Cadbury’s Brand Ambassador For Local Businesses, SRK Shares Powerful Message In His New Ad

The holiday season has arrived, and it is time for manufacturers to advertise their holiday-specific items with zeal. Cadbury is a company that frequently creates thought-provoking and relevant ads for important holidays and festivals, and this time was no exception. This Diwali, the firm released an advertisement depicting Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador of small, local companies who suffered from the coronavirus outbreak, and the internet applauded the idea.

Cadbury is well-known for its chocolates and innovative advertising. However, with the new #NotJustACadburyAd campaign, the British multinational confectionery giant is assisting small companies in India by offering a platform to direct customized advertisements with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The new ad also included a video in which SRK can be seen promoting local businesses and companies. Cadbury’s marketing and promotional initiatives are novel in the Indian market. Cadbury’s ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad,’ which uses AI and cutting-edge technology, might be a game-changer for small companies in India who have been struggling since the COVID outbreak.


The campaign, dubbed ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad,’ opened with a voice-over and bytes of local businesspeople explaining how terribly the virus had affected them. “This Diwali, we supported hundreds of small companies by appointing India’s largest brand ambassador as their brand ambassador,” the film concluded.

In the following scene, Shah Rukh Khan appears clothed in a cream-colored sherwani. He took the names of several stores and persuaded viewers to buy clothes, shoes, candy, electronics, and so on from them. The business started in the commercial that they employed machine learning to reproduce Shah Rukh Khan’s visage and voice to take the names of local stores in the ad.

“Because it is difficult to cover all of the stores, we offered consumers the power to make their own version of ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad,'” the video concluded. “Humare aas paas ki jo dukaane hai, unki bhi to Diwali meethi honi chahiye na,” Shah Rukh stated near the end of the video.

Shah Rukh Khan appears to be endorsing local products in the marketing film. However, the video ultimately exposes that a computer created the audio and visuals. Small companies may also use AI to advertise their products using Shah Rukh Khan’s face and voice. This technique is similar to deep fake videos in some ways, but what distinguishes it is the combination of audio and video that flawlessly synchronizes the brand’s name.

Cadbury’s new AI technology makes authentic recordings of Shah Rukh Khan speaking into the camera and naming numerous brands in a brief clip, from lip-reading to voice recognition. It’s worth mentioning that this campaign was initially presented, in which Shah Rukh Khan promoted products based on a specific pin code.

The novel notion of utilizing AI to assist small businesses in reaching a diverse variety of clients would help local enterprises to acquire a new customer base in India.
Cadbury implemented the new AI function over the Christmas season to cover as many retailers and small companies in India as possible. The commercial demonstrates the potential of AI and how these technologies enable small businesses to hire celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan for promotions and brand ads.

“The latest edition, which was introduced in 2020 to promote local companies around the country, takes it a step further—in addition to the brand films, local shopkeepers get to create a version of these advertisements for their stores using the AI-powered technology developed by Re.ai. The first-of-its-kind programme is intended to assist small businesses by assisting them in developing innovative and scalable avenues of connection with their customers “According to the firm.

Mondelez incorporated the names of select merchants whose companies were highlighted in the Cadbury Celebrations advertisement last year.
Mondelez has expanded on the campaign for the second year in a row, although with the help of a celebrity like Khan.

This year’s campaign will spotlight over 2,000 supermarkets, retail, consumer electronics, home décor, clothes, furniture, and jewelry establishments around the country, with pin codes highlighting the north, east, and west zones.

Interested companies and businesses may join up for a user account on the ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad’ website. Because of the campaign’s exclusivity, there are certain variables and stipulations you should consider before applying. It involves inputting information about your company, business owner names, and other critical details. The campaign’s promotions are free, but firms must ensure that they deliver accurate information.

If your company qualifies for the campaign, the new AI technology will make films of Shah Rukh Khan advertising your stores, which might include stationery stores, Kirana stores, footwear stores, and more. Cadbury has collaborated with Re.ai, an AI-driven firm helmed by Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, and Shivam Mangla, to achieve this achievement.

Cadbury and Re.ai will create real video advertising with SRK to promote your brand to millions of people worldwide over the internet as part of this collaboration.
The commercial quickly went popular once it was published on YouTube. The brand’s thoughtful campaign struck a chord with viewers, who lauded the company’s efforts to encourage local companies.

“The Cadbury advertisement is one of the finest campaigns by any brand.” “Shah Rukh Khan – The trend setter,” one person said.

“Wow, just great Shah Rukh Khan in the ad,” another person said. “I adore you.”

Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in the 2018 film ‘Zero,’ alongside Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif on the professional front. He is now filming for Siddharth Anand’s ‘Pathan,’ where he co-stars with John Abraham and Deepika Padukone.

Edited by Anupama Roy

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