Movie Review ‘Army of Thieves’: Netflix Prequel Makes For A Fun And Goofy Heist Drama for 2021

Movie Review ‘Army of Thieves’: Netflix Prequel Makes For A Fun And Goofy Heist Drama

Interestingly, Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” has become a franchise overnight. Is this a new approach? It is impossible for a film to have a green light sequence before the first film is released — sometimes even simultaneously when it tells a single story, such as Peter Jackson’s films — but the fact that Snyder returns to earth.

Of the undead came into being with the prequel series and the TV series already produced is almost astonishing. What if people hate the “army”? I think Netflix doesn’t worry too much about the quality question.

So the pre-movie, TV series and traditional sequences are all at different stages of life in the broadcasting line. Snyder is likely to direct “Planet of the Dead,” and the cartoon series “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” will be played for the first time next year.

Zack Snyder's 'Army of Thieves' Gets First Look Photos - Variety

Until then, fans can check out the layer, “Army of Thieves,” coming out of Netflix today with its editing program designed to hide serious travel problems with insignificant characters.

A permanent heist-action film to continue, and its exciting second part can’t shut down the blurred set. Snyder remains as a producer but plays Matthias Schweighöfer, who played safecracker Dieter Ludwig in the zombie film.

The clever criminal was one of the best characters in Snyder’s movie, a fine balance for the traditional alpha men played by Dave Bautista and Omari Hardwick. Having said that, a character who acts as a complement to the main action of a film like “Army” does not work in the same way as a centerpiece.

The big problem with “Army of Thieves” probably doesn’t feel like anyone other than those Netflix international subscribers are asking for 130 minutes for Dieter.

Meet the Army of Thieves,' Zack Snyder shares first images | NewsBytes

The “Army of Thieves” took place six years before the action of the “Army of the Dead” as the world began to embrace the reality of the zombie outbreak — most evident in the news media back and forth. Of Dieter’s prophetic dreams.

Dieter (known as Sebastian for the reasons described later) is in the early days of security technology and includes an unprecedented YouTube video about four popular filters designed based on Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Remember how in the “Army of the Dead” how Sebastian was happy in hopes of breaking the famous Götterdämmerung safe in Vegas? That’s because it was the ultimate sequence of ingeniously designed machines

. One of Schweighöfer’s strengths as a director/actor is the way he captured Sebastian’s recommendation for these filters. They are not just obstacles to overcome — you are treating them like mountaineers on Everest. The challenge is exciting as a result.

After his video post, Sebastian receives an inexplicable invitation to a safe-breaking competition like the bloody Fight Club. He wins, yes, the self-proclaimed viewer of Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), who puts him in a gang that plans to break into three more filters before retiring. Once again, this is a kind of opportunity story.

The coming apocalypse will make this task even more difficult, so now, even if you are never Gwendoline, Korina (Ruby O. Fee), Rolph (Guz Khan), and Brad Cage (Stuart Martin).

Army Of Thieves' Review: The Beginnings Of Doom

Clearly designed for the international market, “Army of Thieves” is an unusual duck, a prequel to a zombie action movie that doesn’t have many zombies and almost no action. The first hour of “Thieves” never stops — an hour before there is anything like the real action — and there is no reason for the movie to last more than 130 minutes unless the length seems to be part of Snyder mode.

It’s a shame because the “Army of Thieves” starts to live when the planning has stopped, and the criminals are really gone. As a director, Schweighöfer clearly learned a lot from Snyder’s ability through the action of slo-mo, which has a high style and yet does not feel like copying the eye of his editor.

Heist scenes are carefully scaled as they need to be in a movie like this in order to work — they make this prelude no one has ever asked for at least a fun game.

Army Of Thieves Updates: Release Date, Cast & Story Details

Setting and duplicating that will make that distortion into more subtitles than the actual expansion. Although Schweighöfer is more popular than I expected, his wide-eyed love crime genre works better in smaller doses, and the film is Sebastian’s larger volume, to such an extent that all other employees are ignored.

Why not just focus on Sebastian and surround him with other shoplifters? Emmanuel is bored, has never developed the proper chemistry with Schweighöfer, and does much better than anyone else (although Money is fun but spends a little bit). Heist films require a full group like “Ocean’s” or “Now You See.”

This one fails at that door. Let’s hope the upcoming projects in this fully-fledged franchise learn a lesson from this gang of thieves and steal some ideas for better movies.

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