Kangana Ranaut Believes Hollywood Has Taken Over Indian Screens

Kangana Ranaut, who has made into top talks in the nation due to some of the controversial statements she gave and now has come up with another one saying that the Hollywood movies took over the Indian movie screens and took that opportunity from the Indian movies, and we all should discourage Hollywood for that. 

She is recently gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie Thalaivii, which is based on the life of Late J Jayalalithaa. Kangana also added that giving our industry and our people priority will lead us to the Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Kangana Ranaut made a statement that “we need to discourage Hollywood movies and instead promote Indian stories from different languages” while promoting her upcoming movie on Thursday. 

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana also said we all live in one nation and have to behave like one and stand united, and also we need to stop the talks like North Indian and South India; India has nothing to do with this north and south – it is a united nation. Later, the actor added that before doing or celebrating for others, we should celebrate our films no matter the movie’s language, be it Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, or Punjabi, in the press conference.

Kangana Ranaut believes Hollywood had already destroyed French, Italian, and German industries, which gave rise to global monopoly, and that same thing we are letting them with our own country. “We don’t appreciate each other, and rather see the dubbed versions of the Lion King or Jungle Book. But we will not give a chance to dubbed a version of a Malayalam movie. This will not work in our favor. We must keep our people and country’s industry our priority. This is the way to make an Atmanirbhar Bharat”, Kangana Ranaut added.

Kangana Ranaut shares lessons from Covid-19 pandemic: 'Don't beg from poor  people for funds if you are rich' | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

In her upcoming movie Thalaivii, Ranaut is going to play the role of a politician. At the press conference, she also confronted the issues she has been facing with the various multiplex owners on the release of the Hindi version of the film. The multiplex owners in the North India region have declined to screen the Hindi version of the movie, putting in a claim that they will screen the movie for two weeks. In contrast, the Telugu and Tamil versions of the movie will be screened for four weeks, and later it will be released on the OTT platforms worldwide.Kangana Ranaut's 'Thalaivi' release postponed | The News Minute

Also, when asked about doing a political movie based on a very bold personality, is it the beginning of her going into politics, the actor said she is not a politician, but she is a nationalist and she loves to speak more about her country and maybe that’s the reason people find her interested in politics.


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