Pravind Jugnout
  4. President Mauritius, Prithvirajsing Roopun
  5. Chandrika Persado Santoki, President of Suriname
  6. Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

 In Mauritius, nine heads of state, including Mr Jugnout and Mr Lupun, were from India. Similarly, Suriname met five presidents from the community.

In addition, the four heads of state in Guyana and the three heads of state in Singapore were of Indian descent. In addition to these countries, Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, Malaysia, Fiji, Ireland and Seychelles also chose the heads of state of Indian immigrants.

According to polls, both Mr Truss and Mr Mordant will beat Mr Rishi Sunak in today’s key vote, even though they led a previous voting round by MPs.

Anyone who wins when the party elections are announced on September 5 will inherit some of the toughest situations Britain has seen in decades. Inflation is expected to reach 11% each year, growth is stagnant, industrial activity is booming and the pound is approaching a historic low against the dollar.

It’s official-Rishi Sunak is the closest to Indian descent to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after his Conservative buddies overwhelmingly cast 137 votes on him in today’s final round.

The 42-year-old former Prime Minister is convinced of an equally easy path as he faces a much tougher constituency from the Tory constituency, which has shown in a recent poll that he prefers rival Liz Truss. Is not …

However, MP’s favourite is when the mail ballot ends on June 5, as a direct television debate is scheduled on  Monday between the last two candidates and a series of Hustings across the UK on the BBC. Can take the time to repeat the result. ..


“This leadership competition isn’t just about being the leader of our party, it’s also about being our UK keeper,” Sunak has said since submitting a bid announced by the guide earlier this month. Said in a series of discussions and interviews.

He has sought a balance between individuals and professionals since he began applying for the story of an Indian family who emigrated from East Africa in the 1960s.

 ” The studies my mother undertook to become a pharmacist were rigorous. She met my father, the GP of the NHS [National Health Service], and they settled in Southampton. Her story doesn’t end there. But that’s the beginning of my story. “He shared with GP’s father Yashvir and his mother Usha.  That personal story is visible to his in-law,

Narayana Murthy and Suda Murthy recently repelled an attack on the property of his wife Akshata’s family. Expanded to emotional references. In a live television debate, he said: “I have a comment about the property of my wife’s family.

I’m incredibly proud that my in-law is being built, so I think it’s worth it, so I’ll take this head-on. Let me say, “My father-in-law came from nothing at all. Having a dream and hundreds of pounds, my mother-in-law got savings, which made him the largest in the world, founded by one of the most respected and most successful companies.

By the way, thousands of people are busy in the UK. This is a very conservative story. I’m proud. As a prime minister, I want to be able to write more stories like her at home. ” Rishi Sunak said.

A devout Hindu, Rishi Sunak was a regular in the temple born in Southampton and was the first Prime Minister to illuminate Diwali Dias outside his office at 11 Downing Street in November 2020.  His daughters Anushka and Krishna are also immersed in  Indian culture.

He recently shared how Anushka played Kuchipudi with his classmates for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration at Westminster Abbey last month. 

But beyond personality, he faced an enemy attack over his record as prime minister until his resignation prompted the resignation of his former boss, Acting Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has traditionally continued to focus on inflation rather than voting promises to win a  low-tax  Conservative membership base.

” The taxes of this parliament will be reduced, but I will reduce them responsibly. I will win the election to reduce the tax, not to win the election,” he said.

His work passed through a non-scholarship location at Winchester College, one of Britain’s top schools, and earned a coveted degree at Oxford University’s Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), and Stanford University MBA. Evidence Full Bright scholars are considered to meet all the requirements of the country’s highest political office. 


His experience in the private sector at Goldman Sachs and his experience as a hedge fund manager seem to give him an aura of someone he can trust in the face of severe economic headwinds. 

His political career began in 2015 with a secure Tories seat in Richmond, Yorkshire, and suddenly from a junior Treasury position when former boss Sajid Javid resigned in February 2020. I was driven to the post of minister.

He was confident that he was afraid that his new boss, Boris Johnson, would overwhelm the alleged fear of inexperienced senior officials, as he steadily led the financial response to the COVID pandemic. was.

A thorough program to protect the work and several grants for companies struggling has brought him praise from all sides of the political spectrum. He was constantly touted by Johnson as the next Tory leader and heir to the throne, but it attended some of his less popular post-pandemic tax increase policies and his original birthday event.

The boss who violates the blockade was hit by a party gate fine for what he did-Rule Former Finance Minister said his natural comfort in front of the camera helped solidify his lead in the race so far.

I hope it will be reproduced in Hasting in the next few weeks. But that wouldn’t be a smooth path, as he set out to open a courtroom with an estimated 160,000 Conservative voters to cast an absentee ballot in his favour.

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