Kota Factory Director: “You Can’t Fulfill The Expectation Of The Audience Ever”

A series that directly connects to most of India’s students as many live the same life as the series shows, Kota Factory is a web series that sneak peeks into the lives of students in Kota, Rajasthan.

Kota is a famous hub for the preparation for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc. This series gained the audience from unique thinking, which connected the youth, their feelings, struggle, and mindset. Kota Factory season 1 was released in 2019 on YouTube and is now on public demand back with its sequel.

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Kota Factory is all set to get back on the head of the audience, and it will be streamed on Netflix from Friday, that is September 24. On asking about the sequel of the series, the director of the series, Mr. Raghav Subbu, said that after getting such a good response for Kota Factory season 1, it was obvious to come back with another season.

This time he tried to bring out performances of a higher next level. Still, at the same time, the director has the clarity in his mind that whatever and how much you do, you can never meet the audience’s expectations fully. Later, he added that expectations just act as the killer, and you can never meet that. He will keep trying for the rest of his life.

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Kota Factory has come up with a unique representation in the form of a black and white theme, and according to the story, it depicts the boring, colorless, and depressing point of view of the students’ life in Kota. In the upcoming season, the track will follow a young student, Vaibhav, struggling to balance his relationship with his mentor, balance his friendship, and above all, the fighting with the pressure to get into the IIT. The director tries to show the beauty in the ordinary, and that makes the series different from others.

B&W Web-series 'Kota Factory' Season 2 Premieres On Sep 24

The director added that people loved Kota Factory season 1 not just because it relates to the fact that a student goes to Kota and gives the exam with the dream to crack IIT, but apart from that, there were many other highlighted features in the series like the theme based on the loneliness of a student.

The people in the Kota have a slower lifestyle than any of the other urban cities; every time you can find kids studying and dreaming of moving into IIT, he decided to go with the slow pace in the series. Raghav Subbu tried to present something entirely different and unique, and the result is the “Kota Factory”.

When asked about his decision to choose the black and white theme for the series, he said that he wanted the audience to figure out the reason. He believes if he tells any of the specific reasons for choosing the theme, the series will lose it’s charm and meaning. He added that it is a win as a director if the audiences continue their discussions, trying to figure out this particular creative choice.

The Kota factory is produced by The Viral Fever and has Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh, Ranjan Raj, and Alam Khan as the main actors.

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