Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar was given a huge amount of money to befriend with Jacqueline Fernandez

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar was given huge amount of money to befriend with Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez was interviewed by the executive office in connection with the 200 billion yen money laundering case led by fraudster Sukesh Chandrashekar. Her agency referred to Jacqueline’s name because in their indictment it was believed that the actor received an expensive gift from a scammer. Recently, the actor shared an intimate photo of himself and Sukesh online, confirming their close relationship.

Now that Jacqueline has been interviewed many times from the emergency room, the actress was also fooled by Sukesh when a scammer made a “fake” call that duplicated the office number of Home Minister Amit Shah. It is reported that he told her agency. It is stated in the PTI report. According to Jacqueline Fernandez, Sukesh Chandrashekhar introduced him as “Shekhar Ratne Vela”.

Sunday’s ED may have been involved in a money-laundering investigation into fraudsters Sukesh Chandrashekar and others, blocking actress Jacqueline Fernandez from flying abroad at Mumbai Airport, officials said. Said there is. The 36-year-old actor was first stopped at the airport by immigrants based on the Lookout Circular ED told the agency how many weeks in December when Sukesh will occur in 2020. Also said he tried to contact Jacqueline and in January 2021, but the actress said she received a lot of such calls and did not answer.

Her make-up artist reportedly received a call that the caller came from a government agency and  Jacqueline needed to contact Shekar. When the actor responded, Sukesh introduced himself as the owner of SunTV. He also said he came from a Jayaram Litter politician.


Sukesh recommended to Jacqueline that she make films in the southern industry since Sun TV has many projects to work on. With regard to her acquaintances, Jacqueline has three designer purses from Gucci and Chanel, two fitness outfits from Gucci, a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, two pairs of diamond earrings, a bracelet made of coloured stones, and two. I received a gift such as a Hermes bracelet. The actress said she returned the mini cooper she received as her gift.

The shocking details revealed by the Executive Office (ED) in the Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar case caused a  panic in Bollywood.

In her statement to the ED last week, Jacqueline Fernandez gave her two diamond earrings, two Hermes bracelets, three Birkin bags, and one Louis Vuitton. Revealed that he gave Vuitton shoes. Now it turns out that Jacqueline wasn’t the only one to send such a basket to Sukesh. Fascinated by the charm of Bollywood, Sukesh Chandrashekhar targeted several actresses, including the famous A-listers. Sukesh sent these gorgeous gifts under various names to ensure her anonymity and protect her identity.

One source told India Today exclusively: “Sukesh sent random gifts and baskets to many Bollywood actresses. Also under different initials and names. He was easily taken to the looks of a Bollywood actress before Jacqueline tried the same tricks as some others. Fortunately, none of these great Aristo actresses fell into it or received these gorgeous gifts. As news of the fraudster’s alleged fraud spread, some of these actresses contacted Sukesh to verify that what they received had been broadcast by him.

 As with Jacqueline Fernandez, Sukesh Chandra Shekar always used other names, so he introduced himself to Shekar Ratna Vera. It is doubly difficult to see if the gift came from him. 


Pinky Irani, a woman who paid millions of rupees to fraudster Sukesh Chandrashekar to enable “friendship” with actress Jacqueline Fernandez, was told by the Executive Office (ED) in Tihar Prison.

Irani was arrested by the executive office on 9 December. Pinky Irani also confronted  Jacqueline Fernandez.

 After the confrontation, India Today learned that after obtaining court permission, ED officials would take Pinky to Tihar Prison, where he would confront Sukesh. Pinky, under the control of the ED, had previously confronted  Jacqueline, who is under investigation by financial regulators. ED learned about Pinky’s role after recording testimony from Jacqueline make-up artist Shaan Muttathil.

Irani was arrested by the executive office on 9 December. Pinky Irani also confronted  Jacqueline Fernandez.


 The two were asked the same question while Pinky confronted Sukesh in Tihar. For example, how Pinky knows each other, whether Pinky helped with illegal money laundering operations, and so on. The cross-examination at Tihar Prison lasted more than four hours. Police had previously accessed CCTV footage of  Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who was in charge of Tihar Prison Complex personnel, after receiving a bribe.

 Bollywood actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi have previously confessed that they have received an expensive gift from Sukesh Chandrashekar. In a statement, Shaan was contacted by a woman named Angel in January 2021 and told authorities that she had introduced him to Sukesh as Shekar in a video call asking him to introduce Jacqueline. But Jacqueline wasn’t interested in talking to strangers. The scammer later called Shaan on a fake phone call, pretending to work at the office of Home Minister of India,  Amit Shah, and asked him to contact Sukesh because he was working with the government.


 “The call was made from the office of Home  Minister of India, Amit Shah, who was investigated as a fake phone call by Defendant Sukesh,” the indictment said.

After the call, Shaan shared Sukesh’s cell phone number with Jacqueline and contacted them. Sukesh then called  Jacqueline from her cell phone via WhatsApp and introduced herself as “Shekhar Ratna Vela” in February 2021. According to the indictment, Sukesh originally told the actor that he came from former Tamil Nadu’s political families. Chief Minister Jayalalitha and owner of Sun TV.

 The ED claimed that Sukesh had regular contact with Jacqueline from February 2021 until his arrest on August 7, 2021. During this time, Sukesh gave various gifts to her and her family and arranged her charter for her within India. Cash payment to the scriptwriter on behalf of Jacqueline for her hotel stay. All these costs and payments are made by Sukesh as proceeds of crime. “A variety of gifts were also delivered by Angel identified as Pinky, a Mumbai resident who purchased and delivered gifts on behalf of Sukesh Jacqueline at Angel’s allegation. “We introduced Jacqueline’s makeup artist Sukesh Shaan over a video call, and Shawn and Sukesh exchanged phone numbers,” Pinky said in a statement.

 According to Sukesh’s instructions, he visited an exhibition hall for luxury bags, clothing, shoes, etc. And Jacqueline is delivered either by himself or through her manager Prakash.” Pinky also said that Sukesh gave Shaan Muttatil an expensive gift, including two Gucci shoes, one LV bag and one LV bag, told the officials.

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