5 Problems Faced By Teachers During Online Classes

“Zoom” is one word that was heard from the mouth of almost every other person when the pandemic began its onslaught. It has been one of the most popular and brightest platforms for educators and teachers of the school, colleges, and universities; from official board meetings to employee-based meetings, everyone has shifted to this teleconferencing and telecommunication platform.

The teachers and parents of the students enrolled in kindergartens, preschool, middle school, high school, or even universities have benefited the most from this application. The students, who could have missed out on years of valuable education, got the opportunity to study online. 

Zoom grows to 300 million meeting participants despite security backlash -  The Verge

Just like Zoom, people have also used Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and many other online platforms that serve the same purposes. Still, of all, Zoom has emerged to be the most popular platform for teleconferencing and telecommunication.

Zoom is an online conference meeting platform that allows a host to invite as many participants as they want to conduct official or unofficial meetings. The software is used for teleconferencing, telecommunicating to host meetings. Zoom Video Communications Inc. has created the software so that it enables various people from all across the globe to join a particular meeting through a set user password and meeting code. This feature enables the meeting host to protect the meeting with confidential data so that unwanted and unnecessary people do not pose a threat to the private information of the attendees present in the meeting.

Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have also served the same purposes, but Zoom has provided a more secure platform to protect the attendees’ data. Google Meet doesn’t require a password for its meetings, and for Microsoft Teams, one has to be invited to the team by the host, which can turn out to be quite complicated.


The Zoom meeting platform emerged as a blessing in disguise for educators and students whose education was put at risk during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Online schooling is trending nowadays and has taken over the traditional classrooms with blackboards and smart boards. Almost all the schools across the globe are now preferring and conducting classes over the zoom meetings. 

However, this blessing in disguise is continuously causing several obstacles and problems for educators. Let’s have a look at the major problems that are being faced by the most important service-providing people, the teachers:

1. Lack of attention – This problem is being faced by both the students as well as the educators. The educators are highly skilled and can look at the students face and understand if they are thorough with the concepts they are being taught or not, but in online classes, despite having the option of switching on and off the web camera of the device the educators are facing troubles to understand what the students are going through. Students also face this problem as they are unable to focus on a device constantly and are easily distracted by their house setup.

2. Nuisance created by students – Every class group consists of a class clown who is keen on disturbing the class to have fun and is often not focused. Online platforms provide a fun medium for such students as they create disruptions in the class by changing their usernames or by creating funny noises by switching on their mic continuously.

Common Issue With Zoom and How To Fix It | by Glovory Tech | Medium
3. Technical issues – A wide number of backward teachers and students are facing troubles while connecting to the classrooms due to lack of facilities and network problems due to which the technical issues arise and they miss onto quality teaching and studying.

4. Low morale – A huge number of educators face the problem of having low morale among the students as a lot of them do not attend the classes in time due to the comfort of staying at home and resting. Students often don’t attend classes in time and lack discipline, which is an essential feature of getting an education.

5. Lack of support from fellow faculty members – Similar to the students, the teachers also have to conduct the classes and provide education from their homes. As a result, they are unable to connect with the other teachers and have to be available on their mobile phones all the time to communicate with them which brings down the morale of the teachers, as they are unable to connect through the other teachers properly.

Hence, even a blessing, can have its negatives. It is up to us on how we use it and help the educators so that they can provide their quality services in peace and at ease to us.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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