Facebook Officially Changes Its Name To Meta

The tech giant Facebook recently changed its name to Meta in the company’s connect event.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg recently announced on the connect Event about the change of the name of Facebook’s parent company. Zuckerberg said that the company believes and aims to build technology together as a team which can finally put people at the center of the technology created by them and only as a team they can get together they can create a humongous and greater economy. The company’s recent motivation is to focus and reflect upon themselves to know who they are and what they strive to achieve.

This update of the change of the company has brought about a sense of introspection for the brand as to what services they are currently offering along with what service provider and target audiences they are catering to.

Mark Zuckerberg Changes Facebook's Name To Meta In Rebranding Effort; More  Focus On Virtual World

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that Facebook doesn’t completely suffice the services offered by the largest social media and networking platform available in the market right now.

He believes that Facebook shows only one major service provided by the social media network which is strongly not the case ever since the brand has expanded to business and product trading by creating a mini-market by enabling the social media user account holders to buy and sell products through the application by creating an option of the marketplace in the application or website of the social media network.

The news comes in as the company is trying its level best to get back in the game and in the market as the leading social media network provider even though it holds the record of the most number of users through the most number of social media user accounts ever created through any social media network providing platform. The company strives and seems motivated enough to create and establish itself as a ‘metaverse’ company in the near future.

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Mark believes and said in the connect event held by the company on Thursday, 28th October 2021, that the name of the parent company Facebook claims the time and efforts devoted and denoted by the hard-working employees and creators working as a team can not be fully understood by the name Facebook.

The company is keenly interested to expand its business to be widely known as metaverse creators because of the versatility in the services provided by them in the market through their digital platform instead of being known as a social media network providing platform.

Zuckerberg is sure of his company’s objectives and about their plans related to the future as he claimed in the connect event that the technology they are creating is so effective and highly efficient that it can bring about a change in the lives of its users by bringing about convenience in their lives, hence, making their lives easier.

Born in New York, United States, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest and youngest people to achieve the status of not just a billionaire but a trillionaire. By the time Mark entered the world of university studies at Harvard, he had already become popular among the students as a game developer and a programming prodigy.

A lot of the students who were Marks’s batchmates claim that while the other students and his friends used to talk about games and play them, he used to keenly listen to them and end up developing those little games for fun. Zuckerberg is said to have developed Facebook while sitting in his college dorm room as an amusement. The application was earlier named as TheFacebook and went on to change its name after a few years to Facebook. Zuckerberg currently owns Facebook, Instagram , and Whatsapp among many other applications.

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With over a number of 340 million users, Facebook has been the greatest ever application to be used among people from almost all the countries all across the globe. Ever since the digital market has developed newer social media platforms through applications and websites, Facebook users have become a lot passive and inactive.

As of now despite being the creator of most number user accounts, Facebook has been pushed backward by another leading social media networking platform Instagram. Even though Facebook took over and acquired Instagram long ago, its users remain passive while Instagram became the leading social media networking platform with the most active users.

Facebook, despite its numerous attempts to revive its game through Instagram by linking both the applications and syncing the user accounts, could not get back in the game as the leader and remains hidden behind the curtains led by Instagram.

After the connect event it has been made clear by the CEO that only the parent company’s name will be changed and the names of its subsidiaries and acquired companies Whatsapp and Instagram will remain the same.


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