Pristyn Care: A New Addition To India’s Unicorn Tally for 2021

Pristyn Care: An Addition To India’s Unicorn Tally

Founded in late 2018, Pristyn Care is a Gurugram based health-based technology company that caters to minimally invasive surgical and medical interventions to provide high-quality medical services to transform the patient’s journey of pain and suffering into safe and enjoyable ones through advanced medical techniques and technologies such as laser techniques and technology that involve less invasive techniques.

The multi-medical clinics, as well as the hospital’s chain, comprise three founders, Dr. Garima Sawhney, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, and Dr. Harsimarbir Singh. The company is home to over 250 hospitals and around 80 clinics spread all across the country to provide better and highly skilled therapy and surgeries.


Healthtech startup Pristyn Care poised for growth, completes 40,000  surgeries with 1 MN patient interactions - The Financial Express

The health tech start-up deals in complicated surgeries that involve a high level of medical equipment and advanced skills for the doctors and surgeons to perform the medical surgeries.

The company covers complicated surgeries such as Gynecology, Proctology, Laparoscopy, Vascular, Urology, Otolaryngology [also popularly known as ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat)], Ophthalmology, Aesthetics and In Vitro Fertilisation (also popularly known as IVF).

With the series round E of fundraising in the healthcare tech startup Pristyn Care successfully raised $84 million from the popular American venture capitalist Sequoia Capital and many pre-existing investing companies such as Winter Capital, Tiger Global, and many more.

The start-up is yet to complete the documentation process of filing of another US$15 million is to complete and put an end to the fundraising round series with a closing amount of US$100 million. Pristyn Care is one of the fastest start-ups in India to reach up the Unicorn tally.


Raising funds for your startup: 4 ways to fund your business other than  venture capital - The Financial Express

The fundraising successfully drove up the budding healthcare tech startup to a valuation of $1.4 billion making it reach the list of India’s unicorn Companies. This list comprises all the companies that originated in India that have a total market valuation of over US$1 billion. 

The company is well advanced to show quick expansions. The best example is depicted by their actions and smart move to move up their business among the Covid 19 or coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

The start-up quickly partnered with the urban company to provide the much-needed quality services of online medical consultations from highly skilled doctors and surgeons who are available in their hospitals and clinics.

As for the company social responsibility, the start of the founders declared to donate over 10,000 masks to the hard-working policeman of Delhi Police among the Covid-19 pandemic to protect them from the web terrible spread of the coronavirus as they were the ones who were highly prone to the virus as The policeman never backed down from the duty even among the lockdowns.

Pristyn Care | LinkedIn

The brand is especially known for its complete transparency from its patients to provide them with a safe and healthy treatment experience. The healthcare start-up also prospered well in the technology department by developing a Pristyn Care Patient Application which enables The patients to schedule an appointment with the doctor or surgeon of their choice allotted by the company even at the Location of their choice be it at their respective home or a physical clinic or hospital.

The application is also equipped with the technology to send regular updates on the reports of the patients through regular and quick notifications. This also enables the patient to bag a confirmed appointment with the doctor or surgeon which is A matter of concern amongst the pandemic as waiting in long queues along with other patients can be risky in terms of the spread of the virus.

The application also provides the patient transportation service through the booking of cabs to the hospitals and clinics to provide a much safer and healthy treatment experience supported by follow-up appointments and treatments to provide a complete solution to the patients who are treatments and problems.

A major obstacle and an important matter of concern of the patients of Insurance claim is also solved by the Pristyn Care Patient Application. The insurance team of the start-up allows the patients to choose from individual plans to provide maximum insurance coverage to the patients for a carefree and safe treatment.


Hrithik Roshan turns poetic for new Pristyn Care ad, says 'har surgery mein  care le aaye'! | Culture News | Zee News

The brand roped in as one of the most popular Bollywood actors, Superstar Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for the promotion of their start-up. The actor shot for certain advertisements and got involved in various photo shoots for the healthcare company’s promotion on television, radio, posters and, banners, and many more.

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