Anupam Tripathi: Everything About The ‘Squid Game’ Fame Actor

Anupam Tripathi has been receiving immense appreciation and fame for his role in the most famous Netflix Korean series “Squid Game“.

The South Korean series has gained tremendous popularity and become an international sensation. 32 years old actor Anupam Tripathi got his road to stardom and with this Korean show and became a global sensation. Throughout the world, fans have started to shower their love for the talented actor of the Netflix series Squid Game.

Actor Anupam Tripathi, who performed the character of a Pakistani immigrant Abdul Ali, is from India. His character in the show, Ali, is a migrant factory worker from Pakistan who is urgently in need to earn money for his family, and so he participates in the deadly survival game along with other characters.

Even though Ali suffered an ill fate in the show, the actor has instantly gained a huge fan following. The promising actor is taking the world by storm. 

Here, we will present everything that is known about “Squid Game” fame actor Anupam Tripathi, who performed the character “Ali Abdul”, contestant No. 199.

Anupam Tripathi was born on November 2, 1988, in New Delhi. The 32-year-old actor reportedly moved to South Korea in 2010 when he got a scholarship from South Korea National University of Arts (KARTs) in Seoul. It is one of the top universities for the arts in South Korea. 

When Tripathi migrated to South Korea, he struggled with language difficulty. He explained that with his persistence and years of practice, now he has overcome the language barriers and he can speak Hindi, English, and of course, Korean.

In an interview with a news channel, he told that overpowering cultural differences were challenging. He revealed that, “It’s very tough, and difficult. But simultaneously, I have continuously challenged myself. If I have come this far by moving step by step.”

Firstly, his parents opposed his moving young to South Korea as he was still young. He said in an interview that his parents did not want him to go and study in Korea. Tripathi said, “I lost my dad in 2017, but if he would see me right now he would have been extemly overwhelmed, and he would have been really happy.” 

anupam tripathi

In 2006, Anupam Tripathi started his career as an actor. “It’s a dream that comes true, I’ve struggled hard for it, step by step and day by day, and rest has become history. I am glad about how it has turned out to be. I never expected, believed, or fantasized that something like this would happen to me and my world. I was just wishing that one day people will see me and I get more work. Every day was about new survival but now people are acknowledging me”, the actor said.

He explained his earlier challenges, “It’s challenging because I have to go through agencies and there are so many people. Sometimes it’s good as well as bad, but you have to convince them with your talent to give you work. I was doing online searches and asking about work from colleagues. I was doing my own promoting and don’t feel embarrassed about it. I wanted to work in Korea and want to break that image of doing the same sort of work and I wanted to explore different kinds of work. As a real professional artist.”

For Ali Abdul’s character in “Squid Game,” Anupam Tripathi did some deep research. He went out and met different immigrants and had many conversations with them to engage himself more in his character. Anupam Tripathi said that as an actor, “you inspect, explore, and you try to understand that idea of a person: how and why he is like that, and what he desires. We get experiences when we talk to different kinds of people.”

He has earlier played a different character in many popular South Korean dramas like ‘Ode to My Father‘,’ Space Sweepers’, ‘The 8th Night, and Miss & Mrs. Cops‘ and ‘Desendents of the Sun‘ but somehow audience might not recognize him.

Squid Game's Indian actor Anupam Tripathi has an interesting connection  with Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo | Web Series - Hindustan Times

After becoming a sensation through Squid Game, he hopes that he can improve his acting career even better, “I wanted to inspire and be a representation. I have together with my friends here in South Korea. Being an example, I want other international actors to get a job in the South Korean film industry. If I can’t perform, I share those possibilities with other actors from different countries. The opportunities are beginning up thanks to OTT platforms.”

He further said that he wanted to do different kinds of characters with diverse stories, and he hopes at the same time that he can be the inspiration for different foreign actors who are in Korea and want to come to Korea for looking opportunities in the film industry.

He is very excited after the release of the web series, as he is getting love from all over the world. “It feels excellent to be in the historical show and it is giving me huge fame and acknowledgemnt which is absolutely new to me.” He has garnered over 111 million fans following in less than a month. His social media followers are growing day by day and it is a sign of his increasing popularity.

Nobody had anticipated that Squid Game would become so popular. The actor, remembering the day of its release, said, “I still recall the day of the release of the show, by 4 pm, my life was normal, but after 5 pm, everyone began discussing about my role, and sudden the love flowing on Instagram.”


His character’s last scene, the marble scene, has become a fan-favourite. This scene is also extremely important in the context of the series. Anupam Tripathi said that he is very delighted with the success and fame, and the recognition that he is getting from everywhere, and will continue his acting journey with the hope of getting such diverse characters to play. He is waiting to get a call from Bollywood and Hollywood for new projects.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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