Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review – An Failed Attempt To Placate Old Fans

After more than one year of pandemic-related delays on scheduling, Ghostbusters: Afterlife eventually released it to theaters. The latest film in the franchise is a straight sequel to Ghostbusters 2 that was released more than thirty years ago.

Its co-writer and director named Jason Reitman, who is the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed both the initial 1984 Ghostbusters and its sequel in 1989.

Like so many different franchises those days, the latest movie focuses on handing and delivering over a familiar property to younger or newer characters, but it acknowledges the nostalgia of certain past that fans may feel longtime for the original story — sometimes at the expense of the new story Reitman is telling.

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Inside the residence, Egon left seemingly hundreds of gadgets, tools, and Ghostbusting paraphernalia for Trevor and Phoebe for discovering and for longtime fans to comfort over.

These nostalgia moments are scattered all over the place, and the implications are frequently harmless follower service — even if it infrequently appears as the camera stays too deep on a prop or two from the original film.

The one genuine difference is a cloying consequence near the end of the movie that conveys it hurtling over the nostalgia sours and cliff the whole experience a bit.


Unlike other modern long-delayed series, like Star Wars: Afterlife, The Force Awakens, sidesteps the most serious and worst nostalgia traps by making and addressing children its primary aspects.

There is no doubt that Phoebe and Trevor don’t idolize the Ghostbusters — they have barely even heard of them that leaves the enthusiasm for the fans in the cinema rather overpowering it on screen out of the actors.


The most admirable part of Afterlife may be its structure and how small it looks like the original Ghostbusters, although movie stories share more than a few similarities. There is no effort has been seen in the building of a new Ghostbusting team or re-capture the chemistry and magic of real stars.

Instead, Reitman is concentrated on developing powerful characters – something he has accomplished in his earlier films, including Juno and Up in the Air – and bringing them into the world of Ghostbusters.

With a clean and complete renovation function, Afterlife seems like a universal limitation and extension that defines what a Ghostbusters film can be.

The movie asserts that the ghostbusters story may be touching children who discover their effective way into the world, just like Bill Murray fell in love with Sigourney Weaver after he grew as a strong publisher of the Sumerian goddess.

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We just need to mention those kids are really the main core of this show. Rather than a brilliant one-liner comedy like the first two original movies was Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie is more like an Amblin Entertainment film, which was full of adolescent adventures and amazing jokes along the way.

There are sweeping scenes of kids getting into trouble and learning first friends and first crushes. Adults like Paul Rudd, who amazingly played the role of a science teacher named Gary Gruberson, show up to attempt the kids some help, or at least some funny exposition.


The cast of young actors in the film is very successful, but the two most prominent are Mckenna Grace’s Phoebe and her first friend, who calls herself Podcast because she owns one. The podcast is played by newcomer in the industry Logan Kim, who is charming, funny, and a natural-born criminal, but while Kim provides him one of the best comedy in the movie, Grace focuses on managing almost everything else.

If the movie sits on the shoulders of any single character, it’s Phoebe, a little weird, socially unstable, and very smart – what Ghostbusters fans can expect from Egon’s granddaughter.

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Grace excels in the role, and echoes Ramis without impersonating her, making the character unique. She has to accompany Carrie Coon in the film’s most thrilling scenes with Rudd in her many comedies, and she’s always beautiful.

Grace has already starred in a few movies – which include playing a small version of the blonde part of Hollywood a few years ago – but in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, you may have finally found her role as a star.


Despite its emphasis on its new characters, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is still full of clues, inward humor, and respect for the original movies in the series. There are plenty of small open spaces designed to make die-hard Ghostbusters fans happy.

But the most interesting thing about the movie is how it welcomes a kids from new generation in the Ghostbusters world, both off-screen and on-screen. With having the endless string of Afterlife of callbacks, Jason Reitman lovingly honors his series of father, but the newcomers characters are where the closest and personal style of Jason  filmmaking shines through.

As a result, it seems appropriate that Ghostbusters: Afterlife is at the forefront when it comes to young characters finding their place in a pop-culture environment created by their predecessors.

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After death it should be about family and inheritance, about finding your place in the world, but what really sounds like the glorious smiles you should wear when your drunken relative makes a scene at a Christmas dinner. You suffer because they are family, but you do not really enjoy that.


The characters themselves feel as if someone ‘pressed’ randomly into a variety of production tools, cutting through a combination of box markers, rather than developing a character of nature that feels real and meaningful to the whole arc and structure. There are times when putting the narrative and emotional weight of the story on the shoulders of children works; Ghostbusters Afterlife is defientely not one of them.

This is not really the fault of characters, but rather the Easter egg-filled text that sometimes carries a laugh, not a guffaw. Paul Rudd did his best to reduce the wind, but every gag went on for a very long time, each eye widening in the audience.


Real fans may be thrilled by the wealth of film cues, but without the heart of its Ghostbusters: Afterlife sinks under the weight of its predecessor as it tries desperately to imitate it.

People may refer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a defensive film of its ancestor (A New Hope), but what The Force Awakens did in repetition of those rhythms was to point out the state of humanity. , power and corruption. Ghostbusters: After death you have nothing to say but ‘Hey, remember this?’

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As an effort to draw new kids and remind the audience that anyone can be a ghostbuster, Afterlife is also rocking.

Yes, it was refreshing to see a variety of actors on screen (something we can not believe we still say in 2021) but as we have said before, just starring different actors does not make the film move forward – in the same way. that simply dismissing women as ghostbusters does not make it feminine.


There was nothing but getting good points and an overpowering pulse in the heart that caused tears, and despite a few falls, the frustrating feeling was the compulsion to feel this, and the slightest disgust that it was happening at all. And like that drunken relative, the movie goes beyond the acceptance – with the 2 post-credit scenes that seems to mean nothing about the future or a upcoming movie. One can only hope that there will be enough Ghostbusters restart now to lie in hell. Just enter the 1984 one. It may be cheese and CGI may be old, but at least it knows what it is and will make you laugh.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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