Evolution Of Maruti’s Best Cars, Alto And Maruti 800, In India

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is the smallest category of passenger car, also known as a city car. Suzuki’s Alto is a hatchback. A hatchback is a type of car’s form configuration which consists of a rear door that swings in the upward direction which aims to provide admission to the cargo area.

Hatchbacks might also feature a foldable second-row seating, wherein, the interior of the car can be re-constituted to highlight the passenger sitting on the seats. Hatchbacks may introduce two or even a three-box design. Maruti Suzuki’s Alto is manufactured and marketed by Suzuki through its affiliate subordinate, Maruti Suzuki. The car was introduced in India, in 2000.

The first generation of the car launched in the country was a modified version (of the Fifth-generation Japanese Alto) essentially designed for Indian audiences and customers. The company then introduced the second generation of the car type which was then primarily designed for the Indian audiences and targeted customers due to the high popularity of the First generation of Maruti Suzuki’s Alto. The innovative and unique Alto 800 contains the RF308 carcass code, while for the three-cylinder K10 the code is RF310 and the code for the four-cylinder version is RF410.

New Maruti Suzuki Alto launched: Improved design, safety, features at price  of Rs 2.93 lakh - The Financial Express..

Suzuki’s Alto has evolved over the two generations present in the country. The second generation was introduced in 2012. The second one has varied features which comprise tons of interior and exterior upgrades such as redesigned bonnet for a new look, door molding, better-looking instrument cluster, 13-inch wheels for better gripping, restructured bumpers, door mirrors, new headlamps, even a new dashboard to stuff in one’s materials.

Alto is a famous beneficiary and heir to the equally famous, Maruti 800. This is one of the most famous and classic cars that trended in the market and has been the best-seller for almost 25 years in India.

The classic was launched in the Indian markets in the year 1983. The monocoque chassis was equipped with a 796cc, three-cylinder engine that was set up with a power capacity of 39 BPH @ 6000 RPM. The trending car comprised of a weight of 620 kg.

With a top speed of 120 km/h, the Maruti 800 was launched at an initial price of Rs. 48,000 in Indian markets in the early 80s. The car was then modified in the year 1986 and launched again in the same year with a modification as Maruti 800 CB72. Till the year 2004, this car was in the market as the best-seller of all times.What made Maruti 800 so wildly popular?

The next modification of the car was released in the year 1997 as Maruti 800 5-speed/ MPFI. This newly updated version of the classic Maruti 800 brought about a lot of changes in the look as well as the specification of the car. Maruti 800 which was 620 kg became heavier by 20 kg and now weighed 640 kg. The initial price of Maruti 800 was Rs. 48,000. After almost 14 years, the price of the car witnessed a hike of Rs. 1,61,000 and was now sold for Rs. 2.09 Lakhs.

The newest and last update in the modifications of the Maruti 800 was Maruti 800 4-speed/MPFI in the year 1999. Along with new headlights and seats, the car was now supremely modified to gain a top speed of 137 km/h from the initial top speed of 120 km/h. Maruti 800 which was 640 kg became heavier by 10 kg and now weighed 650 kg. The last price of Maruti 800 5-speed/ MPFI was Rs. 2.09 Lakhs. After almost 3 years, the price of the car witnessed a hike of Rs. 44,000and was now sold fir Rs. 2.56 Lakhs.

2018 Maruti Alto 800 LX (O) Specs & Price in India

Both of these cars are famous throughout the country due to a lot of reasons. The cars are a favorite to date for their major characteristics, features, and specifications which are as follows –

This 35-Year-Old Restored Maruti 800 Looks Nothing Less Than Stunning After  Modification

  1. PRICE- The Maruti Suzuki`s Alto and Maruti 800 follow the low-price strategy which makes the car extremely affordable. With more advancements and modifications in the new versions of the cars, they became a favorite among the middle-class.
  2. LOW MAINTENANCE COST- The cars had an extremely low maintenance cost which is around Rs. 15000- Rs.25000 per five years. Which made the buyers happy.
  3. COMFORT- For the price, the cars have a lot to offer. Especially when it comes to the comfort and interiors. The Smart play infotainment system has made the cars a unique one and has a lot to offer. Safety features such as providing two airbags, reverse parking sensors and many more have made the car a favorite. 
  4. DIMENSIONS- The compact dimensions of the Maruti Suzuki`s Alto and Maruti 800 make it easier to move through high traffic and also help to get parked in between tight parking spots. The car is a hatchback that has enough storage and leg space despite the dimensions.
  5. FUEL EFFECTIVENESS- The enraged prices of fuel have always dissatisfied automobile users. The high mileage of Alto and Maruti 800 has made the cars highly efficient proving as the USP of the cars.

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