Ankita Konwar Shares Her Painful Experience

Ankita Konwar, wife of actor Milind Soman recently shared her experience of her past and told how painful it was for her to go through all that. 

We have always boldly seen the couple who always motivates people to be fit and healthy. The couple even shares their fitness routine on social media to connect it to the fans.

But recently, Ankita Konwar posted a video of herself and was spotted saying that she is wise beyond her years, and to that, she responded that it’s trauma baby and laughed. Ankita shared a post on an Instagram briefing about her traumas and the battle that she fought.

Milind Soman's wife Ankita Konwar: 'Abused as a child, lost ex-lover,  judged for being with the person I love' | Entertainment News,The Indian  Express

In the post, Ankita used the caption to share her experience, she wrote, she was abused as a child, she grew up in hostels, she used to live alone in foreign cities, the people she trusted the most cheated on her, she lost her brother, she lost her boyfriend whom she loved, she even lost her father. People used to call her different names based on her looks and judged her for being with the person she loves, and added, if you find her being optimistic, just know she is optimistic.

After posting, Milind wrote back and said that she had come a long way, and to that, Ankita added, “thanks for being the best companion.” People also responded and called her superstar and said that the fans love her for what she is and thanked her for motivating them.

Ankita Konwar reveals being abused as child and losing loved ones, husband  Milind Soman reacts | Celebrities News – India TV

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar dated each other and tied the knot in 2018. Many questions were raised on this decision as at the time of marriage Ankita Konwar was 26 years old whereas Milind was 52, the age difference raised many obligations but they answered all the questions very nicely.

On asking Ankita how she met Milind, she answered that she decided to leave the country after she lost her boyfriend. She was working with Air Asia as a cabin crew, so Ankita got posted in Chennai after a few months. While she was staying in one of the hotels in Chennai, she met Milind Soman, she was already a fan of him and went to say hello, and after meeting a couple of times, a friend of her asked her to make a move for their friendship. After some time, both realized that they were the one for each other and got married. 

Ankita Konwar on '7 days of highway runs' to Statue of Unity with Milind  Soman: Experience of a lifetime | Health - Hindustan Times

Recently, Milind made it into the news by completing his run starting from Dadar, Mumbai, to Statue of Unity. Ankita Konwar also joined him to promote the Fit and Healthy India Campaign.

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